The best manatee round crystal river

Amazing azure beaches, soaring rocks, colonies of pink flamingos, larimar just under your feet … Turquoise-colored cenotes and waterfalls – all this is Barahona and the Eagles Bay!

Amazingly beautiful azure beaches, floating rocks, breathtaking underwater world … The only place in the Dominican Republic where wild flamingos live … Agile iguanas waiting for fruit delicacies …

The caves, where even today mysterious rituals are held … Impassable jungle and savanna … Delicious seafood and exotic plants …

Karst cenotes, cascades of waterfalls, a unique Larimar stone right under your feet … – all this is an excursion to the Eagles Bay or Bahia de Las Aguilas from

Bay of Eagles tour for 2 days

The excursion program to the Eagles Bay:

Day 1
  • early departure, but travel time to the first stop will pass for you unnoticed. An experienced Russian guide will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a tropical paradise. And feel life in the style of “tranquila”
  • You will see the Dominican capital, sand canyons, sugarcane plantations, fruit ranches
  • Our first stop is in the protected area of ​​Barahona on a viewing platform with a panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea. She will be the beginning of our acquaintance with the National Park of Haragua. And the most beautiful and wild resort area of ​​the Dominican Republic
  • for lunch we will stop in a picturesque place where the world’s smallest mountain river (only 61 m) meets the Caribbean Sea. And forms a crystal cenote
  • at the same time you will have free time in this extraordinarily beautiful place to relax and take a photo. Further we will visit the cave at will. Where are mysterious rituals performed today, including voodoo
  • Further our path lies through the picturesque serpentines, ravines and bridges. We guarantee – you are waiting for the most beautiful landscapes that you have ever seen in your life. And in order to add some raisins to our road – we will be tasting exotic fruits.
  • the next stop is a special place. Only here the unique semiprecious stone Larimar comes to the surface. And it can be collected just under your feet! We will teach you how to distinguish the most valuable stones and collect the mineral together. Just imagine, you will take home a stone that you have extracted yourself!
  • you will also see the largest wind farm in the Caribbean and Central America
  • and then you will meet with the largest colony of wild pink flamingos on the island. These majestic birds inhabit the nature reserve. About 130 species of birds also nest here, 10 of which are endemic. They are not found anywhere else in the world!
  • our journey continues by boat along the lagoon, where we will be watching birds. Believe me – Caribbean flamingos flying from place to place … a pink cloud of feathers rising upward is an unusual and definitely unforgettable sight!
  • and, of course, we will not miss the opportunity to rejoice at a meeting with one more inhabitants of the lagoon – iguanas. And be sure to give them a fruit treat
  • but that’s not all! Our adventure day continues with a tour of the Red Lands – Cabo Rojo. Here the impassable jungles of the Dominican Republic will be replaced by savanna. And the land around will actually be painted in a natural red color. So that you can take a photo in the Martian style, as well as see giant cacti
  • the sunset of our busy day we will meet in the Eagles Bay. After all, it is here that the solar ball “falls” directly into the water.
  • Overnight is discussed with each guest individually and can be held in the Eagles Bay in an eco-hotel. On the shores of the Caribbean (tent camp with an improved type of accommodation) or in a hotel in a nearby town.

The best manatee round crystal river

Day 2:
  • Please note, our route is built as follows, so you can meet the sunset and sunrise in the Bay of Eagles. Therefore, with the first rays of the sun, we again find ourselves on one of the most beautiful beaches of the world.
  • here we are waiting for a boat that takes us to the very heart of Haragua Park, where the most reserved part of the Eagles Bay is located
  • Free time can be devoted to swimming, snorkeling with giant starfish, photographing and simply contemplating the indescribable beauty of the Dominican Republic.
  • on return, a traditional Dominican lunch or seafood dishes can be prepared for you at a cafe on the beach from the freshest catch of fishermen
  • Reverse to the hotel will also be held in beautiful places. And we promise – you have never seen such a beautiful starry sky before.

Our advantages:

  1. comfortable transfer, the best Russian guide, specializing in individual tours and exotic places
  2. author’s program with stops in special places that mass tourists, guides and companies do not know about
  3. original route that you can adjust along the way. For example, if you liked a particular location, we can linger. To enjoy its beauty
  4. we reserve the choice about the type of accommodation for the night – the options are discussed individually and

The best manatee round crystal river

And the most important thing is that with such an uneasy and intense route it is necessary to correctly calculate your strength. Know the shortest ways to reach, observe the timing. And in the wild sections of the road, where the Internet and mobile communications do not catch, you need to know exactly the way.

So relax with pleasure and trust your vacation to the right team. &# 128521;

Excursion cost:

2 people – $ 970 for two (for $ 485 per person)

4 people – $ 1340 for 4 people ($ 335 per person)

The best manatee round crystal river

6 people – $ 1500 for 6 people ($ 250 per person).

/ Please note, meals are not included in the cost of the tour.

The price of the route can be reduced, subject to the refusal of some additional services.

At the request of the guests can be added to the anomalous zone of the Polo Magnetico. Where objects behave contrary to the laws of physics. As well as a visit to Lake Enriquillo, which is inhabited by crocodiles (with a visit to the island of crocodiles).


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Bay of Eagles. Happiness lives here!

Such a landscape opens in the region of Barahona. The water here is of such incredible color that it is hard to believe that these are the true colors of nature! Locals are used to watching sunsets and sunrises, not TV &# 128578; Azure beaches of Barahona, there are practically no tourists here and you can enjoy a secluded vacation. The Caribbean Sea plays special colors in these places. The mountain river flows into the Caribbean Sea. The crystal water on Barahona. One of the smallest rivers in the world – only 61 m. Red Cabo Rojo land in certain areas paths the land here becomes scarlet The most beautiful view is the Caribbean flamingo. Bay of Eagles Bahia de Las Aguilas – one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Here the water shimmers with all shades of azure. Green tunnels The color of local life far from the noisy resorts. Exotic fruits, exotic ones. Do not forget to grab the delicious fruit for them. Salt Lake Enriquillo, the only place in the Dominican Republic, inhabited by crocodiles. And again incredible beaches! And the most beautiful sunsets that you can imagine!

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