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Fungus fun properties

  • Mushroom fun ordinary since ancient times valued for its antitumor properties. Fun in complex therapy helps fight cancer at any stage. The active ingredients of fun cause increased production of perforins in the body, which kill cancer cells. Promotes resorption of benign tumors.
  • Fungic veal fungi kill viruses of herpes, flu, hepatitis.
  • Especially prized are the unique properties of active ingredients of fun to remove cholesterol and lower pressure, relieve inflammation of the kidneys and liver, heal non-healing ulcers, eliminate frustration of the reproductive system.
  • Tincture on merry is used for joint diseases. On the basis of the fungus, fun ones made medicine for gout for royal persons in England.

The main effects of fungus fun application in complex therapy:

  • activation of the antitumor immune function of the body; causes the human body to produce perforin, which prevents cancer cells from dividing and forming into a tumor;
  • resorption of malignant and benign tumors;
  • fungus merry removes cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, prevents the development of atherosclerosis; heals ulcers of the digestive tract;
  • fun fungus kills viruses of herpes, flu, hepatitis, cytomegalovirus; destroying hidden infections, increases the potency, fights against infertility;
  • fungus fun removes inflammation of the digestive tract, kidneys, liver, inflammation and pain in the joints
  • when applied externally, relieves trophic ulcers, pressure sores, pains in the joints, skin tumors, heals bites, wounds

The minimum recommended course is 6 packs. Course price 1,700 rubles

Do not think to apply the tool for 1 week! Herbs require long-term use. There is an ancient proverb: “Take the time to get sick, find it and recover!”

How to buy

Mushroom fun to buy in the pharmacy of medicinal herbs is very simple. To place an order, call 8 929 929 03 03 or place an order online on your own. Come to our store, order a courier delivery in Moscow or by mail to any city in Russia.

How to save money when treating fungus fungus?

We understand that effective treatment can be very costly. Therefore, we make you a favorable offer: buy 5 packs of fungus fun and get another pack of fungus fun as a gift!

Our company is a direct distributor. We work with the manufacturer of medicinal fees without intermediaries. Therefore, we have lower prices compared to other sellers – pharmacies or shops!

When you overcome your ailment with the funds purchased from us, write to us about it, share your experience with others. Perhaps it is your story that will help someone make the right decision. And as a thank you for the feedback, we guarantee a 10% discount on the next order!

You have the opportunity to receive your order for home for FREE. If the amount of your one-time purchase exceeds 3000 rubles, we will deliver the goods you ordered absolutely free of charge!

We protect your health! Therefore, we offer you only those natural products that are tested and certified on the territory of the Russian Federation. Our manufacturers conduct strict radiation and toxicological control of all collected herbs.

Common fungus fungus is usually sold in “mushroom pharmacies” in two different forms: extract and natural powder. In the manufacture of extracts mushrooms undergo chemical processing, the resulting dietary supplement is no longer a natural product. We offer you a completely natural remedy. In this case, the healing mushrooms are simply mechanically crushed, there is no additional processing. You simply brew Gericia coral (gyricium) according to the instructions and dosage. According to the doctors-fungoterapevtov, this form of reception allows the body to more fully absorb the beneficial substances contained in mushrooms.

Mushroom fun reviews our customers:

In my place of the nevus pigmentosus, a lesion appeared similar to keratome, but it is not known for sure. Growing fast. The therapist gave the referral to the skin, so that he gave the direction to the oncologist. But I never got to them, the KVD was moved far from home, so while I was going to go, I began to drink Veselka mushroom. This skin formation, which has been increasing in volume before, has stopped growing and even began to decrease. I’m drinking Veselku for probably a month and a half already – there’s no trace left of this thing, only a small spot. I am now a fan of Veselka.


