Los Angeles Day Tour

A place: USA, San Diego

Duration: 10 to 12 hours

Type of excursion: Walking, Car, Main Attractions / Sightseeing

Price: 50 for 1 hour euro

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Anyone who loves the marine world and wants to see almost all the inhabitants of the ocean, I invite you to a one-day tour in sunny San Diego and Theme Park "Sea World" (Sea World San Diego).

San Diego – It is one of the oldest Californian cities located in the southwestern United States on the Pacific coast near the border with Mexico. The tour will begin with a visit to one of the most beautiful resorts in the Americas – La Joya and meeting with fur seals. Further acquaintance with the historic Old Town Park, the beautiful Balboa Park, the central part of downtown, the main street of Broadway and the famous Gaslight District, from the central Embarcadera Embankment, and the Coronado Peninsula. After a short tour of San Diego, visit the most famous park in California – Sea World or Sea World.

A park "Sea World" (Sea World) is a huge theme park dedicated to the world ocean and its inhabitants, with various attractions, entertainment and educational programs. Part of the animals lives in large aquariums, while the other part is actively involved as artists in constantly running shows. There are several swimming pools in the park, where various performances take place several times a day:

One Ocean (One Ocean) – the most famous show with the participation of killer whales, in which huge cetacean killer whales weighing more than a ton, jumping out of the water and doing all sorts of tricks, synchronous flips and just joking with trainers, cause tremendous delight.

Los Angeles Day Tour

Sea Fur Life (Sea Lions Live) is a colorful performance with seals, seals, walruses and the like, in which animals dance, joke, make acrobatic numbers, with their whole appearance showing that they are intelligent creatures.

Dolphin Days (Dolphin Days) – an amazing show with the participation of dolphins on the stage platform Dolphin Stadium. The presentation is very colorful with beautiful music, with villains and evil spirits and with positive heroes, where good necessarily triumphs over evil.

Animals they rule (Pets rule) – a show with cats, dogs, birds, pigs, rats – a very fun and colorful show with surprises, jokes and a variety of funny numbers.

Meeting with penguins (Pinguin Encounter) is a huge pavilion with penguins, where real winter conditions have been created for them and where they look very satisfied and full, like at home. They are very funny and watching them gives great pleasure not only to children.

In addition to the inhabitants of the ocean in the park there is a large number of different rides, with very funny, high-speed and even wet. Here you can ride on a roller coaster "Manta" and the hill-river "Atlantis", carrying people at incredible speeds, and also make the whole journey by helicopter in Wild Arctic. To see the surroundings of the park and San Diego, you can climb to a height of several tens of meters on the attraction Skytower with a platform-viewing platform, or make a relaxing ride on an attraction Bayside Skyride over Bay Bay.

This day will be remembered for the incredible energy that animals give to each guest of the park. Sea World will not leave anyone indifferent, this park has been created with such love and care for marine life!

Los Angeles Day Tour

Sea ticket price World depends on the season of visit – on weekends and on holidays the price is usually higher, and on the type of ticket. Average cost of a regular ticket from $

Return to Los Angeles after an excursion full of impressions and positive emotions. On the route of the tour, any additions, changes in the order of sightseeing and any adjustments at the request of the client.

Sincerely, guide-guide Edward Shevchenko

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