Places to go on a weekend

March 30, Saturday 16:00 Bulgakovskaya Moscow Meeting place: Mayakovskaya metro station, at the entrance to the Aquarium garden – the last car from the center, after leaving the exit 50 meters to the left The tour is led by Alexander Usoltsev

Places to go on a weekend

March 31, Sunday 14:00 From Belorusskaya to Begovaya: life along Leningradka in different centuries. Meeting place: exit from Belorusskaya metro station (roundabout), exit 3 to Forest Street, meeting at the fountain in the square between the church and business centers Excursion Alexander Usoltsev leads

Flea Market in Novopodrezkovo (Lefty Fair)

Recently, periodically, the press began to raise the question that there is no flea market in Moscow. Like, how good it would be like in some European town to walk among the old things, to buy something. Flea markets in Moscow are, and not one. There are just good antique places.

We have already done a large publication about the exhibition in Izmailovo, this is quite a civilized antiquarian market, foreigners can and should be brought there (by the way, all standard tourist souvenirs are there too, but much cheaper). This is a market for those who do not want to delve into the non-systemic rubble of rubbish to find something valuable for themselves. Everything is already laid out, but they also know the price and will not make a bad bargain. A less civilized, but more spontaneous and unpredictable market has long been located within Moscow at the Mark platform, then moved to Lianozovo (see our report on this market), but it was dismissed there.

Nowadays, the flea market is operating at the Novopodrezkovo platform, outside the Moscow Ring Road. Let’s briefly go over the market and see what they sell there ->

The market is better to come in the morning, the best on Saturday. And the sooner the better. By lunchtime, many are already diverging, and interesting things are buying up (on the same Izmailovsky market).

There are tents completely non-antique

A lot of old toys

Many kitchen utensils

Postcards and albums with old photographs are also missing.

Often, everything is just piled up and you need to walk, look and look for what is of interest in itself.

Places to go on a weekend

Boxes of Christmas gifts from the Kremlin tree

Traditionally, samovars from budget to very expensive

How to get there: By car: From after the Moscow Ring Road, you need to turn to the Mega-Ikea shopping center and, after passing along the complex through a roundabout, go to Novosezhnenskoe highway. After a short time, the market will appear on the right side at the place where the highway makes a sharp turn to the left (from the center).

By train: From the Leningrad station (+ Riga, Petrovsko-Razumovskaya), electric trains run quite often. Go about half an hour.

Places to go on a weekend

The flea market in Novopodrezkovo has an official website: http: //

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