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This package is suitable for clients who need the support of our visa experts, we will do the most painstaking part of the work for you using all of our current experience.

  • document check
  • reservation and trip details
  • filling in the form DS-160
  • appointment for an interview
  • consular fees
  • job interview consultation
  • To order
  • Read more

Additional charge

  • +$ 160 – consular, payment at the rate of the embassy
  • +$ 50 – complications, additional documents
  • +$ 50 – additional expert advice
  • +$ 390 – individual management of your complex visa case by the best Ukrainian expert in the USA, Yulia Golenevich

As a result, you get a completed questionnaire, a basic consultation, an application for filing documents and you can safely submit to the embassy.

for – everyone except workers, reunions and brides consultation cost from 750 UAH to 30 minutes for – workers, reunions and brides consultation cost from $ 50 to 30 minutes discount conditions – if the whole trip for a group / family together and in a group / family is one contact person minus 30% – starting with the second applicant, in a group or family of the cost of services minus 50% – for children under 12 years of age who travel with their parents of the cost of services minus 50% – if re-filing with us after refusal plus 50% for urgency – if within two working days plus 100% for urgency – if within one working day

Our videos

  • US Visa 100 USD hot
  • Tourist visa in the USA 100 USD hot
  • US Visitor Visa 100 USD
  • Business visa in the USA 100 USD
  • Working visa in the USA 200 USD
  • Student in the USA 150 USD
  • US transit visa
  • The visa of the seaman in the USA 100 USD
  • Bride visa to the USA 450 USD
  • Visa for family reunion in the US 450 USD hot

When applying for a visa in the United States should be remembered that the most complete and correct package of documents greatly increases the chances of getting it. The main task of the applicant is to prove the purpose of the trip and the guarantees of return to Ukraine. From April 2014 apply for a visa for 10 years.

Test assessment of the chances of obtaining a visa in the USA. Answer a small list of questions and find out what are your chances of obtaining a visa in the USA.

Documents for obtaining a visa in the United States

When submitting a visa application, regardless of the type of visa and the purpose of your stay, you must provide:

  • completed visa application form (DS-160)
  • one photo (50 x 50 mm)
  • passport (expires no later than 6 months after the trip)
  • all valid passports (also those whose validity is over)
  • original certificate of employment on company letterhead indicating position and salary
  • original document confirming the purpose of stay
  • confirmation of sufficient financial resources

(certificate from the bank about the current status of the account in the original)

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* The list of documents is formed for each client individually, depending on the purpose of the trip.

Visa Support and Visa Services in the USA

  • consular fee for a multivisa in the United States for 10 years (160 usd at the rate of the embassy)

Personal submission to the US consulate

The applicant receives the result of the application immediately after reviewing the documents, without leaving the consulate, in most cases with a clear refusal motivation if the result is negative. Most of our clients, subject to the fulfillment of all our recommendations, successfully receive a visa. Today there is an opportunity to apply for a visa for 10 years, our clients receive such visas from April 2014.

  • Formation of a package of documents for a visa application
  • filling out the online questionnaire
  • appointment for an interview
  • flight booking services
  • hotel booking services
  • consultation

Embassy and Consulate

04112, Kiev, st. Sikorsky, 4

Fill out a visa application form in the USA

How we are working

  1. Choose a suitable package of services
  2. We are preparing the necessary package of documents
  3. Apply for a visa
  4. You get a visa

Our advantages

US visa

  • filling in the questionnaire
  • filing an application
  • impersonal feed
  • document check
  • invitations
  • filing for filing
  • filling in the questionnaire
  • flight / hotel booking
  • medical insurance

Book a visa! Plan a trip in advance

Getting a US visa

The United States of America is the most interesting country that many people would like to visit. Anyone who wants to visit the United States for different purposes, someone wants to plunge into the world of travel and get new sensations, someone is puzzled by earning money, and someone just wants to visit relatives and friends. One way or another, to get to this country you need to apply for a US visa. And we will tell you about how to get an American visa

In order to properly carry out the collection of documents about obtaining a visa in the United States for Ukrainians, there is an excellent way to contact our specialized travel company, which will advise on this issue and offer its assistance in obtaining a visa in the United States. If we take into account the fact that many people apply for an American visa for the first time, the help of an experienced specialist will never hurt.

