Insulated bags

Beautiful Italian-style handbags will always be especially respected by fashionistas of all ages. Such accessories are offered by the famous Belarusian brand Mattioli. The range of this brand is rich and diverse, so even the most demanding customer will be able to choose a worthy option for themselves.

Special features

Today Mattioli brand products enjoy enviable popularity among consumers. This is due to its unsurpassed quality and thoughtful design in a European manner. Many ladies turn to this brand and always remain satisfied with their acquisitions.

This brand was founded in 1998. It was created by the enterprising Italian Quinto Mattioli. Mattioli quickly won the love of customers and soon its products became famous not only among Belarusian ladies, but also fashionistas from Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Belgium, etc.

At the moment, branded handbags can be found not only in single-brand outlets of Mattioli, but also in large shopping centers with high traffic.

Insulated bags

The brand produces not only female models of handbags, but also other useful and sought-after accessories: purses, belts and cosmetic bags. All products are manufactured using a special Italian technology, which guarantees their durability and wear resistance. Mattioli brand bags are made exclusively from high quality and reliable materials. The production uses natural and artificial leather from European suppliers.

The cost of the original models is quite affordable. Every fashionista will be able to choose for themselves a bag that does not hit her wallet.

The range of well-known brand pleases modern women of fashion with its variety. Each lady will be able to choose for themselves an exquisite handbag for daily exits or festive events. Let’s get to know the Mattioli lineup.

The brand offers young ladies luxurious bags with rigid frames. They are equipped with short handles. Included with some models are elongated straps for wearing on the shoulder. These accessories are able to complement the business and official images.

These bags are available in various shapes, but the most popular and sought after are square, rectangular and trapezoidal models of medium size. In the inner part of these models are isolated offices, in which you can put folders with documents and all sorts of female things.

Such solid models are made of leather of classic colors. The material has a luxurious shine and looks great against the backdrop of business ensembles.

Mattioli brand clutches are in great demand. They are produced not only compact and miniature, but also roomy. It is possible to pick up a suitable copy as for daily, and solemn sets.

There are no heavy decorative elements in feminine models of brand clutches. They differ minimalist style. Their beauty and elegance lies in the simplicity of the lines and the wealth of colors.

The most common model with a rigid frame, but the brand produces such options in which the front part is made of soft material with decorative folds. Flirty clutch handbags are equipped with a short lace for wearing in your hand or on your wrist, as well as an elongated strap for wearing on your shoulder.

Excellent quality and spaciousness distinguished brand shoppers from Mattioli. They are equipped with handles of medium length, so they are comfortable to carry both in the hand and on the shoulder. As a rule, branded shopping bags have the correct geometric shapes and concise appearance.

They will not attract much attention on the street, which is a big plus for shoppers. These models are painted in calm and classic colors. In rare instances there are several contrasting colors. For example, it can be a delicate combination of milky, soft pink and chocolate.

Elegant Italian design boasts branded tote bags. They are made with or without solid frames. In most instances there is a lot of free space, but apparently they do not seem too large and heavy at all. Equipped with a model tote handles of medium length and spare elongated straps. These casual bags come in shapes and shades that blend harmoniously into casual ensembles.

Mattioli designers develop beautiful models of women’s backpacks, whose style is close to the classic. They have a concise and discreet design, not weighted with decorative inserts and rich prints. Popular models rarely combine more than two colors.

You can carry branded backpacks either behind your back or on your shoulder or in your hand.

They are equipped with reliable zippers on the top and front part (if there is a compartment). Angular and diamond-shaped products with contrast edging at the edges look very interesting and stylish. They are perfectly combined with youth ensembles, bringing in them unobtrusive notes of elegance and sophistication.

If you want to replenish your wardrobe with a solid and high-quality leather briefcase, then you should get acquainted with the products from Mattioli. They have a spacious interior. You can easily put various papers, folders, stationery and even gadgets into these business bags.

The well-known brand produces not only classic, but also very bright models that catch the eye. If you want to complement this office suite, then you should rely on the requirements of the dress code of your organization.

Color solutions and prints

If you are a fan of the classics, then you should definitely buy a branded bag of brown, black and gray. This accessory will look great in many ensembles, effectively completing them.

These accessories can be taken on a daily walk or to work. They will not stand out from the business dress code.

There are in the arsenal of the brand and such models in which there are several shades of the classics at once. For example, it may be a pastel combination of light brown, beige and white.

If you prefer brighter and more original colors, then leather bags of red, yellow, caramel, blue, rich turquoise, mint, green, coral and purple are the ideal choice. Such spectacular handbags can transform the image and breathe life into it. They will look great on the background of clothes calm tones.

Brand designers create beautiful women’s bags with animal prints. Such things are hits of all recent seasons, so the demand for them has not been falling for many years. Brand models with leopard, tiger and snake prints look especially bold and attractive.

Insulated bags

These products should be treated to self-confident ladies who are not afraid to draw attention to their bright personality!

Decor and accessories

In branded bags from Mattuoli there is only high-quality accessories with gold and silver coating. Such details harmoniously look on a background of a multi-colored and dark skin. Serve zippers and fasteners for a very long time, especially if they are treated with care.

Brand accessories are decorated with unobtrusive details, against which the color and texture of the bag itself does not fade. It can be short chains. They are placed on small handbags and backpacks. These items look beautiful and playful. Products decorated with fringe look very stylish and bright. Such interesting additions can transform not only a handbag, but the whole image as a whole.

Expensive embossed under the skin of a crocodile differ in their appearance. The relief print of a dark shade is able to give the image a special chic and shine, especially when it comes to the accessory made of genuine leather.

A popular brand never ceases to delight customers with high-quality and beautiful products. Young ladies are delighted with the rich Mattioli range. Each girl can easily give herself a refined Italian-style handbag.

The young ladies are noted for the unsurpassed quality of the materials from which the bags are made. They are not afraid of low temperatures and temperature extremes.

Over the years, the skin does not crack, and its edges are not washed on clothes.

The color palette of branded models pleases ladies of different ages. Fashionistas can buy the product for any season and outfit. It can be both classic and variegated copies of different designs.

Could not please buyers the value of branded handbags. In the arsenal of Mattioli there are both expensive models and more affordable options.

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