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An excursion to the River Kwai and Erawan Falls is already a kind of Pattaya brand. We have not yet met a single tourist in Pattaya, who would come here and did not buy a two-day trip to Kanchanaburi province, promising to be so amazing that you will never forget it.

  1. Floating market and the village on the water
  2. Buddhist temple with cave and mummified monk
  3. Bathing in the Erawan Falls
  4. Overnight in houses on the water
  5. Rafting on the River Kwai
  6. Hot Springs
  7. Elephant Riding

Here is a brief that is included in the program. We visited the Kwai River Tour and today we will share with you our feedback, impressions, rich photos, videos and important information on the most popular tour in Pattaya. Also at the end of the article will be the coordinates where you can book a trip to the River Kwai at the most inexpensive price in Pattaya.

Tour of the River Kwai from Pattaya

We joined the ranks of tourists in order to feel something unknown and dive into the atmosphere of a carefree adventure. Where you don’t have to think yourself, how to get, choose and book hotels and negotiate with tuk-tuk, without letting go of a tablet with a map, so that the driver doesn’t take you to a place where you don’t need it. We will be ordinary vacationers, where everything is decided by you guide.

Tour of the River Kwai from Pattaya

Excursion to the River Kwai from Pattaya is held every day. We booked a tour in the evening, and the next morning we were taken from home at 4:30. We put in a mini bass in which we drove about 2.5 hours before the first stop for breakfast.

Be sure to grab breakfast in your hotel. Order in the evening at the reception “lunch box”. You put it in the box, and you can safely eat at the tables in the morning cool.

If you are renting an apartment in Pattaya, as we do, take something to eat from the house, sandwiches, fruits, nuts, sweets. Since the first breakfast is not included in the price, all tourists eat a packed lunch from the hotels for breakfast. The cafe offers hot drinks – tea and coffee at 35 and 40 baht. After 30 minutes, our group went to the first point, from which we can begin the report of our two-day excursion.

Before sending to our composition of 13 people joined the guide – Eugene. It turned out that Zhenya led 2 groups and rode all the way in the second mini bass. She had to run from one car to another throughout the two days. Most of the time she spent in another group, because there was a full place for her. And since all the places in our car were occupied, she had to go with us standing, telling along the way interesting information about the places where we stop, about Kanchanaburi province and about Thailand in general.

The program of excursions to Kwai, captures many interesting places. And so we drove up to one of them.

Damnon Saduak Floating Market and a village on the water

This is not a pseudo-floating market for tourists, which carry in Pattaya. This is a functioning market where locals outfit themselves. Sellers here not only work, but also live. On the water they have built houses. Someone richer, someone quite modest shack. Life is in full swing in the morning. Someone is washing in clothes right before your eyes, someone is washing dishes and preparing breakfast. Here the dogs are in the shade and right there are walking geese.

Inspection of the market takes place on a boat, which is planted on 4-6 people. The motorboat carries all over the market, and you stare at all this and you are amazed how much you have ever seen in the world.

Tourists can buy here a lot of things. Starting from the banal elephants, magnets and pictures, to the original hats worn in this region and food that not everyone dares to try. You can also buy some fruit or drink a coconut. As for prices I do not know, we did not ask, but the guide recommends bargaining.

It’s nice that no one forces you to buy anything and does not impose your goods. Cute aunts in funny straw hats quite sincerely smile, sometimes waving their products, attracting attention. These half hours pass more contemplatively than purchasing.

We liked the floating market. For the 2nd year we have been living in Thailand, and we have not yet been in this market. This impression will definitely be remembered for a long time. By the way, from the muddy river, in which a lot of garbage floats, there is absolutely no fetid smell.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Teak Furniture Center

Do not worry, here no one will force you to buy furniture, as you might initially think. The teak center turned out to be a working craft. Masters carve out such masterpieces of art from wood that it’s hard to believe eyes, what miracles can do human hands.

