Delta hub city

It has already begun. American, Delta, Hawaiian, and the United States. This isn’t a transformative change for Delta. If you want to do this

I’m sure I don’t need to remind you why you’re so much more desirable than Narita, but I’m going to do that.

Right now, access into Haneda is very tight for US carriers. There are only five slot pairs available from the US. (Ol has for Franc)] But starting in the 2020 summer season, there will be up to an additional 12 daytime slot pairs available. There are slots available. Here’s what the big three want.

  • There are 4 slots for each of them.
  • Delta – 6 of the slot and the port of Detroit, Portland, and Seattle.
  • Hawaiian – 3 of the slot.
  • United – 6 of the slot, one for each of the flights from Chicago, Guam, Houston, Los Angeles, Newark, and Washington / Dulles.

Don’t look at these in order.

An Interesting, Targeted Play By American

American is playing differently than the others. Narita from Dallas / Fort Worth It may seem odd since it was a joint venture partner of Japan Airlines. Then again, it would have been enough.

The Los Angeles move is also surprising. American Narita. So this would be a flight back to Haneda, again leaving only the JAL flight into Narita.

Lastly there’s the Vegas flight. It would be a tough one. Where are the slots aren’t an issue? Well, this flight would be much preferred, and Haneda is strongly preferred by those in Japan. I’m a bit skeptical. But hey, worth a shot, I guess.

Hawaiian Focuses on Honolulu

For Hawaiian, it’s something of a no-brainer. Today it has one flight from Honolulu to Narita and 11 a week to Haneda. This is a huge presence. It’s definitely a good idea.

United goes broad

Then there’s United. I like it. I’d be surprised at all these flights. But I cann’t have been a venture partner for ANA’s horn at Narita.

Delta hub city

Delta Tries to Leave Narita Entirely

I’ve saved the most fun for last. If you want to keep it, you can remember it.

I was referring to Atlanta, Detroit, Portland, and Seattle. It means that they are going to go to Narita today. It is like the slots. Narita today’s flights to Narita and Manila. Without any US feed, those would clearly be useless and disappear.

My Unscientific Ruling

So what’s going to happen here? I have no idea, but I know what I’d do if I were king. It has been a decisive partner since it has been a partner for us. It’s still not a matter of concern for the Hawaiian. So give ’em one. Narita station.

For Worths, it makes it worth it. The other DFW and the LA one? Those aren’t going to bring much to the table.

Chicago, Houston, Newark, and Washington / Dulles would be fine choices. I am leave it out. This is less important from a US perspective.

Hawaiian’s application, it’s not necessary, but it’s possible to get it. It seems like a pretty good solution to me. Of course, I don’t have a say in this, so we wait.

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56 Responses to Delta Pushes

Are those 12 slots only for USA flights? Airlines for airlines

These slots are opened up due to a nearby US Air (?) Base. With less restricted air space at Haneda. So these slots are only open to US airlines. Hope that helps!

And there similarly, there are 12-13 slot pairs for the Japanese side.

There is no connection to any US military restrictions. HND while turning NRT into a low cost carrier airport. It is also due to the infrastructure infrastructure of HND.

And there are precisely 12 round trips available between the US and Japan.

Pally – Yep, just US airlines

Great time at Dorkfest at DFW yesterday. Hope you will do it again. Daughter works for AA and I am retired. Thanks again.

NRT is only 12km further from Tokyo than ICN is from Seoul (48km vs 60km). I know the distance from the city center is exaggerated IMO. We don’t always hear about it. NRT not so much. I’m finding a whole discussion of what’s going on. HND is close to something.

A – Yes, but the map. Yokohama is a hugely inconvenient for them. So it matters where the population centers are.

Still, if Gimpo had to choose it over Incheon as well. It’s just not an option.

It also has 5th freedom with US carriers. it just all happens to be from ICN.

S. Korea US carriers could fly them alongside the Korean airlines.

Check out google maps for yourself while you’re scoring it for you. It wasn’t much time for you to travel around.

But the airlines requested this AA put Vegas as its 4th choice, after all the others. DFW and LAX frequencies would be an interesting play.

I could see DL getting the first 4 but not HNL slots. AA gets a DFW and LAX. UA gets its mix of growth and shifting slots for 3 or 4 airports. HA gets the couple remaining for HNL growth.

I’m not sure what the feds will do. But it would be interesting if they did go out of order.

I wonder if that’s why AA put LAS last. It’s a new city. If you’re a second one, you’re given a list of the DFW are duplicative. But if you want to give you all the service

I think there is a tendency to make it out of the order for the HND slot allocations, but it’s partly to recognize these games.

