The best bungalows above the water

Explore the corner of the Kuban, “stuck” between Abkhazia, Adygea and KCR! Recreation facilities in Mostovskoy district with hot springs – an excellent chance to combine recreational rest in the foothills, prevention of certain diseases and their treatment. The outlets of thermal waters in the zone of subalpine meadows saturate our skin and respiratory organs with substances that promote healing. In addition, it is also relax! So, we present to your attention the 5 best camp sites around the village, where prices in 2019 will not be very high.

Recreation center “Khutorok”

  • Address: Shevchenko, 118, pos. Mostovskoy.
  • Phone: + 7-918-692-27-28.
  • Website: http: //

    Like most of these complexes, it lies near the Hodz River (the western outskirts of the agglomeration of the Mostovsky district). It’s about the road connecting with the “Farm” “Aqua-Vita”, “Anastasia” and “The Old Mill”. This narrow street is called ul. Resort. In the extreme south, the highway borders a large artificial reservoir for irrigation.

    Your attention is offered 2-bed cabins superior. The interior here is “Finnish.” There are not only bedside tables, a TV, a split system, a veranda and a bathroom, but also a wardrobe, a refrigerator, armchairs, a safe and even a classy dining area (table, dishes, electric kettle, couch, sink). Therefore, the issue of nutrition has been resolved at the time of introduction. But there is also a paid “Tavern” – you can choose from individual orders or set dishes (cheaper).

    Think that’s all? No matter how wrong! Here you will find table tennis, children’s jokes (a game room and a street town), a steam room, a juice bar and a place for an “iron horse”. The bath with thermal springs is spacious, with a platform along the contour where there are sun loungers. All in the yard. Rest in Mostovskoy to the fullest!

    Chalet “Aqua-Vita”

The best bungalows above the water

  • Address: Resort, 1.
  • Phone: + 7-918-980-00-80.
  • Website: https: //

    It lies to the north of the “Old Mill” at Kurortnaya, that is, one kilometer from the “Khutor”. The buildings are modern bungalows with luxury rooms, designed in the “business class” style. In each you will find access to a shed, bathroom amenities, beds, lamps above them, a TV, air conditioning, a coffee table and a modern dressing table.

    Some apartments have two rooms and a corridor. Furniture in them, of course, more. All shades are soft brown and cream. It is worth mentioning a few “Economists”, almost not falling out of the general subjects. And the difference is that they have a common toilet. So impressed by the design, that from an excess of emotions wanted to eat? Welcome to the dining room, where you can order everything your heart desires. It also has a street part of the interior – beautiful arbors. It is important that the prices here in 2019, as before, are relatively low.

    Around the pool, filled with thermal springs, you will find another 5 baths (with heated water coming from the well, you can relax even in winter). You will also find two fishing ponds, a sports ground, a landscape park, bicycle and bicycle rental. There is secure parking, and Wi-Fi is caught.

    Recreation center “Ginseng”

  • Address: Cooperative, 2a.
  • Phone: + 7918-655-78-23.
  • Website: http: //

    The village of the same name is located in the extreme east of the administrative entity called Mostovskoy district. Recreation with thermal springs – its main brand. One of those “pearls” is a guest building across the street from the Triumph Arena stadium (the eastern outskirts of the village, directly bordering the quarters of the settlement itself, and also the Laba river). Another landmark is Kooperativnaya Street, with its exits to the small but rapid influx of Laba (on the one hand) and a bunch of supermarkets (on the other). Buildings are surrounded by infrastructure.

    As for the number of rooms, then you are located in the huts of various types. They are waited by unremarkable “Economy” and “Standards” in the “Finnish” genre. The “highlight” of the design concept is carved lacquered wood furniture. It smells! A set of amenities “on duty”, but as a bonus, you will be provided … reindeer horns on the wall.

    There are wooden gazebos, billiards, ATV rental, free parking and a doctor who will explain to you which local water treats sores and how you can use it. And the tank itself is elongated. He has a tortuous appearance – decorated in the form of a river. There are handrails – all for the comfortable leisure of tourists and travelers in 2019.

    Guest House “Anastasia”

The best bungalows above the water

  • Address: Resort, 2.
  • Phone: + 7-918-228-22-82.
  • Website: http: //

    This hotel and recreation facility is located one and a half kilometers north of Aqua-Vita (go all the same way: on the left is a mountain forest, on the right is a field). In contrast to the listed institutions, here you are not waiting for “huts”, but yellow 1-level townhouses, which contain several rooms at once. They all stand along the pool. At the same time, there are also wooden log cabins – “Comforts” (they differ from the main stock only by having a slightly larger area and a veranda equipped for a summer kitchen).

    Basically, you appreciate the luxury of “Standards” of different capacities, where you will meet:

  • beds near the “Finnish” walls;
  • thumbs;
  • split system;
  • separate bathroom;
  • paintings;
  • table with tablecloths;
  • chairs;
  • chest of drawers;
  • electric kettle;
  • set of dishes;
  • here and there (optional) sofas.

The best bungalows above the water

Dine in the common dining room, which resembles the decor of a good cafe. You can order meals separately, or you can immediately pay for a tasty complex meal.

Hot springs fill the outdoor and several indoor pools. Around each lounge chairs and approaches to the premises for a shower. And even one reservoir for children. By the way, oh baby. For her provided a playground with all sorts of interesting. Among the rest of the service – parking, provision of wireless Internet, laundress.

Chalet “Old Mill”

  • Address: Resort, 1.
  • Phone: + 7-918-967-02-04.
  • Website: http: //

    As you already understood, this recreation center of the Mostovsky district is the closest neighbor of the Khutor. They are separated by two “arykas”, the road leading to the cottage settlement Severny and the “possessions” of a single motel.

    A modest but popular tourist health resort offers a spa for guests, a room – Standards, expensive chalets, a campsite and a cafe in the mill! Here is a very funny and original solution, while inexpensive!

    These are the recreational pearls of Krasnodar Region, namely the most picturesque part of the Laba River. Photos of amenities and attractions of the guest areas, as well as prices in 2019 for daily living in them you can find right on this page of the portal. The clients of the bases leave wonderful comments after the holidays, which are connected with their pleasant memories. Mostovskoy district, recreation centers with thermal springs, we recommend to people suffering from arthritis and skin problems.

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