Nepal Adventures

Rosen Bossev, Capital | Edited on 11/06/2007

Nepal Adventures

Already exits bracket. The Bulgarian alpinism is known for its pre-scandalous si. Kogato nyakoy sekachi nyakde, vinagi semimra friend, coyto and put under the question comprehensible. In cases of expedition, heading from Karani, and participants in the camps (dividing into camps) for a long time can not but the next.

The case from the Bulgarian expedition to sixth at the entrance to the light of Cho Oyo (8201 meters) is not limited. At the beginning of May, four-sided sides of the ground without a lot of noise and a trace are near the friendly efforts.

The compact expedition of displaying alpinism in one of the unknown Svetlina – in a friendly way (not on the commercial principle), is not a pretendar for “great sporting comprehension“. Regardless of the extreme result, the participants in the adventure will enthrall the Dori in a manner similar to the previous one. “Tragnakhme is boring, for the confusion”, Petya Kolcheva’s razkazva, a participant in the expedition, and the tertiary Bulgarian, she had time to do it right away, in the temple from 8000 meters. Tia is not a Krya, why she has been oppressed. “Nyakoi from us is not that cognizant,” Peter’s cobbler. The Vednaga trail is tvganeto obezhe ъ ъ опас, what are you afraid of?

Osven Petya in schurmuvanetto at the top of the school is one from the most authoritative Bulgarian alpinisty – Petko Totev (with two exercises of over 8000 meters – Everest and Broad peak), and the alpine tent Zheko Vytev, Georgi Georgiev, Iliyan Kinov, Kamen Kolchev and Mladen, and Mladen Vlaus, Mladen Vitev, Georgy Georgiev, Iliyan Kinov, Kamen Kolchev and Mladen Peak. In tyakhna pod sam and trim sherpi. “Yediyat from tyah beshe many dobir“, razkazva Petya and explaining, se se kachval on Everest is united to us.

Nepal Adventures

Petya is for getting into the basin part of Himalaya. It is known from the visokata Planina and more in 1986, when it came to the Pamirs and from the Lenin (7125 m). Two expeditions in Finske Planin (in the Pamir region) and Garvalskite Himalaya (India). “The trail of the comrade is working and working,” explained Petya, on the occasion of the near future of the alpine biography. Prez 1998 t se start-up from Mont Blanc (4,810 m), four years ago, as always on Makinli (6194 m — nai-visokyat vrhh in North America), for 2004–2005 the winter zone on Aconcagua (6972 m – nai Visokiat Vrah in South America), and the present in 2005, All Vrshcha in the Pamirs, for yes sekachi vrah Korzhanevska (7107 m.)

Kogato speak for expeditions, Petya seems to be impressed with Nepal and Tibet, for the route, the mood in the base of the lager and Tova is good enough for the members of the team. “Razdelihme se into two groups and goods is absolutely spontaneous,” razkaza. Petya Kateri zaedno ess szpruga si Kamen and Petko Totev.

“Samoto was reached at the base of Lager (4900 m) e prelude,” remembering the alpinistkata. Bulgaria trgvat from the capital to Nepal (Kathmandu), the trail of some way to Tibet with jeeps. Squirm nyakolko parti on 4300 meters, for yes and all acclimatirate. Tovae evech from the superimposed – so-called choleshkiyat the organization is not svikne with golyamaat nadmorskaya visochina, the result of expedition is predetermined.

The trail of kato grupata reaching to the base of Lager, in turn

On the second round of the hill, they will build three temple camps at 6400, 7200 and 7500 meters. Mozhe and not see the impression, but razlikata vvv visochite e comparatively golyam. This way, the security was entrusted to the slope constantly (the average slope is about 40 degrees), the kato from the time at the time of the obstacle is ice and pragove.

“Reshimme and let us send two acclimatizations of pumping,” Petr is rattling. They will reach Cho Oyo with help on oxygen and aparati. “Ako iskachme and without oxygen, try and send us more pallies,” Peter’s cobbler. Akotova Beshe became both, probably Nyame and succeeded and stignat to vorkha – the vednaga trace izkachvaneto them time in the area on Cho Oyo se vloshawa continued. “Ty, shit with oxygen,” admitted Petya, but he chose himself as one of the most effective.

On the day of the attack, the trainee Petima, Kamen, Petko, Zheko, and Ilyan (coitho all over from 7800 m). “Cracata is a strange world”, remembering Peter si. Subsequently, the analysis of what the oxygen production from the butylcate was for was minimized. Malko before the samiyat in the middle of the front is almost equal to the plateau, for an hour and a half go by. Kogato sydomnya for tozi pasazha, Petya prestava and all usmihiva: “You just decided, that si reached the nai-visokata often, and izvadnzhzh oznavash, chryabva yes vrvish oshe. “

Slizaneto from planinata for gruppata produlzhava two days. Petko Totev is overwhelmed by oxygen-free oxygen and constantly take pictures from a video camera. Petya and Kamen will be left with him, so help me. “Tova e is normal,” he explained to Petya and right away, take pictures, on a coyo, see, you’re wearing and alien from Kamen and alien. “Nama Necessity and Commentary,” adventure story theme.

“It could not be everybody that chee beats the forest. Organizing beshe on the niva and with the rest of her work is wonderful, Tova doesn’t help much for success, ”summarized Petya. And the succession of the signal is not exaggerated, the leg of the expedition’s footprint was concealed on a new plan – the South Pole, Shisha Pangma (friend of the Omhilyadnik), the expedition in Andite. “Kom Everest is an imam of a mixture of feelings, explaining the lipsat on nai-visokiya vrah in a note, there is no decent appearance on the plan — imam is interpreted by a lot of choir. “

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