The type of visa you receive in the United States depends on the intended purpose of your arrival in the country, so there are several types of visas.

Varieties of visas

If you are going to visit the United States, any Ukrainian will need a visa. Depending on the purpose of the trip, there are many types of permits. Of course, the most common is a tourist visa to America B-2. You can spend your vacation with her, get to know different cities and places of interest. But besides her, there are other types of visas. The company Tour-Partner in Kiev will be happy to assist you with the registration of any visa. By contacting us, you minimize all risks and, of course, get the necessary visa on time.

Tourist and guest visas are designed to organize trips to the country for the purpose of tourism. Their design has certain conditions and restrictions that must be observed. A person who wants to implement a visa in the United States, upon arrival in the country, should not have an employment goal – this is considered a violation of the visa regime. In the event that you are caught in the search for work in the United States, then visiting the country will be prohibited for a long period of time.

Documents required for obtaining a tourist and guest visa:

  • international passport, which will confirm previous trips abroad;
  • invitation to visit the country from the host country;
  • documents confirming ownership;
  • documents that confirm the relationship with people living in the United States;
  • an information letter from the employer containing data on the amount of wages;
  • certificate from the place of study;
  • bank statement of the amount of funds contained in it.

A business visa involves traveling to the United States for the purpose of conducting business negotiations, attending conferences and meetings, as well as trading. On the Internet, you can search where you can learn about all scientific conferences or a list of business conferences. Participation in charity or work in a religious organization is not forbidden. The package of documents issued for this type of visa:

  • documents confirming ownership;
  • documents confirming the presence of close relatives;
  • an extract from the bank account on the amount of funds contained on it;
  • international passport, which will confirm previous trips abroad;
  • invitation to visit the country from the host country;
  • an information letter from the employer, which contains the amount of wages and the purpose of arrival in the United States.

Student visa – can be obtained by a citizen for the purpose of a planned study in the United States. It is subject to extradition only in case of confirmation of enrollment of a student in a foreign educational institution, it does not give the right to employment in the territory of the country.

American study visa can be of the following types:

  • the F1 visa is designed to gain knowledge in high school, college or university;
  • M-1 visa is a student visa for not academic, but professional education.

A student visa to the United States for Ukrainians is a frequently requested visa that our company will gladly arrange.

Exchange Visa – provided for science and art figures who wish to travel to the United States to exchange scientific experience with foreign colleagues on a specialized exchange program.

Commercial visa – issued to citizens visiting the United States for the purpose of commercial transactions. This type of American visa can be of two types:

  • international trader visa (in the limit of availability for persons having an agreement with the United States in the field of trade);
  • international investor visa (available for citizens who are willing to invest money in America and have a mutual investment agreement with the country).

A religious leader’s visa is granted to persons who wish to visit the United States of America for the purpose of working as a service in the American parish, or clergymen of non-profit religious organizations.

A business visa is issued for directors of large firms to enter the USA, as well as highly qualified employees working in them for the purpose of transfer to foreign companies. These experts have an excellent opportunity to open their companies abroad.

A work visa in the United States for citizens of Ukraine is issued for the exercise of the rights to work abroad. It opens with a contract and a letter from a company that wants to hire you. Work visas can be of the following types:

  • highly qualified specialists (visa H-1B);
  • seasonal agricultural workers (H-2A);
  • skilled and unskilled workers (H-2B);
  • trainees (H-3)
  • transfers within the same company to different branches (L-1);
  • Honored Workers of Education and Science (O);
  • Athletes and Artists (P);
  • individuals heading to the United States for exchange work (Q).

A US work visa also includes additional travel permits for accompanying persons during your work. They should submit documents to the embassy together with you, indicating your visa as the basis for opening your own.

A seafarer’s visa is mandatory for flights running through the territory of America. Without it, crewing in the United States will not be available to you. Usually for sailors, the following types are opened:

  • visa D – members of the air and sea crew;
  • C1 / D visa – transit passengers and crew members;

Sea visa in the United States is issued in the presence of a seaman’s passport and a working contract.

