Old gold mine

Katya – Danilova, the bride – remained unmarried. Two or three years passed, as Danilo was lost, – and she came out of the Bride’s era at all. For twenty years, in our opinion, in a factory manner, a remake is considered. These guys rarely woo, widowers more. Well, and this Kate, it seems, was nice, all the suitors climbed to her, and she only has the words:

– What can you do! She promised, but did not come out. Now this is not to remember anything. It has long been a man bend.

Katya is on her own:

– Danilo promised. Maybe he will come again.

– He is not alive. Right thing.

And she rested on her:

“No one has seen him dead, but for me he is even more alive.”

See – not a girl, – behind. Some laugh to raise steel have become: they called her deadman’s bride. It clings to her. Katya Mertvyakova and Katya Mertvyakova, exactly another nickname was not.

Then some kind of pestilence happened to the people, and the old people of Katy both died. She has a great relationship. Three brothers of married and sisters, married some. Rassorka between them and went out – someone to stay on his father’s place. Katya sees – the confusion has gone, and says:

– I will go to Danilushkov’s hut to live. At all Prokopic old became. Though I look after him.

Brothers-sisters to persuade, of course:

– It does not fit this, sister. Prokopich even an old man, but you never know what they can say about you.

– To me, – responds, – what? I will not gossip. Prokopich, come on, I’m not a stranger. Adoptive father to my Danilo. Tatiana will call him.

So gone. It is this and that: the family is not tight knit. I thought to myself: one more from the family – less noise. And what about Prokopich? He had to like it.

– Thank you, – he says, – Katenka, they remembered about me.

So they began to get on. Prokop’ich sits at the machine, and Katya runs around the house – there, in the garden, boil-shake and patch. The farm is small, of course, for two … Katya is a quick girl, is she a long time. Manage and sit down for some needlework: sew-tie, you never know. At first they smoothly rolled, only Prokopich got worse and worse. Day sits, two lies. Crumbled, old became. Katya wondered how they would continue to live.

“You can’t eat as a woman’s handicraft, but I don’t know any other craft.”

So Prokopich says:

– Tyatyenka! You should have taught me something simpler.

Prokopovich even became ridiculous.

– What are you doing! Is it maiden to sit on malachite! I have never heard of such a thing.

Well, she did become a scrutiny at Prokop’ichev’s craft. Helped him wherever possible. Saw there, grind. Prokopich and began to show her something else. Not really real. To grind a plaque, to make knobs for forks and knocks and what was going on. It’s trivial, of course, a little thing, a penny, and all layouts on occasion.

Prokopic did not heal for long. Here the brothers-sisters compel Katya to become:

– Now you will get married to get married. How will you live alone?

Katya cut them off:

– Not your sadness. I don’t need your fiancé. Danilushko will come. Learn to grief and come.

Sisters waving their hands at her:

– Do you mind, Katerina? Slap off and talk sin! A man has long died, and she is waiting for him! Look, it will still blaznit.

– I am not afraid, – responds, – this.

Then relatives ask:

– What do you even become to live?

“This,” replies, “do not care either.” Hold out alone.

Brothers-sisters understood that the money remained from Prokopyich, and again for his own:

– Here is a fool! If there is money, a peasant is surely necessary in the house. One never knows – someone is hunting for money. Turn your head off like a chicken. Only saw the light.

– How many, – answers, – it’s right for my share, I will see so much.

Brothers-sisters for a long time still rustled. Who is crying, who is persuading, who is crying, and Katya is starving:

– Hold out alone. No need for your fiance. I have a long time.

Certainly, the relatives were angry:

– In the case, do not show your eyes to us!

“Thank you,” replies, “Brothers are lovely, dear sisters!” I will remember. Do not forget yourself – walk past!

Laughing means. Well, relatives and doors claps.

Katya was left all alone. Cry, of course, first, then says:

– You’re lying! I will not give in!

Wiped away the tears and took up the housework. Wash and scrape – direct purity. Managed – and immediately to the machine of the village. Here, too, began to establish its own order. What she does not need, then away, and what is constantly required, then at hand. I put the order in such a way and wanted to sit down at work.

