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The climate and weather in Venice are determined, first of all, by its geographical location.

Italy in June

June in Italy is already the peak of the tourist season, when both the number of tourists and the price level reach their highest point. And, although temperature peaks, as a rule, come here later, however, in June it is already quite hot throughout the country. Weather in June Although in recent years, the weather in Italy in May is very similar to [. ]

Italy in May

February 26, 2012

If judged strictly by the calendar, then May in Italy would still have to relate to the offseason. Moreover, in most countries with a climate similar to the Italian, it is. Unfortunately, however, May in Italy in many places is already considered the beginning of the high season with all the ensuing consequences. Weather in Italy in May From a point [. ]

Italy in April

At one time, many songs were written about April in Paris, but April in Italy, in fact, no less deserves the poet’s pen. April is one of the best months for organizing a trip to the country, because it allows you to combine the prices of the off-season with full enjoyment of the delights of the Italian spring. Weather in Italy in April As the saying goes, “April [. ]

Italy in March

As in any other country in the world, the Italian tourist calendar has its own off-season periods, separating the high season from the low. And although the off-season periods in Italy are shorter than in most other areas, March refers specifically to those. Weather in Italy in March. The term best describes the expectations of the weather in Italy in March, outside [. ]

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Italy in spring

Many people reject the very idea of ​​traveling to Italy during the cold months, as they associate the country exclusively with summer vacations, and it does not matter at all how much the price offers can be attractive. If you are among those, but the “warmth” in your head is not so rigidly connected with the word “summer”, then the idea of ​​visiting Italy [. ]

Italy in February

A visit to Italy in February has its advantages – especially in terms of the budget of the trip and the lack of crowds on tourist sites. However, there are also disadvantages, the main of which is, of course, the weather. Weather in Italy in February Although January is considered the coldest month in Italy, by and large, its difference from February in terms of weather is [. ]

Italy in January

Holidays in Italy in January is a very controversial decision. On the one hand, impressions can be pretty spoiled by cold, damp and other attributes of winter, even in the South. On the other, more practical side – during this period, prices for travelers reach their bottom, seriously making you think about how much cold is still a critical obstacle [. ]

Italy in December

October 17, 2011

To organize an active holiday – December in Italy is considered one of the most attractive winter months. This is especially true for the northern part of the country, where the ski season is gaining momentum. Alpine skiing, one of the most important, but not the only component of a winter holiday in Italy. Christmas deserves no less attention – perhaps the main winter holiday not only in Italy, [. ]

Italy in November

September 18, 2011

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It can be a daunting task to convince someone who remembers the sunlit hills of Tuscany or the glittering Ligurian Sea that November is a great time to travel to Italy. However, in the case of a limited budget, the advantages of this idea, as they say, are obvious. Weather in Italy in November. If at the end of October in Italy it is still sunny and dry, then you can not [. ]

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