Going on foot

The Yandex Food service is a service for the delivery of ready-made food from restaurants in the city. The company uses proven logistics technologies in this area from UberEATS and Foodfox for high-speed serving of meals to the home or office.

Going on foot

The project involves hundreds of catering from the most popular McDonald’s to all sorts of cafes, bistros, institutions of Asian, American, European, Caucasian, Russian and Japanese cuisine. The food is packed in a restaurant in special heat-resistant and reliable containers in full compliance with sanitary standards. Customer service can order:

Burgers and steaks

Juicy steaks and burgers for every taste with delivery to the office or home.

Sushi and rolls

All variety of Japanese cuisine from popular institutions of the city.

Appetizing and always hot pizza with a rich selection of ingredients.

Healthy food

Exceptionally wholesome healthy food made from natural ingredients

Dishes of vegetarian cuisine from proven institutions of the city

Even a small one will eat well from children’s menu dishes.

Vacancy of the courier on delivery of food is open

This summer to service

Working conditions and requirements for the candidate

Flexible schedule

Shifts 4, 6, or 12 hours. You can work in the morning, afternoon or evening. Ability to combine with other work or study. Sunday-Thursday delivery service: from 8-00 to 00-30; Friday-Saturday: from 8-00 to 1-00.

You can choose the area for work

The idea of ​​the service is to deliver food to the client from the establishments located near its location. Therefore, the courier may well work in a particular area. Delivery radius is limited to 15-20 minutes on foot.

Up to 2,000 rubles per day of work

Payment is made once a week. Depending on the length of the shift and the number of deliveries, earnings are up to 2,000 rubles per working day.

The rating system is valid.

According to the results of work awards and bonuses are provided. The better the courier copes with his duties, the more salary he receives.

Official "white" salary

Official employment according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. For non-resident work hours (at least 3 shifts per week).

Age 18-35 years

The age of the applicant for a vacancy from 18 to 35 years. A citizen of any country can become a courier, but he should be fluent in Russian.


To work, the courier will need a smartphone based on Android (version

No car

Delivery does not require a car and is easily carried on foot. A free work form is issued in the bright style of Yandex Food.

Why do we need foot couriers?

It is believed that once a person moves around the city by public transport or on foot, he is less mobile than an employee with personal transport, and spends much more time on the road. This is only partly true. Of course, the car’s speed is much higher, but the ubiquitous traffic jams, especially during peak hours, sudden breakdowns, accidental accidents, queues at gas stations or searches for a parking space are quite capable of equalizing the time spent on delivery.

In addition, the work and salary of foot employees sometimes directly depend on the number of completed orders, therefore it is in their own interest to complete the order as quickly as possible.

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