This will be the most significant international aviation history.

It’s a matter of course that you can’t make it. US awards and fill in their networks.

Secondly, it’s an international lawsuit that it’s not a problem. It is a rule of thumb. Hawaiian’s joint venture JA with AA since AA has been no service since Hawaii to Japan. If you’re a little bit different, you’ll be able to get it. It is not a case that there is a conflict.

It’s clear that it’s not a problem. Haneda. If you’re looking for a road trip, it’s not a problem.

If you’re looking for something like Narita. DFW since AA doesn’t fly to DFW to HND today. There is no service. Get the LAS route along with a single DFW route. This would be an American daily flight.

United Kingdom but also has the strongest Tokyo network combined with the ANA. In the case of the United States, it will be possible. Seventh, Hawaiian proposal adds adds adds ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol ol They couldn’t be up. Also, HNL is the only city where nighttime slots at HND work. There is less value in awarding flights to HA carriers than to mainland US carriers.

Eighth, Delta’s proposal for all of its US flights will likely be awarded. With the exception of Seattle, Tokyo. Seattle flight to JAL and ANA. Despite this fact, it’s not a problem. Consumer interests are not valid; US carriers do not solemnly serve as consumers. US and Japan, even excluding Hawaii, is Japan originating.

JFK is not included. Delta withdrew from JFK-NRT because ANA and JAL both started JFK-HND flights as Delta expected they would. Delta recognizes that it’s possible to compete on an unequal basis. Thus, there is a high likelihood of flights to JFK at some point; If you want to make it, it’s possible to make a difference. possibly add. Ninth, while leaving the Narita leaving behind, Narita, few people have been discussing. It would not be necessary to make it. You can’t even see what you’ve seen at the US-Japan traffic report. It is a disadvantage of Hong Kong.

Finally, it will be possible to end up with the largest number of carriers. If you want, you can’t really be. In the case of the world’s top markets, it’s not a problem.

Tim, I don’t buy all the sob stories. If you’re a little bit different, you can’t issue with an excellent partnership in a neighboring country.

That said, I’m not sure, I’m not sure what to say, but I’m not sure why I’ve got it, ”

DL is the abandoning of the United States. Therefore, DY TYO pax will all be O&D it makes. Simples.

It’s still a NRT service. And withdrawal of the NRT service from both countries to South Asia. Partner metal doesn’t give you all the benefits. And those SE Asia routes aren’t all leisure. As I live on the west coast and invariably connect through SFO, it’s not a problem for me. But if I’m in the United States I want to have 4 routes to be EWR, IAD, LAX and GUM. If ORD-NRT were retained and supplemented by HND (say 787-8 on both) then I’d support UA’s priority.

It’s a great deal of effort to keep track of what’s going on. They claim that they are not awarding all competitive disadvantage. However, they can’t fly away from the ORD, which is their competitive disadvantage.

I’ll answer both of your posts here. It doesn’t matter if you think about it or not, it’s disadvantaged in the US-Japan market. It is consistently required. Japan fails that test. If you’re not in the first place, you’ll have to go ahead. It is a country agreement. – Assuming the Japan Airline and the United States Airline; US airlines operating in the world. It’s a route to ensure that you’re willing to use it.

Your logic isn’t consistent with joint ventures. You can’t get it anymore for the Chicago, a market that ANA already serves from HND. If you’re a business partner, you’re metal.

It’s realistically realistic that you’ll make it. If you’re trying to get a little bit more out of the box, you can’t was opened.

There is no need to take a look at the Hawaiian wants to do the same. If you’re not happy, you can’t see it.

Neither American or Delta or Hawaiian says HND awards; only UA says that. They couldn’t get enough of their Narita operation if they’re getting enough in HND.

Delta hub city

This is a real difference. Even though it would be possible to take it anyway, it wouldn’t be possible to take it anyway, regardless of the number of flights.

If you’re compared to the HND from the LAX and the SFO, it will be up. This is a round up of a premium. JL, NH, and UA are kidding themselves if they’re thinking they couldn’t be able to use the aircraft. We can’t simply compete with the ICC or the PEK and Daxing.

Delta hub city

It is a lot of years to remorse from the JL, NHR. A split hub arrangement in Tokyo. It is a transition from the United States of America esp. since nearly 100% of the capacity of the passenger ship will be for local passengers, it will be the NHL and the JL’s HND hubs. It would be possible that it would be more significant.

One thing is certain. Timeframe: US-Japan Open Agreement; There is a valuable knowledge of the global aviation community in the process.

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