“I’ll try to grind at least one plaque.”

Grabbed, but there is no suitable stone. The wreckage of the Danilushkova dope-bowl remained, but Katya protected them. In a special knot they were tied. Prokopich of stone, of course, had a lot. Only Prokopic to death was sitting on big jobs. Well, the stone is all large. Scraps and bits all snapped up – spent on small crafts. Here Katia thinks:

“We must, evidently, go to the mine dumps to search. Is there a suitable pebble. ”

From Danila, and from Prokopiich, she heard that they took from Snake Hill. That’s where she went.

On Goumeshka, of course, there are always people: who makes out the ore, who carries. They look at Katya — where she went with the basket. Kate doesn’t care that her eyes are in vain. She didn’t search for dumps on this side, walked around the slide. And there still grew forest. Here is Katia through this forest and climbed on the Snake Hill itself, and here she sat down. It became bitter for her – Danilushka remembered. Sits on a stone, and tears and run. There are no people, the forest is around, and she is not guarding. So tears on the ground and drip. Crying, looking – at the very foot of the malachite-stone was designated, only all sitting in the ground. What you take it, if neither kayla, nor scrap? Katya still moved his hand. It seemed that the stone is not firmly seated. Here it is, let’s twine some ground from a stone with a twig. Rinse as much as possible, began to sway. Stone and leaned. How brittle from below – exactly a bitch broke off. A small pebble, like a tile. Three fingers thick, palm wide, and no more than two quarters long. Katya even marveled:

– Just according to my thoughts. I’ll cut it, so how many plaques will it come out. And the loss is nothing.

She brought the stone home and immediately began cutting. Work is not fast, but Kate still needs to be managed on a household basis. You look, all the day in work, and there is no time to miss. Just as a machine to sit down, everything about Danilushka will remember:

– He would have looked, what kind of new master appeared here. On his yes Prokopichevs place sits!

There were, of course, okhalniki. As without it … At night, Katya sat down at work for some kind of holiday, and three guys got into her fence. They wanted to scare Ali and something else – their business, just all drunk. Katya shakes a saw and does not hear what people are wearing in her hats. I heard when people started breaking into the hut:

– Unlock, dead bride! Receive live guests!

Katya first persuaded them:

Well, they are nothing. Break in the door, and look to tear it off. Then Kate took off the hook, opened the door and screamed:

– Come on in, neto. Who first lobbying?

Guys look, and she with an ax.

– You, – they say, – no kidding!

– What, – replies, – jokes! Who is beyond the threshold of that and on the forehead.

Guys, even drunk, but see is not a joke. Age girl, mantle steep, strong eyes, and the ax, in sight, in the hands of being. They did not dare to enter. Noisy, noisy, cleaned and even themselves told about it. Guys and began to tease that they three from one girl ran away. They did not like it, of course, they wove it, as if Katya was not alone, but a ghoul stood behind her.

– Yes, so scary that you will run away from the war.

They believed the guys – they did not believe them, but the people since then have gone:

– Unclean in this house. No wonder she is all alone lives.

Katya heard this, but she didn’t become sad. I also thought: “Let him weave. That’s better for me if they become afraid. Another time, you see, they won’t climb. ”

The neighbors are surprised that Katya is sitting at the bench. They laughed at her:

– For the masculine craft began! What will she have!

Old gold mine

This Kate salty had. She herself thought: “Will I have one?” Well, she still managed to cope with herself: “Bazaar goods! Do you need a lot? If only it was smooth … Won’t I even manage? ”

Katya sawed a pebble. He sees that the pattern came to be extremely rare, and as scheduled, in which place to cut across. Katya marveled at how well everything had to be. Divided in ready, grind has become. This is not a particularly tricky thing, and you cannot do it without a habit. Scorched first, then learned. Although where the plaques came out, and the loss and not at all. Only in the cast that had to do.

Katya made plaques, again wondered what the exit stone was, and began to see where to sell the craft. Prokopich such a trifle in the city, it happened, drove and there all handed over in one shop. Katya heard about this shop many times. So she came up with a go to the city.

