Cool places to go in summer

Experienced fishermen notice that in certain weather conditions, fishing for pike is more successful. Therefore, if you catch a pike in the pike weather, then the probability of catching a predator will be higher. Many believe that cloudy, windy weather is more suitable for pike fishing. However, even on sunny, windless days, with a smooth surface of the reservoir, pikes can actively take the bait. This means that the weather conditions for pike fishing should be differentiated depending on the season. For example, a quiet, clear day in winter will be favorable for fishing for pike, but in summer for fishing, on the contrary, you should choose cloudy weather. To be sure as a result of fishing, consider what kind of weather in different periods of the year it is allowed to assume pike. So, let’s see what the weather is better for pike fishing, when is it better to catch a pike?

Cool places to go in summer

What kind of weather to catch a pike

In the period between January and April sunny days should be chosen for fishing. Experienced anglers suggest that in the cold months, any warming activates the pike. And those who thought that clear sunny days are not suitable for pike fishing, in the first months of the year have the opportunity to make sure of the opposite. From mid May to June There is almost no bad weather for pike fishing. The predator is more active at this time, which is promoted by the pre-spawning zhor, and practically no weather can spoil its desire to feed. In July and August it is hot and anglers have difficulty catching pike, take note: windless sunny summer days are not pike weather. The heated water contains not enough oxygen and the fish go to a depth or to a cool current. So, pike should be looked for where there is a water flow – near bridges or dams. Still the most suitable places are natural narrowing of reservoirs. It is there that pike catches prey. From september The weather for pike fishing again becomes more favorable. In small reservoirs, the water is cooled more quickly, so September is the most convenient month for fishing for pike. Continuous overcast promises good catches. And when the small breeze still blows, we have wonderful “pike” weather. On large reservoirs, it is at first difficult to find a pike. The water is still warm enough and the fish is kept at a depth. By the end of September, the water becomes colder, and the pike rises again in the upper layers – a lot of fish at a depth of 2-3 m. However, on quiet sunny days it is better to give the bait at a depth of 3-4 m. October is the best month for pike fishing. There is practically no bad “pike” weather this month, you can catch pike in October practically in any weather. Basically pike at such a time spreads throughout the reservoir. In those places where trolling is acceptable, this is the best method for finding a predator. Also pike can be fruitfully caught and In November. The setting, of course, changes due to the decreasing temperature. However, the chances of catch are great, just the method of catching pike needs to be adapted to the resulting conditions. In December and January good prospects for catching, but if you use dead fish or live bait for fishing instead of artificial baits. At the same time, in winter, the feeling that the weather plays no role is formed again.

Pike Weather – Pressure

At times of pressure increase, the pike does not bite. In moments of pressure drop, the pike does not bite. When does she bite? And it bites when there are periods of stable pressure, without jumps and drops. And no matter what the pressure is in this period, high or low. The main thing is that it is stable. So for good pike fishing, choose three or four days, when the pressure will be relatively stable, and success is guaranteed.

Weather for pike fishing – light

Pike does not like bright light. Pike does not like darkness. Because in bright light, the forage fish sees pike perfectly and tries not to approach it. In the dark, the forage fish stands and, again, does not come close to a pike ambush at a distance of an effective predator throw. That is why the most productive is fishing in the morning and evening dawns, when the pike is most active. Pike fishing will also be productive in the afternoon in overcast weather; for a year, the light conditions correspond to the usual morning or evening.

Weather for pike fishing – rain

Light drizzling rain with moderate wind is ideal precipitation in the package “pike weather”. When tedious rain, without reinforcement and calm, slowly pours on you from morning to evening – at such a time, the activity of the pike is greatest on a pond with such weather. A good raincoat or a membrane suit with decent characteristics will allow you not only to withstand such weather, but also to enjoy frequent bites of active pike.