Medicinal fungus merry ordinary instruction from the manufacturer:

  • Manufacturer: LLC "SRC" Russia, Barnaul Altai. Produced for LLC Intercom Voronezh
  • Ingredients: fun fungus ordinary. Dry powder with a measuring spoon.
  • Weight: 10g
  • Price: 340 r for one package
  • Course price 1,700 rubles – 6 packs for the price of 5!

Fun fungus application

Fun fungus is applied by courses.

  • Preventive course of application – 1 month. It is held 1-2 times a year.
  • Therapeutic course of application for 2-3 months. For each individual disease, an appeal to specialists who prescribe treatment is recommended.
  • 1 scoop pour 200ml. warm boiled water. Insist 8 hours. Stir before use. Drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day for 20 minutes. before meals

Mushroom fun in complex treatment is used for:

  • malignant tumors (cancer-sarcoma, melanoma, leukemia, etc.),
  • in complex therapy it is effective at the last stages of oncology;
  • fun is used in the treatment of benign neoplasms: polyps, adenomas, fibroadenomas, papillomas, myomas and

    Mushroom jolly recipes

Herbal insect repellents

  • Veselka – tincture recipe for external use: 10g. dry merry poured 200 ml of vodka and insist 2 weeks in the refrigerator. Filtering is also not necessary. Treat ulcers 2 times a day, but only with lotions – not compresses.
  • 5g. powder fun poured heated in a water bath with linseed or olive oil 150ml. Mix. 3 hours to insist in a warm place, for example, near the battery. Then put in the fridge for 5 days for infusion. Infusion does not filter. Take, depending on the severity of the disease: 1 tsp or 1 tbsp. spoon 2-3 times a day.
  • 0.5 g. Veselki powder (measuring spoon) pour 200 ml. warm boiled water. Insist 8 hours. Stir before use. Drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day for 20 minutes. before meals.

Preventive course – 30 days (2 times a year), therapeutic course 2-4 months.

Fungus fun contraindications

individual intolerance to the components. Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, children under 12 years. It is not a drug.

Mushroom jolly edible mushroom. The only thing that can distinguish it from traditional edible mushrooms is the terrible smell of the adult fruit body of the fungus. However, if you collect fun fungus on stage "eggs"In the early stage of development, while the fungus eggs are white, the odor is almost absent.

How to protect yourself from a fake?

Buy fungus fun today – no problem. It is much more difficult to protect yourself from a fake. Medicinal mushrooms that are in great demand have caused quite a natural effect – the sale of fun has become a way to make good money. Immediately, fraudsters reached out into this niche; under the guise of medicine, they offered a fake, and sometimes even poison.

Therefore, if you want to buy fun fungus, check whether the seller really is who he claims to be. Medicinal mushrooms are necessarily registered, certified products. So, the store or mushroom pharmacy must have all the necessary documents. Our company Summer Shop is the official distributor (seller) in Moscow. We work directly with the manufacturer, without intermediaries. There are no extra links in the “manufacturer-consumer” chain – the price for merry is lower than in other pharmacies or stores.

Moreover, the medicinal mushrooms offered by us undergo the strictest radiological and toxicological laboratory control. All products have certificates of conformity of the Russian Federation.

Fungus ordinary instruction

The Latin name of the fun is Phallus impudicus. This name was given in 1753 by Karl Lynn, who gave it the scientific name of Perm. The name of the phallus was chosen by Carl Linnaeus because of its visual resemblance to the phallus, and the epithet impudicus, translated from Latin, means shameless or immodest. And, therefore, Phallus impudicus translates as shamelessly phallic. This species is sometimes called Veselka vulgaris.

The immature fruit bodies of the fungus are merry whitish-yellowish in color and are egg-shaped and are mostly underground and only a little visible on the surface. “Egg” merry reaches 6 cm in diameter. Inside the egg, the fruit body of the fungus develops.

Eggs Veselka vulgaris can be found at any time of the year, they are usually at rest and only germinate in the summer and autumn months.

It is fairly easy to find the “eggs” of this species, since they are usually only partially immersed in needles or leaves. And clearly stand out in white against a background of forest or garden soil.