Closed the hut and went peshochkom. In the Field and did not notice that she was in the city cleaned. I recognized Katya, where the owner, who had accepted the work from Prokopiich, and showed up right in the shop. Looks – there is full of every stone, and the malachite plaques are a whole cupboard behind the glass. People in the shop a lot. Who buys, who handicrafts. The owner is strict and important.

Katya at first was afraid of approaching herself, then she was embarrassed and asked:

– Do not malachite plaques?

Boss finger on the cabinet indicated:

“Can’t you see how good this is for me?”

Masters who gave the work, hum to him:

– A lot of non on this crafts masters divorced. Only a stone is transferred. They do not understand that a plaque pattern is required for a plaque.

One master from the field. He says the owner on the sly:

– Poppy this girl. We saw her neighbors at the machine. Here, come on, cooked.

The owner then says:

– Come on, show me what you came up with?

Kate and gave him a plaque. The owner looked, then he looked at Katya and said:

Kate, of course, it seemed insulting. In another way she spoke:

– What is your right, I do not know a person, talk about him? Look here, if not blind! Who can so many plaques on one pattern to steal? Well, tell me! – and poured on the counter all his craft.

The master and the masters see – right, on one pattern. And the pattern is rare. It is as if a tree protrudes from the middle, and a bird is sitting on a branch and a bird is also below. Clearly visible and made clean. Buyers heard this conversation, stretched too to look, only the owner covered all the plaques at once. Found a snag.

– Not seen a bunch of something. Now I will decompose them under glass. Then you choose what you like. – And Kate himself says: – Go through that door. Now you get the money.

Katya went, and the owner was after her. Shut the door, asks:

Katya heard from Prokopiich prices. And said so, and the owner let’s laugh:

– What are you! What are you! I paid such a price to Polevskiy Proskopich to the Polevsk master, and paid him to Danil. Why, there were masters!

“I,” replies, “I heard from them.” From the same family I will.

– There that! – the owner was surprised. – So this, apparently, you have Danilov work left?

– No, – says, – mine.

– Stone, maybe from him left?

– And the stone itself mined.

The owner, you see, does not believe, but just did not don. Calculated honestly and still says:

– Forward happen to do this, bring it. I will take it without fail and I will put a real price.

Kate left, she is glad – how much money she got! And the owner of those plaques under the glass put. Buyers came running:

Of course, he was not mistaken – he appointed ten times against the purchased one, and he also slanders:

– This pattern has not happened yet. Polevskogo master Danila work. Better not to do it.

Katya came home, and she wonders herself.

– That’s the thing! Best of all my plaques were! Good pebble caught. The case, apparently happy came up. – Then she missed: – But did not Danilushko give this message to me?

I thought so, twisted and ran to the Snake Hill.

And the malachite who wanted Katya to embarrass before the city merchant also returned home. It is jealous of him that Katya has such a rare pattern. He came up with:

– It is necessary to have a look where it takes a stone. Isn’t it a new place that Prokopich or Danilo indicated to her?

I saw that Katya ran somewhere, and he followed her. She sees that she has bypassed Goumeshki and has gone somewhere behind the Snake Hill. The master is there, and he thinks: “There is a forest. In the forest, I will sneak to the hole itself ”.

We went into the forest. Katya is close at all and does not watch at all, does not look back, does not listen. The master is glad that he will so easily get a new place. Suddenly, aside, something became noisy, so much so that the master was even frightened. Has stopped. What? While he was so understanding, Katy was gone. He ran, ran through the woods. I barely got to the Seversky pond, a mile, I suppose, two from Gumeshek.

Katya did not know that she was being spied on. I climbed the hill, to the very place where the first pebble was taken. The fossa was as if it had become bigger, but from the side it can be seen again. Katya shook him, he fell behind. Again, like a mote, frail. Kate took a pebble and cried, lamented. Well, as the girls of the dead roar, all sorts of words are collected:

“To whom you, me dear friend of the heart, have left,” and the taco pass …

She came on the heels, as if it became easier, stands – thought, looking into the mine side. The place here is like a clearing. The forest is thick and high all around, and the smaller side has gone to the mine side. Sunset time. At the bottom of the forest in the clearing became dark, and in that place – to the mine had to sun. And this place burns, and all the pebbles glisten on it.

