Suits bag covers

The specialization of the production company “Arion” – it is custom tailored with prints and customer logos, providing the advertising market with products intended for promotions, corporate events, as well as for retail and wholesale sales, personal and thematic gifts. In our factory, we also sew promotions to order and things that you can see in stores.

Suits bag covers

The company’s products are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers regarding the quality of products and the timing of orders. As part of the factory “Arion” around the clock sewing workshop and production. Our specialists will gladly accept your order and answer all your questions. The company’s own clothing factory carries out tailoring with the symbol of the customer, which can be carried out in any color, plus individual selection of materials.

Our experts will help develop a corporate style, create special clothes for the exhibition, briefing, promotion. The design of the promotional form is developed taking into account all the wishes of the customer, given the scope of its activities. Tailoring of atypical products and soft toys is also possible. Tailoring wholesale clothing offers for regular customers. When sewing in bulk, there is also a flexible discount system.

Large and medium-sized enterprises, of course, will be interested in tailoring corporate clothing, which fully reflects the seriousness of the organization. Favorable offer will be tailoring of corporate clothes, as it is much cheaper with us due to cost optimization. Products emphasize the solidity of the company, give a presentable appearance to its employees.

But this is still far from all the possibilities of the Arion clothing and printing factory. The creation and printing of the logo is in constant demand. Drawing can be made on all types of tailoring of corporate clothes, including on the t-shirts and baseball caps which are always available in a warehouse. Put a logo on a T-shirt, and then present it as a souvenir – a great solution for those who face the question of choosing a gift.

The production uses the most modern technologies of sewing and applying the image. The logo is printed by silk-screen printing, sublimation, thermal transfer and thermal transfer. Our designer will develop a logo in accordance with all your wishes, and the manager will help to deal with the specifics of printing exactly your product. “Arion” is one of the best garment factories in Moscow, which can offer everything for the development and implementation of the corporate identity of your company.

The key areas of the factory are:

Suits bag covers

  • Production and tailoring of t-shirts
  • Drawing an image on a T-shirt
  • Sewing shirts
  • Sewing corporate clothes
  • Making a form for promotions – promo t-shirts, promotional bags, etc.
  • Sewing shirts
  • Tailoring sweatshirts
  • Sewing bags to order

Arion print factory works around the clock. That is why we are ready to fulfill orders of large volume in the shortest possible time. Our sewing and production shops are equipped with the most modern equipment that allows you to maintain high quality products.

Products made in the factory for sewing and printing “Arion”, refute the opinion that sewing is expensive and time consuming. The customers are offered the best sewing shops, qualified designers, managers and workers.

It is very easy to order products at the Arion factory – you need to call the manager, discuss the details, agree on payment, sign the contract and

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