Laptop Backpack

Collection of tents in the series “Trek” added three new models.

Laptop Backpack

We have developed an innovative tent “Adria 2 / 2ALU”. By applying the classic cross-shaped arc in combination with the upper half-arc, offset from the central point of intersection of the main arcs, we obtained a more stable structure due to the three intersection points of the arcs, and due to the angular adapters, we significantly increased the free internal space. Due to the rather long upper half-arm, the tent has two spacious vestibules.

Developing the comfortable and popular “Bravo” type of tunnel model, we, on the basis of the Bravo 3 / 3ALU tent, which was updated in 2017, made it a double version – “Bravo 2 / 2ALU”. The tent has not lost its comfort and convenience to accommodate two people and has become much easier.

Taking into account the wishes of our users, we developed a four-bed tent “Baltora 4 / 4ALU” with a large front vestibule and a rear entrance. The framework of three arcs has three points of intersection, which ensures its rigidity and wind resistance.

The “Mini 12” transformer backpacks line was replenished with a lightweight and handy “Maksi 22” model weighing 320 g and folding into a special built-in pocket of 18×16 cm. The color range of these backpacks will satisfy any customer.

Series City-comp backpacks with a special reinforced laptop compartment also did not go without our attention. Now the Comp 28, Matrix 22, Status 30 and Transit 36 ​​backpacks will be produced not only in classic black or brown colors, but also in gray, dark gray and dark blue.

In the series “Trek” (backpacks “Vertex 80/100”, “Discover 55/70/85”, “Trial 55/75/90”, “Titan 60/80”, “Rango 55/75”) and series “Walk” (backpacks “Mountain 50/65/80/100”) we have updated the design of the main fabrics used and the 3D mesh, providing full ventilation of the back and shoulder straps.

Sleeping bags

To the popular model “Siesta 100/200/300/400” (now it will be denoted as “Siesta Long 100/200/300/400”), which was produced in one size for users up to a height of 195 cm, we added a shortened model “ Siesta Regular 100/200/300/400 “, which has less weight, volume in packaging and suitable for users of height up to 180 cm.

In the season of 2017, we developed the “Sleep Mat” folding mat, which has become popular, will now be presented not only in blue or green, but also in mustard color.

Taking into account the wishes of users, in order to increase the convenience and efficiency of operation of our tourist gas burners Sirius, Hadar, Vega and Atlas, we launched windscreens for burners in two versions: WindstopL8 (height 220 mm, length 665 mm) and for burners with WindstopS9 hose (height 140 mm, length 612 mm).

We continue to expand the range of products for the tourist kitchen. So, to the mugs and thermoses available in our collection, we added travel sets of anodized aluminum cookware “Uno Small”, “Uno” (for 1 person), “Du” (for 1-2 people), “Tri” (for 2 -3 people), “Quatro” (for 3-4 people), as well as separate kettles “Pato

Hiking shoes

Tourist shoes Kayland

In 2017, we became the official distributor of the high-end Italian brand “Kayland” – this is a professional footwear for mountaineering and tourism, combining such characteristics as manufacturability, style and functionality. And due to the fact that the entire line is made in the EU, Kayland shoes also have excellent quality.

Be sure to pay attention to the very attractive prices on the entire Kayland range. Among the top positions, we recommend the whole leather “Globo GTX”, the model of shoes “Ascent” with the Gore-Tex® membrane on its own sole from the Kayland brand. Or choose the shoes of the “Impact” model with a Gore-Tex® membrane and a Vibram® sole.

Hiking shoes Trezeta

From the new products of this season, it is absolutely necessary to highlight the expansion of the line of sneakers thanks to the models “Flow WS”, “Spring WS”, “Indigo WS” and “Hurricane Low WS”, as well as new shoes “Flow Mid WS”, “Spring Mid WS” and a unique model lined in leather “Top Evo Leather”.

Laptop Backpack

Who loves not only tourist functionality, but also comfortable shoes “for every day”, pay attention to the models of sneakers made of leather and without a membrane “Flow”, “Hero”, “Spring” and “Blaze”.

Also in the season, the colors and technological characteristics of the models Adventure WS, Inca WS, Fitzroy, which were popular in previous seasons, were updated.

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