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However, the RGVA funds are not exhausted by the documents of the Red Army of 1918-1941. The archives were transferred to the funds of the internal and border troops of the NKVD, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of State Security of the USSR. The chronology of these documents covers the period 1917 – 2001.

It should be borne in mind that the documents of the internal troops stationed on the territory of Russia, starting from 1951 (and in some cases from 1944 to 1946) are stored in the Central Archive of the Interior Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Documents on the territory of the Baltic and Transcaucasia are stored in the RGVA in full force (until 1991), and on the territory of other former Soviet republics – until 1980. Later documents are stored in the internal affairs bodies of the republics themselves. Regarding the service in the border troops, it is necessary to check the availability of documents not only in the RGVA, but also in the Central Border Archive of the Federal Security Service in the town of Pushkino, Moscow Region.

On the officers of the troops of the NKVD, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of State Security there are several separate files:

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  • The collection of personal files of the officers of the NKVD-Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR; Collection of personal files of servicemen and civilian personnel of the internal troops of the NKVD-Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR (1930 – 1992, f. 38259)
  • Collection of cases for admitting candidates and members of the party and personal affairs of the communists and Komsomol members of the NKVD-MVD-MGB-MVD of the USSR (1928 – 1991, f. 40310)
  • A collection of service and accounting and service cards for the political, command and commanding, private and civilian personnel of units, formations and institutions of the NKVD-Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR (1918-1956, f. 40896)

Thus, if you know that your ancestor served during the Great Patriotic War in parts of the NKVD, then the search should be done in the Russian State Military Archive, and not in the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense, as for the rest of the military.

There is also a separate file for the losses of the personnel of the troops of the NKVD-Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR during the war years – “A collection of documents on recording losses of parts of the NKVD-Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War” (f. 40900).

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My great-grandfather-Safronov Arkhip Vasilyevich was shot-1917-1919 year! Ust-Medveditsky Yurt! There are five children left: Basil, Anastasia, Akulin, Lydia, Ulyana! Wife_Christ! I want to know the truth about my great-grandfather!

Hello. I want to know information about my grandfather Vovchenko Efim Manuilovich. We know that he was a Red-Goldman and worked in the militia in the city of Kostanay (Kostanay) around 1935-1941 (we don’t have exact data, I would like to know if there is anything in the archive).

Galina, this site is not an official archive site. In addition, in your case, you need to send a request to the Department of Internal Affairs of Kostanay region, in the central archives there is no information about ordinary employees.

I am looking for information about my aunt, who was hijacked from the Rostov region to Germany during WHO’s B. Her data: Anna Mikhailovna Gerasimova, circa 1922.

I ask you to tell the fate of my grandfather of the Ostrov Mikhail Iosifovich, born in 1918, Kiev, called to Kiev in 1941, no further information is known, thanks in advance,

Hello ! I need information about the Ingush by the name of Sultygov, who were expelled from Stalin’s repression

Hello ! Looking for at least some information about my own: 1. Great-grandfather Frolov Nikita Prokopych, a native of the Smolensk region of Pochinkovsky district,

Looking for the elder brother of my father, Zelenkin, Valentin Filippovich, during the Great Patriotic War went missing. A native of Chelyabinsk region. Called to the front in the Sverdlovsk region. Nizhny-Sergi. the last letter from the front mentioned crossing the Alps. His parents: Philip Maximovich Zelenkin October 24, 1899 and Zelenkina Lukerya Sysoevna December 6, 1896. I don’t know his year of birth, about 1922-21.

Looking for information about Kurilenko Konstantin Mitrofanovich 1904 p. During the Islands served in the NKVD

I am looking for information about my grandfather, Baumbakh Andrey, village of Aleksandro-Nevsk, Andreevsky district, Altai Territory (now this village belongs to Bagansky district, Novosibirsk region) In 1937-38, he was taken away and I don’t know anything about him. Most likely he was shot. If you have any information about this person, I will be very grateful to you. Best regards Baumbach

I want to know about my grandfather Kuzmin Vladimir Nikolaevich 1924

My dear uncle Shnitkov Vasily Efimovich,

My grandfather Mikhail Legostaev died in the war. He served in Tiraspol, like the NKVD. I will be glad to any information. Thank.

Hello! We are looking for my father’s uncle. Petrov Pavel Grigorievich 1920 birth. Called in 1939 by the Kingisepp RVK. He fought in Finnish.

We have created an initiative group, which included:

-In 2012, the OMVD of the city of Kislovodsk and the Battalion of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the City of Kislovodsk were allocated sponsorship. The sponsors were the Piket Sanatorium, the Plaza Sanatorium, the Fortress Sanatorium, the Rodnik Sanatorium. Leskhoz of Kislovodsk was allocated Christmas trees for the soldiers of the Kislovodsk battalion. -In 2012, 10 vouchers were allocated for veterans of military operations of the Interior Ministry troops to the sanatorium “Pine Grove” and “Change” for children. -14 November 2012 near the school №10 of Kislovodsk we organized the grand opening of a memorial plaque in memory of the police sergeant Bychkov, who died during the arrest of a particularly dangerous criminal

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