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December is the time for New Year’s fuss, time to think not only about gifts, but also about where and how to spend the holidays. On the eve of Catholic Christmas, festive fairs are organized all over Europe, where you can buy traditional souvenirs, try national Christmas dishes and listen to festive music.

Ten-day New Year holidays offer many opportunities for travel to ski or beach resorts. However, we should not forget that the cost of travel at the end of December increases significantly. However, as the number of tourists in the popular resorts.

Festivals and holidays

In recent years, short tours to Europe for Catholic Christmas have become increasingly popular. Traditional fairs open in early December in most European cities – and give them a special touch; Christmas sales are held, mulled wine and grog flow through the river, mummers and barkers walk along the streets. However, it is important to remember that on Christmas Eve most fairs and coffee shops close early, and on December 25 they do not work at all. Traditional Christmas markets are especially popular in Austria, France and Poland. On the eve of Christmas, magic happens: for example, if you touch one of the statues located on the Charles Bridge in the capital of the Czech Republic and make a wish, it will surely be fulfilled. The center of the Christmas festivities in Germany is Nuremberg, where the country’s main Christmas fair, Criskandlesmarkt, is opened with daily shows. After Christmas, the most interesting things happen in Berlin. Fans of unusual competitions on December 31 can take part in the carnival New Year’s pancake race, and in the evening several million people from all over Germany gather at the Brandenburg Gate. The beginning of the New Year marks the fireworks above the gate and the Victory Column.

Most of the festivals, balls and festivals held in December are related to the theme of the celebration of Christmas and the New Year. In the Catholic cathedrals of London music festivals are held, where popular Christmas songs are performed.

Fans of gypsy music should go to Hungary, where in the end of December Budapest hosts a celebration of music and wine, with the participation of the world-famous Gypsy orchestra and tasting of Hungarian wines. And on New Year’s Eve, the Opera Theater, one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe, hosts a real New Year’s Ball and Gala Concert with the participation of soloists and ballet masters of the Opera Theater and foreign stars.

In Belgium, Denmark, December is considered the month of beer. The largest Christmas beer festival is held in the Belgian city of Essen, located in the north of Belgium, near Antwerp. The festival presents annually for tasting more than 75 types of beer. In Denmark, Christmas beer is starting to be sold from November, but in December the fair turns into an unusual and colorful show.

Beach resorts

December is perfect for holidays in Thailand, but it is important to choose a suitable area of ​​the country. Comfortable temperatures in December are observed in the south-east of Thailand and adjacent islands (in particular, the resorts of Pattaya and Chang (Chang)), as well as on the west coast of the Malacca peninsula (the resorts of Phuket, Lantau (Lantau), Samet, Yaoyai, Krabi and Pippi ( Phi Phi)). During this period, rains are extremely rare.

In December, the paradise Maldives with snow-white beaches and clear blue water will give a wonderful rest. They come here, above all, for tranquility and serenity, which is difficult to find far from the city bustle. One of the main entertainment in the Maldives – night fishing away.

Despite the popularity of holidays in Egypt, in December, strong winds and fairly cool weather in the evenings are possible on the coast. During the day, the air temperature does not rise above + 25 ° C.

In Tunisia, the holiday season ends in December, the temperature drops – and becomes unsuitable for swimming. Therefore, rest in Tunisia should be postponed until early spring, when the air warms to a comfortable temperature.

Heavy rains, windy and cloudy weather in December in Israel does not have a pleasant rest on the shores of the Dead Sea, so the trip to the country is best postponed until March, when the clouds give way to the bright sun and hot weather. However, the air temperature in December does not fall below + 14 ° C in Jerusalem and below + 22 ° C in Eilat, so a guided tour around the country during this period is possible.

Even choosing an exotic resort for a holiday at the end of December, to avoid the accumulation of a large number of tourists, most likely, will not work. Every year resorts of India, in particular – Goa, where there are more and more Russian-speaking guides and hotel workers, are becoming increasingly popular. In December, for Goa, the nature of a comfortable temperature is about + 30-32 ° C. Beach vacation can be diluted excursions to the plantation of spices, elephant farms and other exotic places.

Holidays in Cuba in December are a great option for a vacation. In the Dominican Republic, in spite of dry and warm weather, transient tropical showers are possible. However, the air temperature in the Dominican Republic does not fall below + 25 ° C.

Dry sunny weather in December for the character of southern Vietnam, as well as near Dalat. In December, the usual monsoons for these edges do not bring precipitation; air temperature does not fall below + 25-27 ° C.

Going to Brazil in December, you can combine a noisy New Year celebration with climate change. Rio de Janeiro turns into one of the most festive New Year centers in the world, where an incendiary carnival takes place, the main venue of which is Copacabana beaches. The only minus of the holiday is a huge number of tourists who come to the country to enjoy the night festivities. Therefore, a trip to Brazil at the end of December should be booked in advance.

Resorts in the southeast

Ski resorts

In December, most European ski centers begin their work. Winter resorts in the Czech Republic, Austria, Finland, France, Switzerland and Spain have wide trails, modern lifts and a large selection of hotels and chalets. In addition to snowboarding or skiing, in some resorts, such as Karlovy Vary, you can swim in the thermal springs.

Vacation with children

Those who are going to relax with their children should opt for Finland and visit Santa Claus, look at his house, ride reindeer and dog sleds, snow scooters, snowmobiles and skis. In Helsinki, you can stay in a hotel, and in Lapland – to rent a cozy house. During the Christmas holidays, the Snow Ice Festival takes place in Kemi, during which a life-sized snow hotel is being built there, where frost-resistant tourists can spend the night. It is also worth visiting such winter events as international "First snow games" and "Rally in the hills", Winter Games in Ounasvaara, "Polar ski track" and "Santa Claus Arctic Golf".

Resorts in the southeast

If the native spaces are nicer or the distances seem too large, then you can visit the Russian Santa Claus, whose residence is located in Veliky Ustyug. Excursion to the House of Santa Claus with a visit to the Fairytale Trail, the zoo, the Winter Garden, Santa Claus Post and a variety of attractions will appeal even to kids. Also in the heart of the game held games with refreshments.

Visa free countries

Starting from mid-November, all consulates are in the middle of November, trying to hasten to serve all the tourists who want to go to New Year’s holidays in distant countries. Preparing for the trip can be much calmer, if you plan a vacation in a visa-free country. Those who prefer to relax in December in December should pay attention to their neighbors, Ukraine and Belarus, or even stay in Russia. For the sake of heat and the sun will have to fly far away – for example, to Cuba, the Philippines, Mauritius, Bali, the Dominican Republic or to Thailand. For comfortable excursion programs are suitable such "hot" countries like Egypt, Turkey and Israel.

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