Customer service travel and leisure

Pre-sale customer service in tourism is first of all comprehensive and reliable information about the package of services being sold and competent organization of its sale.

Favorable conditions for the purchase of a tourist product are also created using specific service principles that many successful travel agencies adhere to. These principles include:

creation of comfortable conditions for the purchase (no queues, convenience

use booklets, booking-forms, forms, etc.);

accuracy and detail of information on opportunities and options for tourist recreation and services;

widely advertised system of discounts and benefits for the implementation of the tourist product;

free use of brochures and booklets on tours and services sold;

Travel and leisure insurance system – at the choice of the client.

Effective after-sales customer service contributes to a large number of sales, it forms and maintains the commitment of customers to the company, making them regular customers, allows you to set higher prices.

The peculiarity of the tour operators is that their relationship with tourists is not limited to the sale of tours. Traveling on the route, the tourist receives a prepaid service. In this regard, a high-quality and guaranteed service of tourists during travel is of strategic importance. That is, having determined the price of the tour in accordance with the level of the intended service, tour operators are obliged to guarantee the provision of services, and not other (cheaper or other content) services.

In tourism, after-sales service is a strategic moment of activity.

Work on the claims of tourists should be organized at a high level and in accordance with Russian legislation.

For after-sales service, you can also include working with regular customers (discounts, benefits, direct advertising, holiday greetings, etc.), contributing to an increase in sales.

Sales, advertising, product promotion

When analyzing the functions of marketing, the indicators for sales, advertising and product promotion are very important. Therefore, a travel company can count on success in the market only if it has active and competent marketing, aggressive, creatively organized advertising and active promotion of goods and services.

Undoubtedly, advertising and promotion play a huge role in tourism. This is due to fierce competition in the tourist market, as well as the intangibility of the products sold and the inability to see, touch, try on, etc. Therefore, advertising must be active and creative. For example, the showing of clips about the intended country of travel in the television program “Trash Notes” can bring more benefits than cheaper forms of advertising. Sending a television group of this program on a route at the expense of the tour operator costs more than the television advertisement itself. However, the effectiveness of this transfer exceeds the costs and brings substantial profit.

A careful analysis of the effectiveness of advertising, distribution channels and exhibition activities of the tour operator is required. For these purposes, you can use both field (survey, questioning, telephone control) and desk (income indicators, customer visits, etc.) methods.

Customer service travel and leisure

To maintain constant competitiveness of the company, it is necessary to conduct extensive research in the development of new products, services, and sales markets, taking into account the development of new proposals within existing areas, the development of types of tourism, and new consumer markets.

The development of new markets is the formation of the sales network of a tour operator, and its expansion both domestically and abroad.

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