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Domestic football fans could hardly believe that someday the world football championship could take place here. However, a miracle happened. In December 2010, in Zurich, Russia was chosen by a majority vote of the members of the FIFA executive committee at the ceremony of electing the organizing country of the twenty-first consecutive world championship. A bit later, the cities of the 2018 World Cup were announced.

How difficult it all turned out …

Since then, many things have happened in the world of sports: the triumphal Olympiad for our team in Sochi, and the doping scandals with the exclusion of many Russian athletes from participating in international competitions, and in connection with this – the attacks of Western sports officials on our sport in general. I must admit that there is no smoke without fire, there are problems with doping, but they all have … Nevertheless, only our athletes are totally pressed. Periodically there are rumors that Russia may be given the right to hold the championship, or individual countries, among which they call England, the USA, and Ukraine, are boycotting the tournament.

Well, wait and see. Despite the difficulties of an economic and political nature, Russia is systematically preparing for an important sporting event to be held from June 14 to July 15 of next year. Recall that a tournament of this magnitude will be held for the first time in the Eastern European region.

Made everyone happy

Literally right after the joyful news that we will take the championship, it was decided where this would take place. Initially, the list included 13 geographical points. Unfortunately, according to the requirements of FIFA, it was necessary to reduce the number of participants. Here are the cities of the World Cup 2018 (list of cities):

  1. Volgograd;
  2. Yekaterinburg;
  3. Kazan;
  4. Kaliningrad;
  5. Moscow;
  6. N. Novgorod;
  7. Petersburg;
  8. Samara;
  9. Saransk;
  10. Sochi;
  11. Rostov-on-Don.

Football holiday deprived the inhabitants of Krasnodar and Yaroslavl. The choice of FIFA was made on the basis of the research report of the Russian organizing committee. The level of its development, the ability to attract investments and the possibility of effective use of objects at the end of the tournament were in favor of a particular city. In the spring of 2012, a special inspection tour was organized by FIFA. In the course of it, inspectors drove around Russia, visited finished stadiums and construction sites for future facilities, visited the sights of populated areas, met with the heads of cities and regions. Conclusions were made relevant (see list above).

Obvious leaders in this unofficial competition initially recognized both capitals – official and northern, as well as Kazan and Sochi – as cities with experience in accepting large-scale competitions (Olympiad, Universiade).

Moscow expectedly received the opening match and the final at Luzhniki, and Peter – one of the semi-finals, plus the tournament draw.

World Cup 2018

Well, let’s take a walk in all the localities in the same alphabetical order and examine current problems.

Doubt that Volgograd should take the championship matches, the leaders of the Russian sport was not from the very beginning. Although investing in infrastructure development here will have pretty. But now in full swing:

  • construction of an indoor arena with stands for 45 thousand people,
  • arrangement of training grounds,
  • hospital renovation,
  • the construction of eleven hotels
  • road reconstruction
  • restoration of urban communications and the waterfront,
  • airport modernization.

Works are invested from the federal budget and private individuals. Many projects are ready for operation.


This Ural city has already had to take the Russian Cup final and the home matches of the youth national team, but this is not comparable with such a grand tournament as the world championship. A hotel chain is already well developed in Yekaterinburg, the Koltsovo international airport is functioning.

But all the same, the city needs:

  • build several new hotels
  • reconstruct the stadium “Ural”,
  • upgrade training bases
  • retool medical facilities
  • build about two dozen new hotels
  • to deal with the arrangement of overpasses and road junctions,
  • upgrade urban transport.

In the capital of Tatarstan, important sports facilities and infrastructure facilities have already been built, which have been functioning since the Universiade 2013. But there is no limit to perfection. Therefore, now brought to mind:

  • two sports bases for training,
  • fan zone on the square at the Wedding Palace,
  • hotels for judges
  • terminal for VIPs at the airport.

But today in the arsenal of the republic there is a magnificent stadium – “Kazan Arena” for 45 thousand spectators, many world-class hotels and a modern transport base.


Included specially in the list of the cities of the World Cup football 2018 due to its location, because tourists from the Baltic States, Germany and Poland can quickly come here.

At the same time, the city will have to make serious preparations in order to reach the level necessary for holding such status competitions. Among the necessary activities, we note the following:

  • construction of a new stadium for 45 thousand seats and reconstruction of the former,
  • construction of training bases,
  • opening of 20 hotels
  • reconstruction of the historic center,
  • road surface repair,
  • renovation of facades of buildings and transport,
  • airport modernization.