Pictures are fabulously expensive. Here, for example, this picture, as we were told, is worth 14 million baht. This is a whole apartment in New York! In addition to paintings, there are works and simpler. Armchairs, bedside tables, tables, carved statues from small to large and small souvenir products on Thai symbolism.

Wat Tham Suea temple, mummified monk and tiger cave

Mostly Thais themselves come to this temple. Even from the neighboring cities specially go. To all the beauty you need to climb in Thailand. Just like the tiger temple in Krabi, this temple in Kanchanaburi will have to climb stairs. Only 200 steps. Young climb is easy. For lazy and aged people, they even built a lift, which only the bravest will dare to ride.

And now look at the beauty that awaits you at the top. At first, when people come out to this lookout, everyone forgets about the temples and about the sacred water, which here beats from a spring. All fascinated by the scenery. Kick-ass valley with plantations.

Also in this temple is the mummified monk. The story is as old as the world. One monk asked not to cremate his body after death, assuring that it would not decompose. This is what happened. For nearly 40 years, his body has been lying in a glass coffin under a camera, from where there is an online broadcast for everyone who wants to see it with his own eyes.

How many tips to guide

Wax figure – the work of skilled Thai masters. Looks like alive.

By the way, our guide said that this is the only mummified monk in Thailand. Apparently, she was not on Samui, where the temple with the body of another mummified monk is also located (see the article – Samui Temples). You should not completely trust everything that the guides tell us, but they cannot know everything. And in the temple there is a small cave in which this monk lived for several years.

Excursion Tour, Lunch Scheduled

All had time to get hungry and dinner was very helpful. A small cafe, where Thai women vied with each other to make everything hot and tasty. Buffet system: soup, rice, chicken, fish in batter, catfish salad, cabbage, tea, coffee, water. Everything was delicious, and most importantly satisfying. You could eat as much as you like. And while most of our group were doing this, others were already headed for one of the main attractions of this tour.

Erawan Falls

Now it is the beginning of September and we did not expect raging streams from the waterfall, which crash down with a roar, pouring a cloud of fine splashes on all of them. Somehow with waterfalls in Thailand to say the least tension. What in Phuket, Samui, Kanchanaburi. To catch a truly full-flowing waterfall, ideally come in late October, early November. When the rainy season, which falls on September and October, has just ended, the waterfalls are well filled.

How many tips to guide

All in anticipation and adrenaline rise from one waterfall to another, sparing no effort. We also did not want to stop there and it seemed to us that it was not enough to get to the third waterfall.

Erawan Falls, first cascade

Bathing in the Erawan Falls

If gape, fish peeling begins

Erawan Falls consists of 7 levels. In the humid tropical forest, at first glance it is easy to go, because it is shady, but it is rather difficult to climb and descend 10 times. After the 4th level, there are almost no concreted tracks and steps. A pair of short bridges and several stairs. The rest of the road passes through stones and huge roots. Climbing up slippery blocks is not so carefree. You need to carefully look at your feet. Go where you know for sure that you will not slip and you will not fail.

That’s such a handsome man seen in the bushes. People are not even afraid

We reached the fifth waterfall and realized that we had enough for today. All of them were very predictable. Only two couples from our team reached the very last, the seventh waterfall. According to them, he was the most full-flowing.

On the whole way to the waterfalls, swimming and back descent to the cars on this tour takes 3 hours. If you do not climb to the very top, then there is enough time. People who reached the summit almost did not have time to swim normally, because at a run you need to go back down. Therefore, we didn’t regret a bit that we didn’t chase after the number of waterfalls, but after quietly taking rest, gaining strength and even swimming at the 5th level, we calmly went downstairs.

It seems to me that a deep examination of the vast territory of the Erawan National Park with all the steps of the waterfalls requires laying at least 6-8 hours. But this is only if you come alone for the whole day. As an excursion, just for acquaintance at 3 o’clock you can meet more than enough. We heard that on other excursions there was even less time. So, we are still lucky. By the way, for independent tourists the entrance to the park costs 300 baht, and we have included in the price of the tour.

