Spring Break Offers 2019

Children’s productive perception of educational material is possible only when periods of mental activity alternate with rest and physical activity. For this purpose, Russian schools introduced physical education classes, breaks and, of course, holidays. Even those guys who truly love to study and go to school with pleasure always consider the days remaining until autumn, spring, winter or (most long-awaited) summer vacations.

Spring Break Offers 2019

The joy of the holidays is understandable, because today’s children are asked a huge number of various tasks, including essays and presentations. Because of this, there is almost no time left to play with friends, take a walk in the courtyard, or go through the next computer quest. Of course, not all children rest during the vacation time – high school and high school graduates use this time to intensify the preparation for the Unified State Exam or OGE.

Parents are also interested in news about vacations – moms and dads try to plan their vacations in such a way that they can go on holiday with the whole family. Understanding when one quarter or another ends is also important for monitoring the progress of a child — they begin to keep a close eye on the diary for a week or two before the holidays. To make it easier for you to plan all the activities scheduled for the 2018-2019 school year, we will tell you which periods will be allocated to Russian students as a vacation time.

Spring Break Offers 2019

Find out what numbers Russian schoolchildren can relax in 2019!

Innovation 2018-2019 academic year

For many years, educational departments have not stopped talking about whether it is worth changing the duration of school quarters and holidays. To date, Russian schools are working, adhering to the established scheme. It implies that the procedure for assigning vacation time is only a recommendation from the Ministry of Science and Education. Before the beginning of the school year, the relevant department develops standards with recommended vacation dates for autumn, winter, spring and summer.

In turn, the school management and the pedsovet decide when it is more convenient for them to schedule a vacancy time. The only immutable requirement that all schools comply with is that the first day of the holidays should fall on Monday. The total duration of rest should be from 30 to 35 days. In the summer, two months of rest should be allocated for scholars, and each quarter should be separated from the other by at least seven days of rest.

Potential reform of 2019 is to revive the practice of one-time rest of students throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. Such a proposal of officials is explained by the fact that the start of vacations at different times does not give an opportunity to competently plan the holding of scientific and creative competitions, subject Olympiads and other events. If vacations everywhere begin and end on the same days, all students will be able to take part in scientific competitions without interrupting the educational process.

In order to coordinate this issue with parents, the Moscow Educational Authority initiated a survey, offering several possible vacation options. In the survey, moms and dads could choose one of the following options:

  • the classical organization of vacation periods – the academic year consists of quarters, separated by small weekly vacations in the fall, spring and winter, as well as a long rest during the summer;
  • the trimester structure of the year, which is also practiced in some schools – the school year is divided into three parts, and the holidays between trimesters are longer;
  • semester structure – it reminds the organization of the educational process in universities,

In each of the options, it is provided to maintain the norms of academic load – during the 2018-2019 school year, Russian students will still receive holidays for a total duration of 34 to 35 days (excluding long summer vacations). However, each of these options was criticized in its own way, so the questionnaire did not define an unambiguous favorite.

So far, it is assumed that the holidays in 2018-2019 will, as before, be determined by the school management. However, there is still enough time for the officials to have time to submit regular proposals or revise the approach to the organization of the school year. We will give a rough plan for organizing vacations with quarter and modular systems, which are now the most common in Russian schools.

Vacation when working in quarters

If we take into account the practice of past years, we can already make a forecast for the 2018-2019 school year. It will look like this:

  • First quarter: The beginning of the year will be September 3, since the first day of autumn falls on Saturday. However, on September 1, they can appoint a solemn ruler;
  • Autumn vacation: will begin

Recall that the first-graders put additional winter vacations. They can be expected in the period from

Holidays with modular training

Russian schoolchildren who are trained in the principles of the modular system (5-6 weeks of study and 1 week for rest) are likely to study and rest according to the following schedule:

  • First module: the beginning of the year will be the first Monday of autumn –

Such a fractional study schedule does not imply an additional vacation for first graders. However, in the case of frosts or quarantines for babies, another rest period can be introduced. We also remind you that this schedule has been drawn up for schools that study on a five-day week — there are a majority of them in Russia. If your child is engaged on Saturdays, you just need to adjust the forecast for one day.

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