Germany bus tours

We offer an updated collection of bus tours. Managers will pick you up Bus tours from Kiev, Lvov and Odessa to different countries and cities. As before, we prefer to work with the Czech, Hungarian and Polish embassies, where the conditions for obtaining a visa are much easier than in other embassies of the Schengen agreement. Please note that there are new tours to France for 6 days. These are economy class tours, where we visit Paris for two days, visit the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Versailles. Since this is a tour for 6-7 days, it was not without night journeys, (but we are trying to make our tourists as comfortable as possible during the journey), because nowadays a modern business person is worth his weight in gold.

Germany bus tours

Why Bus tours?

  • The most important and important advantage of a bus tour is to visit 3-4 European countries at once in just one trip. A colorful palette of delightful impressions and emotions from an incredibly rich and bright journey remains in memory for a lifetime.

Germany bus tours

  • the stories of the “hardship and fatigue” of bus tours are a pure myth, spread by tourists who were not very lucky to try old buses and ineptly crafted excursion programs at the time when this way of travel was in its infancy, and tour operators were inexperienced and not fully aware least Modern bus tours in Europe delight with comfort and fascinating content.
  • New buses are equipped with comfortable reclining chairs, air conditioning and a TV, which will not let you get bored during the trip. Stops every one and a half to two hours will give the opportunity to warm up or buy something delicious. A view from the window of the European nature and sights will give a fantastic feeling.
  • the schedule of rest and excursions in bus tours in Europe is already correctly written by the organizers, and you just have to enjoy the journey, not caring about how to find and how to have time to look at the best places without getting lost in an unfamiliar city. The main thing – take a camera and secure yourself memorable pictures.

Bus tours can be divided into several categories.

1. Bus tours from Kiev and from Lviv. We offer the following bus tours from Kiev Magnificent Europe, All Czech for you + Vienna, Two in one: Krakow and Prague, Magnificent Italy and Italian caprice. This collection of tours is professionally thought out and prepared. This is an excellent option for tourists who do not want to spend time and days on the train, and without the hassle of starting your tour from Kiev.

2. Bus tours without night crossings. Italy FOREVER, Mini Europe, European Trio, European Charm, Once again about love-France! – This is the most popular tours in this category. They are as comfortable as possible, and are designed for people who are heavily tolerated by bus crossings.

3. Bus tours with a rest on the sea. The proposed category is very popular in spring and summer. Having worn out any proposed tour you are guaranteed to catch two birds with one stone. Under eat cultural program and lie on some beach on the Cote d’Azur or in Italy. So Boat trip, Cote d’Azur tales, Spa romance, Azure intrigue, Pearl of the Adriatic are routes where a silky tan is guaranteed.

4. Bus tours with a simplified visa. At the moment, the most popular option for tourists who do not want to spend time collecting documents. Simplified visa (Polish) is a passport, a copy of the Ukrainian. Passports and photos. No financial guarantees are required for obtaining a Polish visa. We have developed a sufficient number of tours with visits to France, Italy, the Czech Republic and even the Netherlands. To your attention the Roman Empire, the European Trio, the Netherlands, you are beautiful, Tales of Western Europe, etc.

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