Kate it seemed curious. I wanted to get closer. She made a step, and under her foot she collapsed. She pulled off her leg, looking – there is no land under her feet. It stands on some high tree, at the very top. From all sides the same peaks approached. In the gaps between the trees below you can see grass and flowers, and they do not resemble the ones here at all.

Another would have been frightened at Katin’s place, raised a scream-scream, and she thought about something else:

“Here it is, the mountain, revealed! If only I could take a look at Danilushka! ”

I just thought and saw through the progresses – someone goes downstairs, like Danilushka, and he pulls his hands upwards, as if to say what he wants. Katya did not see the light, and rushed to him … from a tree, then! Well, she fell right there on the ground where she stood. Form, and says to himself:

– It is true that I became blazy. We must go home as soon as possible.

It is necessary to go, but she herself sits and sits, everything is waiting, whether the mountain will not yet be revealed, whether Danilushko will seem again. So until dark and sat. Then only she went home, and she herself thinks: “I saw all Danilushka after all.”

The master, who spied on Katya, ran home by that time. He looked – the hut at Kati is locked. He lurked – see what she dragged. He sees Katya going, and he got across the road:

– Where did you go?

– At the Snake, – responds.

– At night, then? What is there to do?

The master and shied away, and the next day the plant whispered at the plant:

– The deadman’s bride has gone crazy. At night, Snake walks, waiting for the dead. As if the plant had not set on fire a little crazy.

Brothers-sisters heard, they came running again, let’s try to persuade Katya. Only she did not listen. Showed them the money and says:

– This is, think, where I have? They don’t take them from good masters, but they’ve gotten so much back for my perlodelka! Why is that?

The brothers heard about her luck and say:

– The case of happy came out. What is there to talk about.

“There are no such people,” he answered, “there were no cases.” It was Danilo himself who planted such a stone and brought out a pattern.

Brothers laugh, sisters wave their hands:

– And really crazy! Need to clerk say. No matter how the factory is set on fire!

Not told, of course. Shame your sister something to give out. They just left, and they agreed:

– It is necessary to look behind Katerina. Where will go – now for her to run.

And Katya conducted relatives, locked the door and began to cut a new stone. Saws and sights:

– If the same will be published, it means that I didn’t please me, – I saw Danilushka.

So she hurries to cut. To have a look at her as soon as possible, the hunt, how the real pattern will come out. Night is long, and Katya is sitting at the bench. One sister woke up at that time, saw a fire in the hut, ran to the window, looked through a crack in the shutter and wondered:

– And the dream does not take her! Punishment with the girl!

Sawed Katie dosochku – pattern and was designated. Even better than that. The bird flew down from the tree, spread its wings, and the other flies down to meet it. Five times this pattern on the board. From point to point is scheduled, how to cut across. Katya did not even think here. Grasped, and ran somewhere. Sister behind her. Dear knocked to the brothers – run, they say, rather. The brothers ran out, they shot down the people. And already light flock. They look – Katya runs past Gumeshek. Everybody rushed there, but she, apparently, doesn’t feel that the people are behind her. Ran mine, quieter went around the Snake Hill. The people also held it – let’s see, they say, what it will do.

Katya goes, as she is accustomed, to the hill. She looked, and the forest around some unprecedented. I felt the tree with my hand, but it was cold and smooth, like polished stone. And the grass to the bottom also turned out to be stone, and it was still dark here. Katya thinks:

“I see, I got up the mountain.”

Relatives and people of that time were alarmed:

– Where did she go? Now was close, but not!

Running around, fussing. Who is on a hill, who is around a hill. Overlap with each other: “Can’t you see there?”

And Kate walks in a stone forest and thinks about how she can find Danilo. Like-like, and screamed:

Golok went through the forest. Boughs tapped: “No it!” He is not here! There is no him! ”Only Katya did not let up:

In the forest again: “He is not! He is not here! No it! ”Katya again:

Here the Mistress of the mountain in front of Katya appeared.

