Tanzania Safari Tour

Safari in Tanzania: Tour Dick Dick

Safari in Tanzania: Tour Dick Dick

Unlike the others, this program includes a walking safari in Arusha National Park. You will pass through the rainforest to the crater of the Meru volcano, bypassing wild animals grazing 50 meters away from you, and then visit the Tula waterfall, where you can refresh yourself after a walk. The next day, a safari awaits you in the Ngorongoro crater, the richest in wild animals per square kilometer national park. Plus, there is a chance to see the nesting of pink flamingos that flock there at certain periods. True, without binoculars is not enough – the birds prefer to stay away from the coast.

Duration: 4 days / 3 nights


FROM $ 699 per person

Detailed tour program

Group arrival at the airport Kilimanjaro (JRO). Meeting participants of the tour with a company representative and transfer to the hotel in Arusha. Upon arrival at the airport, our employee will provide a printed version of the contract (stamped, signed).

Note: The hotel price includes breakfast only. Check-in at the hotel starts at 14:00.


Today we have to start an amazing safari trip with trekking through Arusha National Park. Throughout the route, you will be accompanied by a Ranger, so absolutely do not worry about safety. The car will climb the mountain, and drive under the roots of an ancient tree and stop on a hill, then only on foot. We take with us the necessary things and begin the ascent to the crater of the volcano Meru. Try to make as little noise as possible, the fewer the conversations, the greater the chance that you will be able to see animals as closely as possible, ranging from dwarf antelopes and servals to buffaloes. As you climb, the forest will begin to thin out and you will see an unparalleled view of the inner crater of the volcano. Believe me, this is an incredibly beautiful place, you will not want to leave this place, so we will not upset you and will stay here longer to have a snack and enjoy the scenery!

Having received a lot of impressions, we descend back at an easy pace and go on a walking tour to the Tulyulyus Falls. It is quite popular, so animals have become accustomed to human company and have become less fearful. In just 30 minutes of easy walking through the valley, you will reach your intended goal and feel fresh. For many years the waterfall cut through the rocks and now they hang over it, forming stone arches. In conclusion, you can swim, then you go to the lodge, located on the edge of the crater Ngorongoro, where you can take a hot shower and have a tasty dinner.

Addition: this is your first day of safari, so we ask you to pay special attention to the rules of visiting national parks, as well as recommendations from our company:

During the safari it is strictly forbidden to leave the car, except for specially equipped places. Such a violation entails heavy fines for the company, including revocation of the license.

On the territory of the national parks of Tanzania, off-road movements are prohibited, as this causes irreparable damage to the fragile balance of the park’s ecosystem.

It is allowed to smoke on safari, but be extremely careful with not extinguished cigarette butts, they are a regular source of fires in the savannah.

Tanzania Safari Tour

Also a big request not to stand up on the seat of the safari machine and not to sit on the backs of the seats, this quickly leads the machine to an unsuitable state. Thanks in advance for your understanding.


On this day, it is best to leave the hotel as soon as possible to see more animals that are active only in the morning hours, so breakfast will be packed in lunch boxes. At 6:30 you will head out to Ngorongoro National Park and, approximately an hour later, you will be inside the crater.

Ngorongoro is considered one of the most famous and interesting parks in Tanzania, since it is here that the largest number of different animal species per square kilometer lives. You can see buffalo, elephants, lions, wildebeest, zebras, hippos and such representatives of the cat family as caracal and serval. Particularly successful travelers manage to meet even a rhino, whose population is very rapidly declining.

Closer to dinner you will find yourself on the coast of the lake, where you will be offered lunch boxes, after which you continue the safari and after a few hours you will complete the safari by moving to the hotel in Arusha.

Along the way, you will also visit the memorial dedicated to two West German explorers, Benhard and Michael Grzimek. It is thanks to them that the national parks of Northern Tanzania have survived to our days in their original state.

Note: On the way to the hotel, you will be able to drive into a souvenir shop or a jewelry store (to purchase tanzanites), having warned the manager or driver in advance.


Relax in the hotel, breakfast and transfer to the airport.

Note: On this day, check-out at the hotel is at 11:00. If you need a late check-out in the event of an evening flight, there is the possibility of extending your stay until 18:00 for an additional fee.

Tanzania Safari Tour

Price from USD 699

Price per person based on double occupancy, minimum 2 pax

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