List of travel companies

Mass travels

• Rest in interest-free installments • Early booking with a discount of up to 50% • Convenient payment methods • Rest in Russia and foreign tours • Anex tour-official.

Phones: Multichannel: +7 (383) 349-99-10 Address: 630091, Novosibirsk, ul. Sovetskaya 64, 6th floor, office 621 E-mail: Show contact

Travel agency "Enigma"

-Selection and sale of tours – Aviabiles – Visa processing – Other services – Gifts

Phones: 8 (383) 310-50-36, 310-50-37, 226-90-41 Address: Novosibirsk, Soviet 64 office 714 E-mail: Show contact

Tourist agency "Albatross" Your personal travel advisor! Specialization: tours (package, individual) departures from any city.

Phones: / 383/246 12 33 | 263 64 08 Address: Novosibirsk, Krasniy prospect 82, office 106, 2nd floor E-mail: Show contact

Coral Travel Sales Office

✈ Package tours; Individual tours – we will calculate any tour according to your wishes; ✈ Tours in installments and credit; ✈ Gift certificate.

List of travel companies

Phones: (383) 286-77-53, 89137330890 Address: 630049,

Ltd "El nat"

Travel company “El-Nat” offers an individual approach to each client. Our managers will select such a proposal that will pleasantly surprise.

Phones: (383) 233-22-23, 8-960-787-82-12 Address: 630048 Novosibirsk, ul. Pl. Karl Marx,

Paints of the World

Register number C A100403 in the All-Russian State Register of Travel Agencies All the colors of the World for you! Color your life with bright impressions.

Phones: (383) 335-73-95 Address: 630087, pr-t K. Marx, 24, office 48 E-mail: Show contact

We cooperate only with reliable tour operators, so that you can enjoy carefree holidays in various parts of the world.

Phones: +7 (383) 380-55-00 Address: st. Red Avenue 92, shopping center Ocean, 2nd floor E-mail: Show contact

Glarus Tours

Glarus Tours, tour operator since 1994 in Turkey, Tunisia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Malaysia. Group and individual tours on regular.

List of travel companies

Phones: (383) 2-125-250, (383) 218-00-10 Address: Novosibirsk, st.


Rest around the world, educational programs in the UK, England, France

Phones: 8 (383) 239-30-96 Address: Novosibirsk, Permitin St. 24 – 300 b, Frunze St. 57-1 E-mail: Show contact

Ltd "Food around the world"

We can assist in the organization of: Individual tours. Last-minute tours. Beach holidays. Excursion tours. Bus tours.

Phones: +7 (383) 258-98-98, 3-140-122 Address: Novosibirsk, Karl Marx Avenue 2, of. 406 E-mail: Show contact

Tour operators in Novosibirsk

If you have a long-standing and good relationship with one of the tour operators, the question is not relevant. But if the previous experience was negative, or you decide to use the services of a tour operator for the first time, the choice often causes difficulties. In general, you need to choose a tour operator who can provide you with the required services and a guarantee, will take care of the paperwork and

Services travel agencies Novosibirsk

Choosing the services of a travel agency, Novosibirsk or another city – in this case does not matter, approach the process rationally. If you have enough free time, it’s best to compare prices and study reviews. Choosing a package of services, evaluate their feasibility, because some of them can really save you time and save you from troubles, others may not be necessary in practice, refusing them will allow you to buy a ticket cheaper.

Travel companies. Novosibirsk recommends.

You will not believe it, but when choosing a travel agency you have the opportunity to consult with the whole city, or rather, with the citizens who have ever resorted to the services of a tour operator. To do this, you only need to carefully examine the rating of travel agencies of the city. It is compiled for the most part based on customer feedback. As a result, independent assessments will give you the most complete and, most importantly, objective picture. The so-called “top” places are occupied by those travel agencies whose clients were satisfied with both their leisure time and the level of service at the agency. If you are interested in the details, you can find them in the official information provided to tour operators (list of services, cities and countries you can go to, the work schedule of the agency itself, etc.).

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