“Why do you,” asks, “climbed into my forest?” What do you want? Stone, perhaps, a good looking? Take it anyway so go away!

Katya is here and says:

– I do not need your dead stone! Give me a live Danilushka. Where is he hidden from you? What is your right to bother foreign grooms!

Well, brave girl. Straight on the throat began to attack. This is Mistress of something! And that is nothing worth it calmly:

– What else do you say?

– And then I will say – give Danila! You have him …

The hostess burst out laughing, and says:

“You fool girl, do you know who you are talking to?”

“Not blind,” shouts, “I see.” Only I am not afraid of you, derelict! Not at all afraid! No matter how tricky you are, Danilo reaches me. I saw it myself. What took?

The hostess then says:

– But listen to what he says.

Before that, it was dark in the forest, but here it immediately came to life. It became light. The grass below lit up with different lights, the trees are more beautiful than each other. In the holes the clearing is visible, and on it flowers are stone, and the bees are golden, like sparkles, over those flowers. Well, such, hear-ko, beauty that a century would not look. And Katya sees: Danilo runs through this forest. Straight to her. Katya rushed towards her:

– Wait, – says the Mistress, – and asks: – Well, Danilo-master, choose – what to do? If you go with her, you will forget all of mine, you will stay here – you need to forget about her and the people.

“I can’t,” replies, “people forget, but I remember her every minute.”

Here the Mistress smiled brightly and said:

– Your took, Katerina! Take your master. For being so hard, here is your gift to you. Let Danila all my memory will remain. Only now let it forget! – And the clearing with outlandish flowers immediately went out. “Now, step in that direction,” the Hostess pointed out, and even prevented: “You, Danilo, do not tell people about the mountain.” Say that went to school to a distant master. And you, Katerina, and forget to think that I lured your fiancé to you. He himself came to forget now.

Katya bowed here:

– Forgive the bad word!

“Okay,” he says, “that the stone will be made!” For you I say that you should not have a cold.

Katya and Danila went through the forest, and he is getting darker and darker, and uneven underfoot – hillocks and pits. Looked around, and they in the mine – on Gomeshki. The time is still early, and there are no people in the mine. They sneak in and get home. And those that followed Katya ran, still roaming through the forest and echoing: “Can’t you see there?”

Searched, searched, not found. We ran home, and Danilo is sitting at the window.

Scared, of course. Shy, spells different say. Then they see – Danilo started filling up the phone. Well, moved away.

“They won’t,” they think, “a dead man to smoke a pipe”.

Approach began one by one. They look – and Katya is in the hut. At the stove pushes, and she is cheerful. For a long time she was not seen like this. Here they got bolder, entered the hut, and began to ask:

– Where is this you, Danilo, for a long time not seen?

– In Kolyvan – responds – walked. I heard about the master in stone business, as if he was not better at work. Here is a little bit to learn. Tiatenka deceased dissuaded. Well, while I was being amused, he secretly left, Kate only had an effect.

“Why,” they ask, “I broke my cup?”

Danilo dimmed a little, as they remembered about the cup, then he says:

– Well, you never know … I came in from the evening … Maybe I drank a little extra … I didn’t think because of my thoughts, and I gasped. Every master has this, it must have happened. What to talk about.

Then the brothers-sisters began to approach Kate, why she did not say about Kolyvan-to. Only from Katie also achieved a little. Immediately cut off:

– Whose cow would moo, my be silent. Little did I tell you that Danilo was alive. And you? The bridegrooms threw me astray! Sit down better at the table. I baked cheerla something.

That was the end of it. Sat relatives, talked about that, the other, broke up. In the evening Danilo went to the contractor to show up. He made some noise, of course. Well, still settled the case.

So Danilo and Katya began to live in their hut. Well, they say, they lived, according to. At work, Danil was all called a mountain master. No one could do against him. And the wealth they have appeared. But no, no – and Danilo will think. Katya understood, of course, about which, yes she kept silent.

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