Land of Oz Amusement Park

Legoland (Legoland) – the largest amusement park in Germany. Located near Munich. The park is notable for the fact that all decorative elements (figures of people, animals, mythical creatures, architectural structures) are assembled from Lego parts.

Moreover, the thematic part of the Miniland Park is a mini-replica of famous architectural sites: Munich Airport, the historic part of Venice, the famous Neuschweishtein Castle, New York skyscrapers, the Allianz Arena, etc. So, they are all (!) also collected from Lego. This is impressive, believe me!

There are many thematic zones in Legoland: Wild West (Land der Abenteuer), the Egyptian kingdom (Reich der Pharaonen), Land of the Knights (Land der Ritter), Legacy (Lego City), Fantasy (Imagination), Lego X-treme. Each of them has a variety of rides and playgrounds. There are for kids, and there are extreme for teenagers.

A lot of water entertainment (fountains, sprinklers, water slides, speed descents along the “mountain river”, etc.). My children were stuck on the playground with fountains suddenly beating out of the ground. Pulling them out was very difficult!

For kids in the park there is a HiPP food store with a creeping play area and a cozy feeding chair.

For children from 1 to 4 – playground DUPLO. A kind of town of play houses, where there is a shop, school, hospital and police station with a camera for criminals (yes, even with bars and handcuffs). There are also a lot of slides and water sprayers. Here is a funny train. And cafe-restaurants. Very convenient for a family dinner: all the fun nearby.

And for older children – in general expanse. A variety of roller coasters: one passes through the knight’s castle, the other through the dragon’s lair, there is a family slide – rather a sightseeing one, from which height you can see the park, there is an extreme one with sharp turns …

A very spectacular attraction. Expedition in the jungle (Dschungel X-pedition): the boat rises slowly up the river, and then abruptly rolls into the lake. A bunch of spray and screech! Very steep multi-storey platform of ropes. Pirate ships, driving school, observation towers …

If the children are tired of turbulent entertainment, you can look into the studio, where kids collect race cars from a lot of Lego details, and then let them race along special tracks. Another of the cool activities: visiting the exhibitions “Sea Life” and LEGO Star Wars models.

By the end of the day, you can wander around the shops with countless Lego designers and souvenirs on the same theme. True, it is worth noting that the cost of Lego sets turned out to be higher here than in regular stores. Although unsurprisingly, children, after experiencing their impressions, confidently “knock out” the toy they like from their parents.

Of course, Disneyland is the most famous European amusement park in Russia. Combine the trip to the city of most women’s dreams – Paris – with entertainment for children: this motivation is extremely popular among our tourists (any travel agency will confirm this to you). And I confirm too: it’s worth it! And the beautiful Paris itself, and the famous park.

The feeling of “butterflies in the stomach” begins right from the parking lot (we traveled by rental car). Although for those who get to the park by public transport, it occurs immediately upon entering the bus that runs between the city of Paris and the park itself. We didn’t ride on the bus, so I’ll go back to the parking lot.

So, we leave the car and get on the travolator. This moving walkway moves us closer to the entrance. Merry music plays, the announcer in French and English promises quick charm from meeting the Fairy Tale.

Land of Oz Amusement Park

A small area in front of the parks (there are 2 of them: Disneyland park and Walt Disney Studios park). We turn off at Disneyland. Purchased online tickets do not waste time on the queue. Finally, we are inside.

And, of course, it is beautiful here! Despite all the preliminary preparation: viewing clips from visitors and articles and reviews on the fields of the Internet, the perception of such a correct fabulous beauty is very impressive.

Land of Oz Amusement Park

Sleeping Beauty Castle in the center of the park attracts involuntarily. I still had to reset the charm and turn left. Otherwise, succumbing to the inertia of the crowd, we would end up knocking in only one part of the park, having missed the possibility of three more.

So, our first location: the Land of Discoverers (Frontierland), created in the spirit of the Wild West. A small motor ship rolls us along a quiet lake, on the shores of which there are Indian wigwams, geysers and even dinosaurs.

In the old manor, we travel around the dungeon, meeting with the ghosts of the bride and her not particularly pleasant guests.

We approach the ride on a real railway – but the train has to wait, and we find ourselves from this pleasure.

But we find ourselves in real gold mining trolleys and rush at breakneck speed through an abandoned mine. We are now dark, loud, sometimes watering. This is one of the best attractions of the park: Big Thunder Mountain. He remembered our children the most of the rest.

But ahead is the next part of the park – the Land of Adventures (Adventureland). Here we climb into the tree-hut of Robinson Crusoe (hut, however, such housing with a personal piano and a smoking room is difficult to call), walk in caves. Children explore the ship-style playground.

Land of Oz Amusement Park

The coolest attraction of this zone: Pirates of the Caribbean – was at that moment under reconstruction. It is a little sad – but there is still a lot of interesting things ahead!

The most “girlish” part of the park: Fantasy Land (Fantasyland). We wander through the maze of Alice from Wonderland, meeting the Cheshire Cat and the Blue Caterpillar. We make a flight on the carousel with the famous little elephant Dumbo.

We meet the heroes of the fairytale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, among whom the youngest daughter was most impressed by the wicked witch.

We fly on ships following Wendy and Peter Pan over night London to the country of Netland (Peter Pan’s Flight is another of the park’s most famous attractions).

We make an unforgettable round-the-world trip on a fast boat, recognizing various countries and peoples in the puppet rushing past. Russia, as usual, is represented by snow, earflaps and balalaikas.

Another boat – and we glide along the coast with fabulous characters of famous fairy tales: Snow White, Aladdin’s Magic Lamp, Hansel and Grettel, the Wizard of Oz, Peter and the Wolf.

A transplant – and we rush over the same shores, but already on a merry train.

The magnificent Sleeping Beauty Castle – finally we got to it! Beautiful, but outside, it turns out, the fairytale procession of heroes on luxuriously decorated platforms is already ending. Daughters managed to squeal and wave to Elsa, and also to consider a huge dragon.

And finally, the last part of the park is Discovery Land. The forces were running out, so we missed the opportunity to travel the Toy Story with Buzz Liter. And have not visited the Star Wars.

But with a breeze rolled on the “cars of the future”, as they were the inventors of the 1950s.

A busy day ended with shopping for souvenirs in stores located on Main Street (Main Street,

The evening fireworks promised to be grand. But we still decided to go home. Taking with me the memories of the Ideal Fairytale Day …

In the following numbers you will learn many interesting details about other European amusement parks!

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