If you are planning a marriage with a US citizen, then you will need a US bride visa (K1 visa). She will allow you to come to the country and prepare for the ceremony. A marriage visa is issued for 90 days so that you can not only legitimize the relationship, but also draw up documents for permanent residence. If you have minor children whom you wish to take with you to America, then they will be issued a K2 visa. It should be noted that the documents to the embassy you must file with the child together so that visa officers can see the grounds for obtaining children’s permits for the visit. If you have already legalized your marriage in Ukraine and want to go to your husband in the United States, you need a wife’s visa (Q3).

Visa for family reunification involves immigration to the United States, if there are relatives living with you. Most often, it is parental or childish, since only the nearest family members can apply for this type. The list of documents for submission to the embassy, ​​in addition to the main papers, includes certificates confirming the family relationship. Immigration of parents or children is a long and complicated process that can take several months. Preparation for it should begin as soon as possible.

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A transit visa or a C visa is required for crossing the US border when traveling to another place. Most often, it is open to change flights at the airport. It should be noted that this type does not give the right to freely examine American cities. To stay at the hotel, even for a short time, you need a tourist visa.

The visa regime has a lot of nuances and features, one of them is a multivisa in the USA. It involves entering the country many times. Such a visa can be issued with the help of the company Turpartner in Kiev as soon as possible.

There are such life situations when the case requires an emergency departure to another country, but the stop signal is a person’s lack of a visa. It is possible to quickly obtain a visa in the USA from Ukraine only in three cases:

  • business trip as a matter of urgency;
  • funeral or repatriation of the body;
  • the need for emergency care of the medical staff of a foreign clinic.

In any case, each of the above items requires documentary evidence.

Terms of visa production

Visa to the United States for Ukrainians requires a certain period of time. The legislation establishes the time of manufacture of a visa, which is from seven to thirty days. Our company Tour Partner offers to get a US visa in Kiev within 3 – 5 days after the interview.

Visa to America for Ukrainians may require a lot of time and effort to fill out forms, interviews. Its cost in Kiev is one hundred and sixty conventional units, paid in the usual currency – UAH in accordance with the rate set by the embassy. Visa registration in Ukraine should start with contacting a specialized company that can provide constructive assistance in this matter. Such a service you can competently provide the company Turpartner in Kiev, ordering a visa to the United States with us, you will be satisfied with the timing of the solution of this problem. Our many years of experience will help you avoid a possible refusal of a visa. The cost of a visa, we are fully justified by the fact that you do not have to spend your time on its registration. The firm Turpartner in Kiev has great potential, and we are always ready to cooperate!

Open a visa in the United States is not easy, but feasible. This service in our company does not require large investments, but at the same time it increases the chances of getting a visa.

Ukrainians will need a guest visa in the United States if the purpose of the visit is to visit relatives or friends who must be citizens of America or, at a minimum, have a residence permit. A guest visa is opened at the invitation of the host country, which is compiled in a free form and should contain information about where you will live during the visit, and who sponsors the trip. You can open a guest visa to America by contacting the embassy and passing an interview. It should be noted that the procedure takes place by appointment. In addition, you need to prepare the following documents for a US Visa visa in advance:

  • international passport;
  • medical insurance;
  • questionnaire DS-160;
  • invitation for a guest visa;
  • information about income, work, ownership of real estate.

All documents for a guest visa must be translated into English. Employees of the US Embassy reserve the right to request any additional information if the initial information provided is not enough to make a decision. You can issue a guest visa yourself, but it is better to use the support of specialists. Contacting Tour Partner will significantly increase the chances of success. After all, obtaining a guest visa to America may result in refusal. Our managers will help you prepare all the papers correctly, will tell you how to behave during the interview, in general, they will do everything possible so that the visa processing in the USA will be successful. You can also order a renewal of a guest visa from us if you have already opened it before.

A US business visa is one of the types of work permit permits. These can be trips to conferences, exhibitions, meetings with partners and the like. In the passport she is denoted B-1. Similar to this category is a visa for investors E2. It is made for people who plan to invest in American companies, according to the trade agreement.

