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What is Yula?

Yula – already on everyone’s lips. What is it? Yula is a site with free ads. Now there are not so many similar sites, for example, the well-known Avito or Slando. Another one, already quite popular, entered the market, this is Yula. Here anyone can post free ads. Also on Yulia you can see a huge number of ads in various categories. The search is convenient because you can filter by city, by category, and so on.

Speedometer water boots

Categories on Julia

Yulia has many different categories, which makes it easier to find the product or service you need. Here you can find a bunch of not only used goods, but also new ones.

So, the available sections:


    Cars. Here you will find new cars and cars with mileage. From VAZ cars to cars.

Special machinery and motorcycles
Special equipment and motorcycles. In this section, buses and trucks, water transport, motorcycle and special equipment.

Spare parts and auto products
Spare parts and auto products. This section is full of products for cars, as well as spare parts for Russian cars and foreign cars.

The property
The property. Going into this section, you will see the proposed options for new buildings and secondary housing. Here you can buy or sell housing, as well as rent or lease.

Jobs. If you are looking for a job, then you are here. In this section, many vacancies in various industries (from the auto business to jurisprudence).

Women’s wardrobe
Women’s wardrobe. In this section you can choose for yourself clothes for clothes from bathing suits to outerwear and accessories.

Men’s wardrobe
Male wardrobe. Many suggestions for updating men’s wardrobe. There are t-shirts and shorts, outerwear and more.

Children’s wardrobe
Children’s wardrobe. If you want to buy cheap clothes for your toddler, then you will be in this section.

Childen’s goods
Childen’s goods. In this section, you can easily find strollers, toys, products for moms and much more at low prices.

Handmade. Section for needlewomen and art lovers.

Phones and tablets
Phones and tablets. New items, as well as used ear models of phones and tablets at affordable prices.

Photos and cameras
Photos and cameras. Cameras, camcorders and accessories for them.

Computer technology
Computer technology. There are computers, laptops, monitors, steering wheels and joysticks, as well as various accessories for computers.

Electronics and home appliances
Electronics and home appliances. These sections are full of various appliances for the home, buying which you can save well.

For home and garden
For home and garden. Here you will see furniture for home and garden, various accessories, dishes, plants and seeds.

Repair and construction
Repair and construction. In addition to tools, there are goods for repair, for example, doors and windows and the like.

health and beauty
Health and beauty. In this section there are services for beauty and health, as well as necessary goods.

Sports and recreation
Sports and recreation. Products for recreation and sports, such as scooters, sport pit, exercise equipment, tents, and so on.

Hobbies and creativity
Hobbies and entertainment. Here you will find products depending on your hobby, as well as books, magazines and board games.

Speedometer water boots


  • Animals Here you can accept as a gift or buy a pet, as well as agricultural animals and goods for them.
  • Prohibited goods and services on Yulia

    There is a certain list of goods and services that can not be placed on the Yule platform. Here is a list:

    1. services of an intimate nature, as well as erotic materials and products for adults, in

      How to delete an account on Julia

    Speedometer water boots

    If the account on Yulia you no longer need, you can delete it. To delete an account in Yulia, you need to specify:

    • mobile phone number associated with the Yul service you want to delete;
    • Links to your profiles in social networks VK and OK, which can be linked to the account of Yula, which you want to delete (the link should not contain the name, but the numeric profile identifier);
    • your Yul service user ID, you need to log in to the application or website. The identifier can be found in the app and on the website. In the application it is located at the very bottom of the settings page, click on the identifier and it will be copied to the buffer. On the site, click on your avatar in the upper right, then on your full name and copy the link to the opened page.

    And also you can write what is connected with the deletion of your account.

    Mobile application Yula

    For your convenience, a mobile application has been developed. Downloading and installing it on your smartphone, you can add an ad or browse offers of other people or organizations at your convenience.

    The application is available for Android and IOS operating systems.

    Mobile app for IOS Mobile app for Android

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