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Gas nozzles ALEX Barracuda

The assortment of the store was replenished with Barracuda quality nozzles from the Polish company ALEX. More details.

Discount on heaters Severs

You can buy an electric engine heater from us Severs at a reasonable price. More details.

Discount on garage tools!

We have reduced the prices of the tools necessary for servicing the car. More details.

Heaters Webasto at a bargain price!

The online shop Tawil offers autonomous Webasto engine heaters at a reduced price. More details.


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Preparing for the winter!

So that in the cold the car does not cause you unexpected problems, you should take care of its preparation for use in harsh conditions in advance. Every motorist knows that winter is a special test for any car, regardless of whether it has a diesel engine or a gasoline one. Moreover, the correct preparation for the operation of the machine at subzero temperatures is not only replacing summer tires with winter tires, checking candles and antifreeze levels, but also acquiring accessories that can significantly facilitate the winter operation of any car. It is about such things that will be discussed in our today’s compilation. Further.

Luggage Bag

Overview of car seat covers

Many motorists, having bought a car, supplement it with various accessories. One of the most popular is chair covers. Upholstery allows you to extend the life of the car, preventing possible scratches and abrasions. To date, automotive markets provide a huge selection of covers from a variety of materials. We will talk about the best models, their advantages and disadvantages. Further.

Luggage Bag

Iridium spark plugs overview

Many motorists do not think about the quality and reliability of such an important engine element as spark plugs, preferring to make a bias towards a lower price. With further operation of the car such negligence can lead to a significant increase in engine wear. It is necessary to use only quality products. For example, spark plugs using platinum and iridium. Further.

Car Battery Chargers

Car chargers for batteries are used to replenish the supply of a dead vehicle battery. Modern battery charger (battery charger) is a device that produces current to replenish the charge of car batteries. This device is a must for both car enthusiasts and professionals in car repair shops and garages. Let’s try to figure out how to choose this device. Further.

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