Registration of a business visa occurs through the US Embassy in the presence of the following documents:

  • international passport;
  • application form;
  • medical insurance;
  • information about the availability of funds for the visit;
  • property ownership data;
  • information about marital status / children;
  • certificate of employment;
  • invitation for a business visa from an American company / event organizers.

Other papers may also be requested at the embassy, ​​for example, health data and test results for incurable diseases. The list of possible additional references is made immediately after a detailed acquaintance with the specifics of the case. It is important to note that all documents required for a business visa to America must be translated into English.

The cost of registration consists of two parts:

  • consular fee (not refundable in case of refusal);
  • services of our company.

By contacting a Tour Partner, you can get a business visa in the United States within 3-5 business days from the date of your interview. But in some cases, opening a visa takes about a month, in general.

Working American visas for Ukrainians are issued for visits to the United States for the purpose of employment. They are received at the embassy by appointment. You will need to provide various documents for a work visa and pass a small interview. In addition to standard papers, such as medical insurance and a questionnaire, you will need an invitation from an American employer and a contract. But before applying to the embassy, ​​it is necessary to decide what kind of visa you need. After all, there are several types of them:

  • Specialists with education and experience (H-1B).
  • Seasonal employees in the agricultural industry (H-2A).
  • Seasonal workers of different qualifications (H-2B).
  • Interns (H-3) and their accompanying relatives (H-4).
  • Transfers from the Ukrainian company to the American branch (L-1) and their accompanying family members (L-2).
  • Honored representatives of education and science, as well as their accompanying (O).
  • Representatives of culture and employees of entertainment (R).
  • Practice in an American company or work on a visa in exchange programs (Q).
  • People working in official religious denominations (R).
  • Journalists (I).
  • Domestic staff accompanying employer B1, B2, A3, G5.

Registration of a work visa takes different times. The embassy may consider this type of visa for 90 days before the start of employment, indicated on Form I-797. The term is affected by the workload of the embassy staff and the specifics of the case. The price of a work visa consists of the consular fee and the cost of services. We offer our clients both comprehensive support and individual services for document verification, translation and other. For information on how to get a work visa in the United States, you can learn at the consultation in the Tour Partner at any convenient time. It should be noted that obtaining a work visa with the assistance of specialists is a guaranteed result in the shortest possible time.


Any Ukrainian can apply for a student visa in the United States by contacting the embassy. The long-term student visa to America has two categories:

  • F1 – for entering a high school, college or university;
  • M-1 – for not academic, but professional training.

We should also mention the receipt of a J1 student visa, which is designed for participants in exchange programs. It allows you to go to America to share and gain valuable experience and knowledge.

Registration of a student visa in the United States involves a standard procedure for filing papers and an interview at the embassy. The main nuance is the presence of confirmation of enrollment in an educational institution. Other documents for a student visa to America are standard, such as a passport and a questionnaire. You can look at the exact list on the official website of the embassy or ask our manager. The process of obtaining a visa takes no more than a month. Permission is given for one year. If you successfully pass all exams and move on to the next course, it is possible to extend the student visa for the same period.

The company Tour-Partner in Kiev will be happy to help you prepare for contacting the embassy. With us you can definitely get the education of your dreams, and not worry about the refusal of a student visa. At the consultation, you will learn more about how to get a student visa in the United States. The pricing policy of our company is very democratic. We try to find an acceptable option for each client. The cost of a student visa to America will depend on the package of services you choose. Consular fee is charged separately.

Transit visa

A transit visa is a special type that is issued when traveling through the territory of a country while traveling to another. For some states, it is only necessary if you want to see the sights and take a walk around the city. But the United States refers to those countries that need a transit visa, even when transferring at the airport. Permission gives the right to be only in the transit zone. If you want to spend a day or more in America, you need to apply for another type, for example, tourist or guest.

Registration of a transit visa in the USA is a standard procedure. You will need to contact the embassy, ​​have an interview and provide some papers. Documents for a transit visa are submitted with a translation into English and include standard identity documents, income and the purpose of the trip. The process of contacting the embassy and waiting for a response takes 10 business days. The cost of a transit visa is equivalent to the consular fee, which is the same for all types.