Settling in houses on the water. Hotel River Kwai Paradise

Even in the morning on the floating market, we expressed our wishes to the guide, where you would like to stay for that night. The choice we had houses on the water and houses on land opposite the pool.

All tourists, except for one woman with a child, unanimously chosen bungalows on the water. And we, if not counting the Kwai River itself, even went to a greater degree behind these same houses in order to feel the romance of life on the river.

The River Kwai Paradise Hotel or Paradise on the River Kwai is an ideal option for this type of excursion. The hotel is so cozy and peaceful that you want to stay in it not for one day, but at least for 2-3, and better even for a week. In any case, it was such thoughts that visited us in the first minutes.

The cost of the tour includes overnight at the hotel, dinner and breakfast. Catering buffet. If you come without an organized excursion, this hotel costs 1200 baht per day with breakfast.

Houses on the water, of course, still that exotic! Inside is all wooden. The room has a large wide bed, air conditioning and toilet with shower. At this convenience end. Forget about the TV and the fridge, although you will not need it anyway.

Since there is a continuous nature, there are insects in the houses. Medium-sized black ants lived in our bathroom, and occasionally the bravest ones made their way into the room. Before you take a shower, you had to first walk the shower on the floor. At night they were worried that no one would fall from the ceiling. After all, before going to bed, a large tropical cockroach looked at the toilet at the light of the light.

Here is such a romance you guaranteed

And the murmur of water under the wooden planks of the floor reminded us of a faulty toilet cistern.

Remote air conditioner walled in a tree

Air conditioning at night did not use. In the morning froze. It turned out cool to sleep on the water. In November in Kanchanaburi the temperature sometimes drops to 11-15 degrees. Then tourists are given warm clothes that they find in the hotel.

Linen on the street does not dry. We, the naive, hung our wet swimsuits after Erawan on the bench, and in the morning found them even more raw. And the bed sheet, which was covered, also became wet overnight.

But this is such a unique experience. If I had once again in such a place, I would have experienced these sensations a second time. Only the main insect repellent to grab from the house

In the morning, nature was in a fog, silence, sweat from the water, freshness that you have not felt since the days of Russia, and some calm.

We sunk into the soul of these houses on the water. And whatever they might suffer from insect-related phobias, we still recommend occupying only here, and not into houses on land. This experience is worth to try everyone!

Getting up at 6 am, breakfast and rafting along the river on rafts

Waking up in the cool of the morning is amazing! Cheerfulness is provided, even despite the previous day so loaded with impressions. We got up at 6, and in

After breakfast, we drove just 15 minutes to the landing point and rafting on the raft. Everyone was given out vests, had a briefing. The motor boat pulled our raft with two groups of tourists for about 30 minutes, or even more, against the current.

Types are insanely colorful. Sometimes it seemed to me that we were not even in Thailand, but somewhere in Indonesia. We sat on the edge, dangling the legs in the water, and admired nature.

Then the raft stopped and everyone jumped into the water. Adrift swam to the place where the rafting began. And we were so cold at night that now we didn’t want to go into the water at all. Stayed on the raft.

In addition to us out of 30 people, there are only two tourists left. All the rest happily splashing in the river.

All the tourists safely sailed. Only one couple needed the help of the Thai rescuers, since they could not cope with the flow and were carried by the station. Rescuers quickly caught them and towed to the shore. Everyone was very pleased.

Hot radon springs

And now is the time of health treatments. How nice it was to plunge into the hot springs. In the pools of water of different temperatures. Somewhere too hot, somewhere just warm.

Most of the people gathered a source with water temperature, as in the bathroom. But lovers splash in the icy creek was a lot.

Swimming in hot springs is good for health. It is recommended to stay in radon baths for no more than 30 minutes. Although the concentration of radon in these sources is minimal.