Pike weather – wind

It is believed that quiet calm weather (calm) is ideal for catching perch. In this weather, “whales” peck extremely active. Especially if it is morning time and a dense fog hangs above the calm water. The perfect time to catch big bass. What should the wind be like to catch a pike well? It turns out that the wind must be such that there is a large ripple on the water that does not develop into a wave. The exact force of the wind in this case is difficult to suggest, because this parameter will depend on the size and openness of the reservoir. On one reservoir, the wind with a speed of 5 m / s does not even stir the water surface, and on the other reservoir such wind accelerates quite a decent wave. Here you need to observe the surface of the water in a particular place where you came to catch a predator. There are big ripples – good. This factor you can write yourself as an ally.

So summarize. Go to the reservoir in the gloomy gloomy weather, followed by a few days of stable pressure. Upon arrival at the pond, wearing a raincoat, go on a boat in a boring drizzle. At the same time, your boat is shaken by large ripples, and the illumination is such that the opposite shore is already poorly visible. Congratulations, you have come to the pond where the weather has settled – throw your bait into the water, trophy copies are waiting for your lures and lures.

Pike weather in autumn

The classic autumn weather is a breeze, a little rain, incessant day after day — the best time to catch a predator in September and October. On warm days, also called Indian summer, the pike bite is not as intense as we would like. The flowering of water stops, it becomes clear and transparent, especially in the sun. And cautious pike feels in such conditions not very comfortable. Therefore, trying to go to the depths.

On cloudy days with stable atmospheric pressure, the most active biting is observed from 11:30 to 13:30. But you need to carry out the bait not near the bottom, but a little higher.

Somewhere from mid-October to the very ice cover, the autumn zhor begins at the pike, so the weather has almost no effect on catching them. They actively hunt around the reservoir – and near the shore and at depth. Now pike has one problem – to put on fat in order to survive a difficult winter. They are caught on any bait, both on live bait and on artificial ones.

Pike weather in winter

On pervyedyu pike caught just fine! The lack of oxygen is still not felt so much, so it moves quite actively. In the cold weather in severe frosts, the pike is passive and practically does not protrude from its shelters (snags, large aquatic vegetation, holes and other irregularities). Its activity increases in clear sunny weather. But the best bite of pike will be in a period of a sharp rise in temperature, in the thaw.

Before spring thawing of ice, winter lethargy gives way to activity — our predator is starving. And you can catch it in any weather. But still in those days when the sun is shining brightly, fishing will be more fun and productive.

Pike weather in spring

The long-awaited warming, which all underwater inhabitants were waiting for, has finally come. The temperature of the water every day is getting higher. Warm sunny weather is the best time for fishing. Pike spawn zhor has started near pike, therefore they peck almost everything that moves.

When the weather changes and the pressure jumps, the bite drops to zero. It is worth noting that the weather conditions during the pike zhora period do not affect the bite as much as in summer.

For the period of pike spawning, a ban on catching it is announced everywhere. After spawning, exhausted, exhausted predators do not react to any bait either in sunny or in cloudy weather. So after spawning it is better to go fishing in a week or two, when they get sick, come to their senses and again begin to feed hard.

Pike weather in summer

Most fishermen believe that the bite on a hot, hot day stops completely. In part, this is so – in those familiar places where she took the bait yesterday, today, under the scorching sun, she would not be found there. This striped robber really does not tolerate heat very well, so he goes to cooler places – to a depth of 5 meters or more. On the rivers, the largest individuals try to stay near the river bed, where the flow of water is felt.

So on bright sunny days pike fishing can be successful, but only in certain places and if you plant a bright, good bait.

But the best weather for summer fishing is cloudy. A small wind, low clouds fly over your head, there is a light drizzle or fog. At this time, it can be caught both near the shore and at depth.

Cool places to go in summer

When you hear that in the near future there will be a sharp decrease or increase in atmospheric pressure, you can safely go to the reservoir. A few hours before the sudden increase in pressure at the pike is such a bite, which can be compared with the spring zhor. But after this surge of activity is replaced by complete indifference to any bait that you offer them.

Thunderstorm is good for biting pike. At a time when the dark thunderstorm cloud has not yet come, but distant peals of thunder are already heard, this striped predator pecks “with a bang”! Fans of pike fishing, who know about it, in the remaining hours before the storm throw everything and go to the pond. In these few hours, you can catch as many fish as you can sometimes catch in a whole day. Previously on Pike Fishing:

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