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Soviet intelligence officer Margarita Konenkova – Einstein’s last love

Margarita Konenkova, 20

Old letters are worth their weight in gold Intimate messages, written in an elegant Gothic handwriting and dated 1945-1946, undoubtedly belong to the pen of the great physicist. Einstein trustingly, touchingly and mockingly narrates in them about the events of everyday life and about his everlasting love for Margarita. At that time, Albert was 66 years old, and his passions were 45. Epistles were transferred to the organizers of the Sotheby’s auction by one of Konenkova’s relatives, who wished to remain anonymous. In the same lot, which was estimated at a quarter of a million dollars, five instant photos went under the hammer (Albert and Margarita were sealed together in four of them, and one was signed by the “father of the theory of relativity” with his own hand, ”To heart symbol. A. Einstein ), the leather-bound address book, where Einstein’s residence in Princeton and Saranac Lake (New York) is indicated, as well as a gold watch is a farewell gift from a physicist to his beloved.

Margarita Konenkova, 1938

Last Vacation Idea

“Nude” – a sculpture by Sergey Konenkov

Sonnet signed “

Albert Einstein. Princeton. Autumn 1944

Goodbye gift … In the middle of August 1945, Margaret visited Einstein with a special mission. And she went to a meeting with her beloved very quickly, having thrown the packing of things — the Konenkovs should have immediately returned home to the USSR. A month earlier, on July 16, 1945, in the state of New Mexico, the Americans conducted successful tests of the world’s first atomic bomb. By the way, all the parameters of the explosive device and the estimated test date of the New York NKVD residency reported to Moscow two weeks before the event. On the same day, the head of the foreign intelligence service of the NKVD of the USSR, Pavel Fitin, notified Stalin, Molotov, Beria and Kurchatov, the head of the Soviet atomic project. Therefore, on the opening day of the Potsdam Conference on July 18, 1945, when American President Harry Truman informed Stalin about the creation in the United States of an “extraordinary destructive force” weapon, the Soviet leader remained imperturbable. Drawing attention to the indifference of the Soviet leader, the English Prime Minister Winston Churchill concluded: Stalin did not understand anything from what was said. But he was deeply mistaken. Already on August 18, 1945, the Resolution of the USSR State Defense Committee No. 9887-s / op “On the Special Committee at the State Defense Committee” appeared, according to which the atomic bomb production in the Soviet Union was put on an industrial basis. The last paragraph of this document was prescribed to “instruct Comrade. Beria will take all measures to organize the inveterate intelligence work to obtain more complete technical and economic information about the uranium industry and atomic bombs. ” To do this, it was necessary to find out a number of fundamental technical issues. This was entrusted to the famous department of the NKVD “S”, headed by Pavel Sudoplatov. On his instructions, Soviet intelligence officers came out on Niels Bohr, who once sympathized with the USSR. It was also supposed to arrange a meeting in the United States with American nuclear physicists who considered America’s dangerous monopoly on atomic weapons. Margarita Konenkova, as is now evident, was another link in this intelligence operation. It should also be noted that the return of Konenkov to the USSR and the organization of the meeting of the Soviet Vice-Consul Pavel Mikhailov with Albert Einstein were carried out almost synchronously. And the main role in this was played not by a world-famous sculptor, but by his spouse. By the way, Albert Einstein personally testified in one of the letters to Margarita that he had met with a Soviet intelligence officer and had even been in his family. Performed some “difficult task”, which allowed Margarita Konenkova to return to their homeland. At the same time, it is noticeable that the physicist was not thrilled by what he was undoubtedly dear to him. And if so, the conclusion is obvious: Albert Einstein knew that Margarita Konenkova was connected with Soviet intelligence. “Princeton. 8 ix 45

Genius in moments of inspiration

Sergey Timofeevich Konenkov, 1968

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