Tea tasting

Next short stop for shopping. If someone wants to buy tea from Thailand, then there will be a chance to try it and buy one that you like. Tea tasting lasts 20 minutes, and then all together are loaded into a mini bass and follow on.

Pharmacy Thai traditional medicine

Here the guide broadcasts that the healing properties of drugs in this particular place are 100 percent, and that many products were used to her personally. Someone buys something, and someone arranges a smoke break near the pharmacy and sits more comfortably for a trip to the next landmark. The pharmacy takes about 15 minutes.

Sai Yok waterfall and old steam locomotive

Then we went up to the dry Sai Yok waterfall. In the rainy season it is beautiful, but it still looks majestic.

Next to the waterfall is another attraction – an old steam locomotive. We were a little upset because we expected that on the excursion to Kanchanaburi we would see the bridge over the River Kwai and the Hellfire Pass memorial. But, unfortunately, this iconic landmark is not included in the program of such excursions.

So, we just watched 2 minutes for the steam locomotive, which in the excursion program is proudly marked “death railway” and went back to the bus. Perhaps it is for the best that tourists are not being taken to the memorial, after all, the excursion on the River Kwai is entertaining, not historical. Why do people on vacation with a positive mood go to the memorial and listen to terrible stories about the Japanese railway. Hellfire Pass or Hellfire Pass is a difficult place, almost like the Tuol Sleng genocide museum in Phnom Penh. So, perhaps, it is for the best that they did not deliver there. Although we would be more interested than pharmacies and tea shops.

Show and ride on elephants

Behind this and went most of the tourists. Indeed, in Pattaya, there is nowhere else to ride the elephants. To do this, you need to go 5 hours to another province! Kidding of course

Elephant ride lasts 20 minutes. A memory photo and a shit frame, as the guide calls it, is acquired at will. Better give your driver 100 baht for tea and your camera, he will take pof with you with pleasure.

Swimming with elephants is charged separately: 800 baht per person. I do not know why it is so expensive. Usually bathing with an elephant costs no more than 300-400 baht.

The show with the elephant was awesome. Everyone laughed, nafotkalis and charged with positive energy. Elephants in excellent condition, vigorous and frisky, treat them well. In the video at the end of the article you will see for yourself.

Feeding monkeys

The last stop in the temple with monkeys. Monkeys in the baited place gather in flocks and beg for bananas. And here live dogs that, to my great surprise, also eat bananas and even drive away monkeys to get more bananas. Whom to feed, choose yourself.

For 15 minutes, tourists have time to take a bunch of pictures and fulfill, perhaps, their long-standing desire – to feed the monkey from your hand. Well, we stood aside, we had already seen enough monkeys. Especially on the beach in Krabi, as well as when monkeys swam in our pool.

Be sure to watch our video from the tour! Very interesting!

Video “Excursion to the River Kwai”

Kwai River Tour Reviews

Feedback will be positive. Excursion to the River Kwai from Pattaya is obligatory to visit all. Especially those who are the first time in Thailand. If you come to Pattaya, then there you see only a small part of Thailand, not always the best. On the tour you will meet with the Thai culture, religion, nature. In Pattaya, you will not see this. Therefore, we recommend going to the River Kwai and the Erawan Falls. And always with an overnight stay in a bungalow on the water.

Despite the fact that this excursion is not from a hotel guide, but from a “street travel agency,” everything went just fine.

  • Buses are modern, with air conditioning and video system.
  • Our driver by the name of Yu – adequate, complies with the rules of traffic rules, not rushing, and even energy does not drink at the wheel.
  • All were satisfied with the work of the guide. It was evident that Zhenya was trying, working with his soul, all the 2 days he constantly tells something interesting, answers questions and gives detailed instructions for each stop. Although, with some facts, we would argue, for example, about cannibalism in Malaysia.

