Santa fairy sunsets

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Galapagos. Santa Fe Island

The island of Santa Fe met us with a living obstacle of sea lions around the perimeter of the coast. It is said that the number of these animals is so rapidly increasing that the government is pondering over the ecological program for breeding sharks, which would reduce the population in a natural way …

In the evening, after visiting Darwin Station, we walked along Puerto Ayora. I took with me only a small camera: in fact, it is a huge thrill when you walk with a soap box, and you don’t carry two mirror banduras and a backpack with lenses on yourself:

Earlier, a cargo ship came to the city with provisions every three months. Now – three ships, every two weeks. And one of them is completely packed with beer. Beer on the island is loved and drunk from morning to night:

Jewerely store. Made in a fancy style and somewhat reminiscent of Gaudi:

In general, the city has many bright shops that are trying to attract tourists:

Santa fairy sunsets

On the banks of the fish market:

A lot of pelicans hang around, just like we have dogs and cats:

Sat down in the restaurant on the pier:

Near iguana crawled:

And this is – the island of Santa Fe. We had a wet landing and the first thing we encountered on the coast was a huge colony of sea lions:

Their density was so great that in the beginning we didn’t even figure out how to get through this rookery:

The guide shook the animals, they parted. We had already reached the path, as another lion blocked our way:

It was a militant male, the guides call such "berth administrators". The guide tried to scare the beast with a towel, and he chased after a man slamming flippers and gritting his teeth:

Finally, he pounded a lion into a burrow, freeing a passage:

On the way, we met land iguanas with acid colors:

The whole shore is littered with crabs:

The purpose of our raids were cacti trees:

If on the left is a young cactus, the trunk of which is still covered with needles, then a real tree grows in the center of the picture, which cannot be grasped:

Local Darwin Reel:

The vegetation here is not rich either: dry shrubs and rare cacti trees:

Galapagos dove with blue eyes. Considered the most beautiful dove in the world:

While we were walking around the island, the lions again occupied the entire passage to the water:

Macho – the most important male in the pack:

On the way to the ship we saw the marriage games of stingrays:

They gather in a ball and flap their wings so that it can be seen above the water:

Santa fairy sunsets

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