Spiritual healing retreat

Retreat allowed by God

St. Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) wrote, referring to St. Tikhon, that a split in the Church for those who go into schism is a deviation from the Orthodox faith: "Obviously, the deviation from the Orthodox faith is universal among the people. Who is open atheist, who is deist, who is protestant, who is indifferentist, who is schismatic." In this connection, the events occurring now with all the one hundred thousandths are disturbing. "army"collected by father Vladimir (Golovin). Hundred thousandth army, which was to be the army of Christ. But now each of them has a task to decide who their true leader is and to whom they actually serve? Although, most of them, due to their dense neophytesism, will not even understand what choice they were in and where they will actually go now and what they will become if they betray the Church of Christ. The faithful children of the Russian Orthodox Church should carefully study the Tradition composed by his saints and follow it. Read the words of St. Ignatius Branchaninov:

"The position of the Church and Christianity is the most woeful, woeful everywhere. We are having a difficult time spiritually! A hundred years before us, St. Tikhon said: "Obviously, the deviation from the Orthodox faith is universal among the people. Who is open atheist, who is deist, who is protestant, who is indifferentist, who is schismatic. This ulcer has neither healing nor healing.

From a certain time, the retreat began very quickly, freely and openly. The consequences must be the most sorrowful. May the will of God be! May the mercy of God cover us!

Apostasy is predicted with all the clarity of Holy Scripture and serves as evidence of how true and true everything is in the Scripture.

The work of the Orthodox faith can be recognized as approaching a decisive denouement. One special grace of God can stop the moral, ever-destroying epidemic, – to stop for a while, because it is necessary to be fulfilled by the predicted Scripture.

It is obvious that Christianity – this mysterious spiritual gift of God to people – is removed in an inconspicuous way (for those who ignore their salvation) from the society of men, who neglected this gift. One must see this in order not to be deceived by the actors and the acting of piety; when you see, you have to turn your eyes away from a sad spectacle, so as not to be subjected to the vice of condemnation of your neighbors, you must turn your eyes to yourself, take care of your own salvation, since God’s mercy still gives you the opportunity to be saved who are allowed to be saved.

The Holy Fathers foreshadowed that in recent times, those who save themselves will flee from human gaze and will walk in a humble way, condemn the apostates, betraying everything to the will of God and the judgment of God, in awe of God’s permission.

Spiritual healing retreat

The Almighty Lord cares for the Church, with which He invisibly governs, letting what He pleases allow.

The position of the Church should be peaceful (that is, to be treated peacefully, calmly, without embarrassment, with reliance on the mercy of God), although we should understand it together. This is an allowance from Above. Elder Isaiah told me: "Understand the time. Do not wait for accomplishment in the general church composition, but be pleased with what is provided, in particular, for those who wish to be saved.

May the merciful Lord cover the remains of those who believe in Him! But this remains is poor; made poorer and poorer.

The retreat is allowed by God: do not attempt to stop him with your feeble hand. Get rid of yourself, protect yourself from him: and this is enough with you. Familiarize yourself with the spirit of the times, study it in order to avoid its influence if possible.

Spiritual healing retreat

At present, the main work of evil spirits is to drop all true ideas about God and about all Divine and to glorify ideas about man in his fallen nature – thus prepare the glorification of that person who is exalted more than God according to the prediction of St. Ap. Paul’s The same idea that killed people in paradise! only now it develops more extensively.

Predicted by the Word of God must be accomplished. Our sacred duty is to revere before the destinies of the incomprehensible God of God and, realizing the profound meaning of the accomplished, pay all the attention, the most intense attention to assimilating ourselves to Christ, as the Holy Fathers said: "Save, let his soul save". The Savior commanded: "go and pray, let him not fall into misfortune". Before the coming of the great sorrows, one should pray with special care and beg God for mercy.

We will rely on God, who foretold that temptations and apostasy would come. When such is God’s allowance, then we have nothing to say and it is not fitting to be embarrassed. Let everything be done as God allows everything to be done. We must fear His destinies.

Constant reverence for the fate of God is necessary for the correctness of the spiritual abode. In this reverence and submission to God, one should lead oneself by faith. Everything accomplished is accomplished either by the grace of God, or by the permission of God, that is, everything accomplished is accomplished according to the fate of God, incomprehensible to man. Three saints in the Babylonian pesto confessed God, confessed that all the civil and spiritual calamities allowed on them and on the people of Israel were allowed by the righteous judgment of God. Such a view attracts the soul into the world, does not allow itself to be carried away by the hot, directs the sight of the mind to eternity, gives patience in afflictions, which appear to be short-lived, insignificant accidents and trifles.

The Providence of almighty God vigilantly over the destinies of the world and every person – and all that is accomplished is accomplished either by the will or by the permission of God. We must turn our eyes to the mind on ourselves and implore the Lord to keep us in the faithfulness of the Orthodox Church, to reveal to us His all-holy will and the non-secret path to Himself, the source of true life and salvation".

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