If you want to know our opinion, then we, as people who, one can say, is not the first time in Thailand, liked the floating market, the temple with the observation deck, the overnight stay in houses on the water and rafting on the River Kwai. Lying in the hot springs was also nice. Well, the province of Kanchanaburi itself, of course, makes a very pleasant impression. From the bus window there were amazing views, wonderful mountains and everything is very green around, unlike Pattaya.

Erawan Falls, of course, cool, but he personally did not surprise us, since for 2 years of life in Thailand have already seen similar waterfalls. Riding on elephants is very cool, although we are already familiar

Well, if you are not so sophisticated travelers, then you will enjoy 100% of everything and will be remembered for many years in this rich excursion. Well, except perhaps for a teak shop, a tea house and a Thai pharmacy. Although many in the group was also interested.

Since the format of the excursion is entertaining, do not expect to see the infamous “Bridge across the River Kwai” and the “Hellfire Pass” memorial. Perhaps, on some more expensive or English-speaking excursions are imported there, you need to clarify, if you want to look.

How much is an excursion to the River Kwai and where to buy it

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, we found the lowest price for this tour – 2,300 baht per person ($ 70).

Bought at Elite Travel, a group with reviews – Excursions in Pattaya Telephone 0948681959 +66948681959 The cost of this excursion is 2300 baht (there is a cheap equivalent for 1990) We agreed on everything in personal correspondence with Pavel Smolyankin.

This price is valid now in low season. In winter, it will be a little more expensive. For comparison, at hotel guides the prices for excursion to Kwai start from 3200 baht. The difference is almost 1 thousand baht.

How many tips to guide

What is included in the cost of the tour

  • Meals (lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch)
  • Boat in a floating market
  • All entrance fees
  • Overnight stay at the hotel.
  • Elephant Riding and Shows
  • Transfer and Russian guide

As you can see, the price is all inclusive, separately, there is no need to pay for anything, except for tips at will or some photo frames, souvenirs, purchases in stores. Also, you yourself will need to buy water. Alcohol is usually not included in the price of food, but if you wish, you can take a beer at your own expense.

By the way, we are visiting excursions from this tour for the second time. Before that, we went with them to Khao Kheo Zoo, since they also have the best price for the zoo.

Other options for this tour

We only went to Kwai, but they still have a few other programs. Our tour is called “River Kwai 2 days Premium.” There are such variations of excursions. You can see a description of the excursions on the site, but before the trip you need to clarify the actual prices on arrival dates in the VKontakte group, depending on the season.

  • The River Kwai + Ayutthaya, in which on the first day you will be brought to the ancient capital of Siam. There are all sorts of interesting ruins, stupas, temples and so on. Worth seeing.
  • Kwai Fruit Paradise – differs only in the hotel, instead of houses on the water will be the original houses in the form of fruit.

Prices on the site do not always have time to update, you need to specify in the group.

What to take with you on a two-day excursion to the River Kwai

  • For the first breakfast, take a packed lunch from the hotel or buy something to eat from the evening
  • In the morning, drink a pill from motion sickness (Dramina), if you are swayed in transport
  • Couple of bottles of water
  • Swimwear (2 pieces, if available)
  • Set of changeable clothes and linen (2 sets are better)
  • Hats and sunscreen
  • First aid kit just in case. Iodine, peroxide, bandages, plaster, pills for motion sickness, headaches, poisoning. Heart remedies if you are old. Medication for your chronic illness. If you are going to rest in Pattaya not on a tour, but on your own, do not forget to take travel insurance.
  • Small money for water, tips and souvenirs. Take more and large, suddenly, you want to buy something while shopping. How much money to take with you, if you do not buy anything – 500 baht per person will be enough.

Dear readers, if you rested in Pattaya and were on a trip to the River Kwai, write in the comments your comments. Tell us what you like, what not? How do you rate the Russian guide? And if you have not been, just write, did you like our photos and videos? Did you want to go on such an excursion?

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