The company Tour-Partner in Kiev will gladly help you to collect documents and prepare for an interview at the American Embassy. With our assistance, it will be much easier and faster to make a transit American visa. In addition, we give high guarantees to our customers and minimize the risk of failure. All information about our services and how to get a transit visa to America, you can clarify at the consultation.

Seaman visa

People who are going to work on ships are more concerned about finding a lucrative contract and are the last thing to think about whether a sailor needs a visa. Although you should take care of it first thing, especially if you plan to sail through American waters. A sailor’s visa in the United States is one of the required documents for working on a ship, not counting those that prove your professional suitability. She is of two types – transit (C) and crew members (D). In some cases, a combined type of C1D is issued. It is worth noting that a visa for a sailor gives only the right to navigate in the water area of ​​the United States. If you want to take a walk around the cities, visit relatives or friends in your free time, you must apply for a B-1 / B-2 guest / tourist American visa. When applying for two types of entry permits immediately, you pay the consular fee once.

You can make a visa to a sailor in the United States by contacting the embassy. You will need to have an interview and submit some certificates. Documents for the visa seafarers must be properly executed and have a translation into English. The package includes standard papers confirming your identity, income and marital status, plus a contract, data on the route of navigation and seaman’s passport. The process of obtaining the desired stamp takes no more than 3 months.

The company Tour-Partner in Kiev offers its customers comprehensive support in visa matters. The specifics of our work covers all countries and types of visas, including those that sailors do. Using our services, you will save yourself from failure and get the necessary permission as soon as possible. You can find out all the details about how and where a visa is made for sailors in America. You can sign up by phone or leave a request on our website.

Bride’s visa

If you are planning to marry in the United States, then you will need a special type of visa K1. The permit is valid for 3 months, after which you must get married or go back to Ukraine. For men, the groom’s visa is opened, and the bride’s visa is for women. You can get it at the embassy by interviewing and providing the necessary papers. The list of documents for obtaining a visa to the bride in the United States depends on the case. Embassy employees have the right to request any information that they think can help make a decision. But in any case, you will need a questionnaire, passport, information on income and property, as well as marital status. In addition, you must have proof of your intent to marry. All documents for the visa of the bride are served with a translation into English. Getting the desired stamp in the passport can take from several weeks to 3 months. But before applying to the embassy, ​​it should be noted that the visa of the bride for citizens of Ukraine has a number of mandatory requirements for applicants:

  • you must not be married during the application and the ceremony;
  • the marriage must be entered into in accordance with the laws of the state of America to which you are going;
  • You should have seen the partner personally, at least once in the last 2 years.

In addition, in order to apply for a US visa to the bride, the chosen one must provide proof that he can give you housing and the means for a normal life. It is worth noting that if you have children, they can go with you on a K2 visa.

The Tour-Partner Company in Kiev will be happy to assist you with contacting the American Embassy and conduct all the necessary preparations for this. Using our services, you minimize the chance to get a visa visa refusal. Due to the large practical experience, our specialists will be able to issue an impeccable package of documents for submission to the embassy, ​​and also tell you how to successfully pass the interview. It will be much easier and faster to get an American visa for a bride or a groom.

Family Reunion Visa

Visa for family reunification in the United States is intended for close relatives of American citizens. Most often these are spouses and children. This type allows you to immigrate to the country and obtain citizenship in the future. A national visa family reunification is opened on the basis of a petition (Form I-130) filed by a relative in America. You will need the following documents:

  • international passport;
  • birth certificate;
  • data on marital status, children, work and property ownership;
  • certificate of residence addresses from 16 years;
  • documents confirming the relationship;
  • information about your income, as well as possible financial support from American relatives.

The US Embassy may request other documents for a US visa family reunion, for example, a medical card. The exact list can be made after familiarization with the specifics of the case. Visa should start as early as possible, because it can last for several months. The company Tour-Partner in Kiev is always ready to help you. A long-term visa for family reunion in America is the most time consuming and difficult. Our managers will do everything possible to protect you from failure. Thanks to real practical experience, we are really able to correctly draw up and execute a package of documents, as well as to prepare you for an interview at the embassy. With the assistance of our specialists, you will have family immigration visa as soon as possible.

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