Machu Picchu Peru

Want to change your destiny? – Scratch, kiss, or stroke … a monument.

If you want, then especially for you there is a list of 10 monuments of the world that really bring good luck.

Whether noses, bellies, or legs, these talismans attract the attention of hundreds of people who want to change their destiny.

It’s amazing how seriously people take these superstitions, and even specially plan their journey, just to be close to such a monument. Having children, being rich, getting rid of shyness, any illness – all this is real if you find yourself rubbing and the wish comes true.

Here is a list of treasured monuments:

Machu Picchu Peru

1. The grave of Victor Noir. Pere Lachaise Cemetery. Paris. France

Despite the fact that the journalist Noir himself is far less famous than the cemetery itself, his grave is the most popular here. It is said that, touching his pants, a woman who wants to get pregnant increases the chances of having a baby.

2. Bronze Show-Girls. Hotel Riviera. Las Vegas, USA (Nevada)

If luck is a real lady, then visitors to Las Vegas should pay special attention to the bulging images of Show-Girls at the Riviera Hotel. It is believed that a light pat on the ass girls brings good luck to all casino players.

3. The bull in the mosaic. Gallery Vittorio Emanuele. Milan, Italy

If you notice that the buyers of the Gallery Vittorio Emanuele feel dizzy, then this is no accident. Legend has it: for luck to always and everywhere, put your heel to the bull between your legs and twist on it.

Machu Picchu Peru

Not sure what to say? Try kissing Blarney Stone. Many believe that this stone presents its visitors with eloquence. Stone need to kiss his head down, while strongly leaning. And in order to kiss the visitors was as effective as possible, Blarney Stone is the person who helps in this difficult procedure.

Fans of the Temple of Sensodzhi in Tokyo believe that if you rub the sore part of your body with incense brought from the temple, it will cure any ailments – from sore throat to back pain.

6. Chandelier at Cochem Castle. Cochem, Germany

If a mermaid with deer horns does not seem strange yet, then you will be surprised to learn that she also brings good luck. The rubbed paint on the scarlet belly of the sea dweller says that many people come here to tickle it and make a wish.

Originally built as a device for measuring time, with which it was possible to plan sacred ceremonies, Intiuatana Stone today acquired another function. Some say that people who believe in otherworldly forces can see spirits by rubbing their foreheads against a stone.

8. Sewage manhole cover in Sweden

It is rather difficult to see the cracks in the asphalt on the sidewalk, but the residents of Sweden always have to look under their feet, passing by the sewer manholes, on the covers of which letters are written, denoting “love” or “lost love.” Passers-by try either to touch the hatches or not to step on them, depending on what the hatches symbolize.

9. The Lincoln Tomb. Springfield, USA (Illinois)

They say that people from all over the world come here to not only commemorate Abraham Lincoln, but also to touch the tip of the nose of the former US president. It brings good luck.

Visitors who say that they have already seen it somewhere will be absolutely right. A copy of the famous Florentine hog stands in Sydney as a gift to the Sydney Hospital and Eye Clinic. If you rub the boar’s snout (both Australian and Italian) and put a coin on its tongue that will fall down through the grid the first time, then you will be lucky!

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