In Kaliningrad it is planned to hold four matches of the group stage.

In addition to the legendary Luzhniki, which hosted the games of the Olympics-80 and the Champions League final, it was necessary to choose between two stadiums: the finished Otkrytie-Arena and the Dynamo being built. As a result, the choice fell on the “red-white” object, as already tested in the case.

Moscow is not the first time to organize a solid sporting events, there is experience. But still the scope of work remains extensive. The opening of the tournament and its closing, 7 games in groups, two matches of 1/8 final and one semi-final will take place here. According to the plan it is necessary to produce:

  • modernization of “Luzhniki”
  • street decoration with the installation of signs and light information boards,
  • arrangement of the “football village” as an alternative to expensive apartments in the capital’s hotels,
  • organize additional recreation areas.

Nizhny Novgorod

Predictably in the city, the participants of the 2018 World Cup football hit Nizhny Novgorod. Firstly, because of its location, and secondly, due to the theoretical developments presented by the FIFA inspection. True, the city authorities for a long time could not find a contractor for the construction of the stadium, and then the approved company did not begin construction work for a long time. Now everything is normal. The city is working according to the approved plan:

  • construction of the Volga-Arena for 45 thousand
  • laying a tunnel of a new metro station,
  • introduction of a garbage sorting system,
  • construction of chain hotels,
  • fleet renewal,
  • construction of modern customs.

Both budgetary and private funds will be invested in projects. Nizhny Novgorod will be able to watch four games in groups. It is possible that the matches of the 1/8 and 1/4 finals will be played here.


The homeland of the 1960 European champion Victor Monday must have taken the world championship matches. Rostov leadership has carefully developed a plan of preparatory activities. According to him will be produced such works as:

  • building a stadium for 45 thousand
  • improvement of the hotel infrastructure along with the construction of new hotels and the reconstruction of old ones,
  • arrangement of the new airport and logistics complex “Yuzhny”,
  • reconstruction of the city embankment,
  • the creation of modern car parks, bicycle lanes.

Samara infrastructure problems concern FIFA inspectors, but after hearing the report of the representatives of the city authorities all questions have disappeared.

Nevertheless, the preparation is carried out with creak and an abundance of scandals. The project “Samara Arena” initially struck the imagination of the stated solutions. But developers are very let down. Plans were changing with frightening speed, and the construction budget was growing. Over time, it turned out that 40 percent of the object is commercial premises that are not related to the stadium. Thank God that the FIFA commission does not make hasty conclusions. In general, the readiness of Samara is estimated low. Whatever it was, in the city are implemented:

  • installation of a tramway connecting the sports grounds with the railway station,
  • modernization of moorings and ship fleet,
  • construction of a modern terminal at the airport.

St. Petersburg

Meanwhile, the base in St. Petersburg, as in Moscow, is canceled, the financing is more than exhaustive. The city receives annually several hundred thousand tourists, so it’s almost ready to receive guests at the football forum, if not for the stadium … We hope that this long-suffering construction will be completed by the Confederations Cup, otherwise it will be completely embarrassing. In the city, everything is in order with the transport and hotel infrastructure. The plan should do the following:

  • complete a pedestrian-road bridge connecting the St. Petersburg Arena with Yacht Street,
  • build cheap hotels
  • to modernize Pulkovo airport,
  • run from the airport to the city aeroexpress.

The main surprise in the list of “championship” cities was the presence of Saransk. It is difficult to say why he was preferred to Krasnoyarsk, but the fact remains. Perhaps, in favor of Saransk, says that it is one of the largest sports centers of the Volga region.

There are a lot of problems here. The city, although the capital of republican significance, is not too big by Russian standards. The level of service in the city and the state of sports facilities leave much to be desired.

Before the start of the championship you need to have time:

City tour of barcelona

  • improve the situation with the airport (add a temporary terminal),
  • to complete the construction of a new stadium (it began to be erected to the news that the 2018 World Cup will be held in Russia, the construction was frozen more than once),
  • organize two training bases
  • install mobile hotels in the city,
  • reconstruct the roads and work on the landscape.

City tour of barcelona

They took the Olympics here and, one can say, have been adept in this kind of affairs. Since 2014, the infrastructure has been preserved in excellent condition, the objects of the tourist and sports infrastructure are fully prepared compared to other cities. Sochi will host four matches in the group stage and two games 1/8 and 1/4 finals.

However, here it is planned:

  • reconstruction of the Fisht Arena,
  • creation of several training grounds,
  • improving the quality of the road surface
  • auditing of boarding houses and hotels.
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