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The list of direct sales from Ukraine to Italy in 2019 rotsі! (it is up by the fierce)

In 2019 rotsi view kіlka new flights to Іtalіyu. Ukrainian SkyUp low-cost airport vpdіk є three direct events from Kiev to Іtaliya – in Ріміні, Naples and Catania (Sicily). Avnakompaniya Ernest Airlines poiku Vikonuvati flight z Kharkov at Rome and Milan, and also Kiev to Genoa. At once, Ernest skipped a flight from Lviv to Venets and Mіlan (Malpensa). Vlіtku MAU vіdnovit direct і reys Chernіvtsі – Mіlan, ale reysi Kharkіv – Mіlan zraz in rozkladі vіdsutnі.

Yakshcho you tsikavit yakі reys vіdkryyut tsogo roku at інші пїїни (майже 40 new direct efforts!), Then get familiar with the publication – All new news from Ukraine from 2019 Perelik s usih mіst!

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The latest news about the performance of Ukraine with Іtalі yu:

Yak aviakompanії litu with Ukraine in Italy?

Naybіlshe reisіv mіzh Ukraine and Іtalієєyu vikonuyut aviakompanії MAU that Ernest Airlines. Takozh on straight Kiev (Zhulyani) – Rome vikonu є reys avikompaniya Alitalia. SkyUp SkyUp has 3 new flights to Italy, and WindRose has a charter and regular program.

International Aviation Ukraine (UIA) – Naybіlshy Ukrainian avіaperevіznik. MAU z’єdnuє Ukraine 38 38 regions, roztasovanimi in ропvropі, Azії, Ameriці, Africa та on Close Meeting. The base airport Borispil, to the warehouse of the fleet to enter 43 avialayneri.

Ernest Airlines – Aviakompaniya is established by a group of Swedish and Italian investors, from January 20, 2017 on Ernest after resting on Vikonuvati Reisi in Italy and Lviv, and from the chest from Kiev.

Alitalia – the most avalanche Іtalії, actions for greatness in Europe. The headquarters is in Rome, the airport Fіumіno (Leonardo da Vinci).

Skyup – national Ukrainian ambassador, loukost, a kind of ropoco from the tragedy of 2018 rock. Based on SkyUp in the International Airport “Kiev” in the name of Igor Sikorsky. The main straight lines – Close Skid, Eastern Africa, Round and European.

Windrose – Aviakompaniya otrimala certified operator in kintsі 2007 roku і zraz vikonu є charter programs and regular airways from the base airport “Borispil”, and also zagatokhoh mist Ukraine.

De buy avіakvitki on direct reys in Іtalіyu?

AviKvvitki in Іtalіyu ta on bagato ін Vishey straight

UIA tickets є also on

AviAkvitki on flight loukostіv Ernest, SkyUp, Wizz Air, Ryanair that you can buy on

Scho operatively discussing actions on proposals in aviation in Іtalіyu іnshі directly send telegram on Telegram channel Lowcostavia

Perelіk direct flights from Ukraine to Іtalіyu (click on direct to draw):

Kyiv – Rome

  • Kyiv – Mіlan(Malpensa)
  • Kyiv – Mіlan(Bergamo)
  • Kyiv – Venetia
  • Kyiv – Naples
  • Kiev – Bologna
  • Kyiv – Genoa (no 16 of March 2019)
  • Kyiv – Naples (from 26 April)
  • Kyiv – Rіmіnі(s 1 chervnya)
  • Kyiv – Katana (Sicily) (s 2 chervnya)
  • Kyiv – Ancona
  • Lviv – Bologna
  • Lviv – Rome
  • Lviv – Mіlan(Bergamo)
  • Lviv – Naples
  • Lviv – Mіlan (Malpensa) skasano
  • Lviv – Venetsiya skasano
  • Kharkiv – Rome(from 21 March 2019)
  • Kharkiv – Mіlan (Malpensa) (H 12 March 2019)
  • Kharkiv – Mіlan (Bergamo)
  • Chernivtsi – Mіlan (Bergamo)
  • Direct flights from Italy to Ukraine (Voli diretti da Italia a Ucraina):

    Click to direct the ordering of messages:

    • Roma – Kyiv
    • Roma – Leopoli (Lviv)
    • Roma – Kharkiv W 21 March 2013 Rock
    • Milano – Kyiv
    • Milano – Leopoli (Lviv)
    • Milano – Kharkiv
    • Milano – Kharkiv W 21 March 2013 Rock
    • Milano – Chernivtsi
    • Venezia – Kyiv
    • Venezia – Leopoli (Lviv)
    • Bologna – Kyiv
    • Bologna – Leopoli (Lviv)
    • Napoli – Kyiv
    • Napoli – Leopoli (Lviv)
    • Guneo – Kyiv W 16 March 2013 Rock
    • Rimini – Kyiv
    • Catania – Kyiv
    • Ancona – Kyiv

    Manchester W

    Retail advertisements Ukraine – Іtaliya:

    Have Rome (Fiumicino) from Kiev lіtayut aviakompanії MAU (from Boryspil), and also Alitalia that Ernest (from Zhuliani airport)

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