Labor Day 2019 Vacation

Labor Code

Lawyers answers:

I have such a difficult situation. I worked 15 years at the plant for the production of metal equipment, but recently there was trouble. Due to the fault of our employer in the workplace there was a fire during work, as a result of which I suffered. I had burns of 2-3 degrees, I lay in the hospital for six months. Now I have to complete this case. I was advised to file a lawsuit against the employer, I plan to contact a lawyer for consultation. Tell me, can I claim reimbursement for hospital expenses, as well as compensation for non-pecuniary damage? read more.

The situation is such. I worked for 12 years at an enterprise engaged in the production of semi-finished products. I worked in a harmful workshop for quite a long time, as a result of which I developed asthma. Due to this circumstance, my superiors offered me a transfer to lighter conditions at the same plant. However, at the same time, I was offered a job in another place with higher pay. I’m going to go. However, can I count on severance pay, because my boss said that if he did not get my consent to transfer, I would not see any benefits? read more.

Tell me, does the head have the right to pay for the night work in the same way as for the day job? I work in a store, we recently started working around the clock. Now the work schedule has also changed, that is, we are still forced to work a day after a day. At the same time, the salary remained standing still. Tell me, is it right? We are very exhausting from such a schedule, at night it is hard to work. Should there be any higher salary for such work? read more.

Does a private employer have the right to delay salaries to employees? If so, for how long? Our boss, for whom we work, has not paid us a salary for a month, claiming that he has no money at the moment. All of us – 3 people who work for him. Everyone has families and children who want to eat not later, but now. And he says that he has the right to delay the payment if he has problems. Tell me, is this true? We are in despair. read more.

Tell me, how should the calculation take place at the time of dismissal? I quit a private enterprise of my own accord, but for a month and a half I can’t take my wages from my employer. He feeds me breakfast all the time — sometimes busy, then he isn’t; come back tomorrow; he doesn’t have money at the moment. And I have a little child who also needs to be fed. Tell me, is it possible to somehow take away your wages by legal means? read more.

I wanted to get an engineer position at a factory in Kaluga. I passed the interview and really liked the site manager. When I came to HR officers, they told me that they would not take me to work,

I work as a chief engineer in the city grid. In February, I had a stroke, and they announced my dismissal from office,

I work in a law firm. It so happened that our supervisor constantly insists on overtime work. While our “delay” for 3-4 hours is not paid. How to influence the employer? Can I refuse his request to stay at work? read more.

I work in a trading company that has been losing money lately due to a conservative strategy to attract customers. The dismissal of employees began, and I have two children and no husband. I am very interested in maintaining my position. How to extend your stay in a trading company and not “fly out” overboard at the very first cut? read more.

I work at a chemical plant. We have an elected trade union, a collective agreement has been signed with all the workers. My partner told me that a collective agreement is a clause that prohibits participation in a strike under any circumstances. And we all wanted to protest in connection with the low wages of our labor. Is the partner right or is he deliberately misinforming me in order for me to abandon the idea of ​​participating in a strike? read more.

Last questions

If you work day after three. This is a violation of the Labor CodeRF

Labor Day 2019 Vacation

Hello! I work at the factory as a loader under the contract, and I am forced to do other work not related to loading, and they threaten to fire me if I do not fulfill other duties? Please tell me what to do?

Hello. I study in a technical college in the first year, the first session was paid for 30 days, in April the second session and I am forced to write an application for the duration of the session at my own expense. it is legal .

Labor Day 2019 Vacation

Author: Irina KhMAO

Hello. I went to work after 1.6 years of maternity leave. Are special maternity leave available if she has a preschool child? And after how many months can it be taken again?

Labor Day 2019 Vacation

Author: Tsybina Anastasia

Good day! She worked under a fixed-term contract (for the time of the absence of the main employee), she went on maternity leave. The child is 8 months old. The main employee came out and I was fired. If I now get another job and immediately go on leave to care for a child under 1.5 years old! How much is the payout? (what period will take to determine benefits)

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