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In translation practice, it often happens that abbreviations unfamiliar to the translator come across in the original text. It is very important to correctly decipher such abbreviations for a high-quality translation of the original into Russian or another foreign language. This will help the selection of dictionaries of abbreviations, acronyms for translation from English, French, German and other languages.

Using the form below, you can decipher any abbreviations found in your text.

This is the most complete abbreviation dictionary, It contains abbreviations and acronyms in many languages ​​of the world (except Russian, for abbreviations in Russian, see below).

English to Italian words

Dictionaries of abbreviations, acronyms, abbreviations

Quite often, users are looking for decoding such abbreviations as pp or p / p, which are often used in the tables in the graph "number in order". However, such short abbreviations may have not one, but several transcripts. Therefore, you need to carefully look at whether the chosen option corresponds to the subject of the document. For example, the abbreviation of software can be decoded as "Production Association"so and "software" or a few dozen options.

Dictionary of abbreviations of the Russian language Online dictionary of abbreviations, acronyms and abbreviations of the Russian language. There is a possibility of an advanced search (by value, by exact entry).

Dictionary of abbreviations S2 of the Russian language On-line dictionary of abbreviations, acronyms and abbreviations of the Russian language related to science and technology.

Abbreviations of the Ukrainian language On-line dictionary of abbreviations of the Ukrainian language – quick vocabulary of the Ukrainian language. In the dictionary 10359 abbreviations of the Ukrainian language.

Abbreviations – Dictionaries Dictionaries of abbreviations: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese. Select the desired language and enter the abbreviation for decoding.

English to Italian words

Acronyms, abbreviations for different areas. Explanation of abbreviations. You can choose the field of activity in which you need to find an abbreviation: computers, Internet, science, business, medicine, government, society, regions and

Explanation of abbreviations Search for abbreviations, it is possible that mostly German, as the site is German.

English to Italian words

Search for abbreviations is another site for searching for abbreviations, abbreviations, acronyms.

Abbreviations used in commercial practice are given the meaning of abbreviations often encountered in commercial practice.

Abbreviations in chemistry abbreviations of chemical compound names.

English-Russian dictionary of abbreviations in the field of information technology To search, click on the letter with which the abbreviation begins. To find the desired abbreviation on the page, use the search function of your browser.

The English-Russian Dictionary of Medical Abbreviations In medical abbreviations, an exact match is important, since replacing an uppercase letter with a lowercase letter or vice versa in many cases can distort the meaning.

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