Mature fungus bodies of fungus are from 15 to 25 cm tall, with a cap covered with olive-brown or dark brown mucus. This mucus has a terrible smell and strongly attracts insects, which first sit on this mucus and begin to eat fungus merry, and then carry the spores of the fungus. The funky smell of fun is spread over a very long distance.

Fungus spores fun

Widespread fun in North America and the territory of modern Europe.

Their abrupt appearance on lawns and in gardens at sites is often the cause of the horror of garden owners. They grow out of “eggs” in a matter of hours and quickly cover large spaces of the earth.

Very often they appear where we do not want and are a peculiar parasite of beautiful lawns and lawns. Fun mushrooms usually grow in large groups. And if you see one mature mushroom, then you will most likely find around a large number of immature “eggs” of jolly.

In the days of Charles Darwin fun fungus in Europe was declared a real war! The unsuitable phallic appearance of these fungi confused and confused shy women. They tried to fight everywhere with fungus. Including the granddaughter of Charles Darwin Ettie Darwin. A group of girls led by her were so embarrassed by the sight of these mushrooms, which grew nearby, that they tried to overcome these mushrooms by beating them with clubs at dawn to prevent the spread of their dispute. It is unlikely that such actions could stop the spread of merry, but on the other hand, the goal was achieved so that the impressionable young ladies who would go on a morning walk into the forest would not see these shameful mushrooms.

Older fruit bodies of the merry are sometimes mistaken for yellow morels. After the mucus with spores has been gnawed by insects, the caps may resemble a morel mushroom. If the eggs are merry at a fairly early stage, while their contents are white, they are suitable for salads.

All information about fun, growing fun, application can be found on this forum.

Do not be lazy. Read. It explains how to grow fun in the garden, the coordinates of people who grow it in their beds. You can also talk to people who are professionally engaged in the cultivation of fun fungus in Russia. People answer questions with pleasure. There are a lot of speculations on the Internet. And on this forum they communicate, share the experience of growing, using real people.

Some of them eat a lot by adding to the salad. Someone freezes her. Some of these people can send or share fungus spores of fun for free to grow it in the garden in the country. They will help you find the right soil for growing fun fungus.

Mushroom fun has been used in Russia for centuries. This is a traditional remedy for many diseases. Thanks to the Internet, now every person can grow fun fungies in his area and heal the whole family in winter.

Herbal insect repellents

Come to the forum. Read, chat. We believe in fungotherapy, we believe in fun treatment. The more people will be interested and treat fun, the more research will be. All the more studied and accessible will be fun.

Why do we give fun and invite people to chat on the forum?

Because the cultivation of this fungus is available to everyone. And when a person grows this fungus himself, any doubts about the quality of the fungus fungus, how it is grown, where it is collected, disappear.

What else is our interest? It is in popularization. The more people will know, the more people will grow fungus fun, the more people will turn to us.

Therefore, we urge: start growing YOURSELF. Discuss cultivation openly on the forum. Write application history. And you will help other people, make your own small contribution to the development of MODERN fungotherapy. In Russia, centuries practiced the treatment of mushrooms. Help revive it. A huge contribution was made by Irina Fillipova. Thank her so much! Although the products of the company Intercom and its products, we are competitors. But she made a huge contribution to the restoration of treatment with mushrooms in Russia.

Call us, ask questions. We will help to get maximum information about this mushroom and its application.

During the summer months of 2013, we gave Muscovites more than 3 kilograms of fun fungus extract. Received a large number of positive reviews. Having conducted a similar campaign of support for patients, we found out:

1. Jolly really helps with benign tumors. We managed to collect a lot of stories about the use of fun in various diseases.

2. People are much more responsible about the treatment when they buy the medicine, but do not get it for free. A very large number of people, having received expensive medication for free, did not use it according to the instructions and did not use it regularly.

All published material is copyrighted. When re-publishing materials, attribution and reference to the source are required.

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