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Tours of any complexity are not difficult for us! Hot tours for you – every day!

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Individual tours to Europe! Visa support for citizens of Kazakhstan

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Tours of any complexity are not difficult for us! Hot tours for you – every day!

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Tours of any complexity are not difficult for us! Hot tours for you – every day!

Rest in May

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Feedback from satisfied customers

Many thanks to you and your company for a good rest. Not the first year I have a rest with you! Always quality service. Thanks to ANNE for having arranged a quick tour this time too, I made docks in time! I wish you success…

Rested at the hotel Coral Beach Resort Tiran 4 * with the family. Hotel very much. The whole family is happy with the rest. The hotel advised Olesya Suleymanova. We are grateful to you for organizing our holiday. Little…

In late January, were in Pattaya. The memory is very cool thanks to Anna Stepanova. thank you very much

Good evening! We want to express gratitude to Anna Stepanova! For organizing our magical holiday! On Phuket! Thank you very much.

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How to use the tour search system on our site!

This is one of the easiest and simplest forms to search for tours.

The main thing – you choose your dates, quickly and easily compare prices for different directions and dates.

“Search tours from …” You choose the city from where you are looking for options for tours. For Kazakhstan there is a choice: Almaty, Astana, Aktau, Aktobe, Atyrau, Karaganda, Pavlodar, Uralsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Shymkent, Moscow, St. Petersburg. But you can also choose another country, for example Russia, Ukraine or Belarus.

“Where” – choose the country you want to visit. The most popular destinations are Turkey, Vietnam, Greece, Egypt, India, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and Thailand. Also, if you know a specific place, then in the “Resort” section you can mark the place you need. Here you can immediately mark both the resort and the hotel (the number of hotels is limited to 10 hotels).

“Departure Period” – choose the time in which you would like to fly to your vacation. We recommend to set 5-10 days from the planned departure date, as the price for neighboring dates can be very different. This is suitable for those who are not too tight schedule of holidays and vacations. Our system will offer the most profitable option for you. If you have a hard planned departure date, then set the date

“Nights” – here choose the number of nights of the tour. It is nights – NOT days. Again, we recommend doing a range of 5 nights (for example, 8-13), since sometimes charters have a clear schedule, and sometimes the price for a longer time, for example, 13 nights by charter, will be lower than 10 nights by regular flight.

You can now click “Find” and we will start the online search for tours according to your advanced parameters.

But you can also use convenient advanced options with which you can get a selection of exactly the tours you want.

“Tourists” – Here we select the number of adults and children of your tour. Be sure to indicate the age of children, because different airlines have their own discount systems for children. In addition, if you are traveling a company of 6 adults and 2 children, then make a request: “3 adults and 1 child” – and then multiply the price of the tour by 2. Because the system gives the price for just one number (including airfare-accommodation-transfer- nutrition).

“Nutrition” – What kind of food do you want? Just breakfast or all inclusive? You can select multiple items. The default is “any.”

“Category” – What level of hotel or can apartments or villas want? Choose 2-3-4-5 ***** stars, villas, apartments, pensions, motels. The default is “any” category. You can choose several (for example, only hotels 4 and 5 *).

“Price” – if you know the exact amount you want / can spend on the tour – enter “from” and “to” in the currency convenient for you (tenge or dollar by default). Then our system will show you tours in the desired range, which will undoubtedly facilitate your choice.

“Beach Line” – on the shore? Or no matter what?

“There are tickets” – The included check-box will display tours that still have plane tickets.

“Flight included” – and this box will show tours with airfare. By default, the flight is included, because you are interested in the package of the tour. If you only need a hotel (ground service) – uncheck the box. But then the transfer will disappear from the package. Will only stay at the hotel.

“To find” – Our system searches for all tours that fit your requirements. As a result, there is a list of hotels and tours, with hotel names, hotel category, hotel reviews, hotel location maps, hotel ratings, departure dates and all parameters (room category, meals) and most importantly – the price. This is the current price at the moment. Book now.

"All tours" – the green button, there are all tours from all tour operators, all options are shown by dates and number of nights, as well as the most profitable tours with good discounts.

Cart tours You can safely throw the liked tours into the basket and then choose what suits you best

The cost of the tour includes: Flight; accommodation at the hotel of your choice; transfer to / from the airport to the hotel; food according to the chosen concept. Sometimes excursions somewhere, insurance somewhere. Learn more from our managers.

The website “Search for tours” shows in real time the cost of the tour to any destinations, hotels, number of people.

Price updates happen daily. Compare prices for different dates and countries, book and buy our tours.

By the way, if you suddenly did not find a suitable tour for you, or you need an individual, combined, wedding or medical tour – feel free to contact us, come to visit, or simply call our specialists: we will select a tour for you at your request!

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