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As our whole team overeat in Georgia for 1500 rubles. ) How to come to Georgia without money, you can live idly after meeting with local residents? How to competently build routes, where to live, that there are many other subtleties when traveling in the most hospitable country!

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BEST TIME FOR VISITING AND TRAINING PREPARATION What time of year is best to visit Tbilisi?

Tbilisi can be compared to a middle-aged lady who looks elegant and blooming in any weather. The city is perfectly magnificently revealed to the tourist in any season. For example, autumn is the period of the “Renaissance”, when the capital celebrates the onset of the winemaking season. Everywhere reigns the atmosphere of joy, delicious aromas, flowing river of fresh-pressed wine. In winter, fabulous snow falls on the roofs of houses on the hill, traditional hostesses prepare Churchkhela, Kozinaki, Satsivi and lay three-story tables for the New Year. In spring, Tbilisi is simply blooming. In May, for example, there is a very comfortable temperature under 20-22C for hiking and climbing the city up and down. Conclusion: in my humble opinion, it is possible and necessary to go to this “holiday city” at any time of the year. And not just to appreciate the churches, temples and wonders of architecture. In Tbilisi, you need to come to eat a lot, drink wine and meet people!

What you need to take with you, going to Tbilisi?

Good mood and openness. This is enough to be on the same wavelength with the city. In general, it all depends on the season and the purpose of the trip. Since there are so many churches and temples in Tbilisi that you might want to visit, we always recommend our tourists to take closed clothes with them. Get ready for the fact that you will walk a lot, very much. And in the hilly areas, narrow streets, botanical gardens and other nature reserves, therefore, without a comfortable shoe you just can not do. Since childhood, I consider Tbilisi a city of fashionistas and fashionistas. Just because the taste of the townspeople is subtle and extraordinary, in a word, simply excellent. So that a couple of stylish little things from your wardrobe will not be superfluous.


How would you describe Tbilisi to someone who has never been to it?

Tbilisi is a city with red freckles. The city is a holiday and a place where you will never feel lonely.

What do you like life in Tbilisi?

I have not lived in Tbilisi since 1994. But childhood memories again and again bring me back to a large, cozy courtyard with a huge number of neighbors. They still never lock the doors, the house is open for guests around the clock.

Each city has its own philosophy. What, in your opinion, is the philosophy of Tbilisi?

In this city there is no “their” and “alien”. He takes each and already from the ramp becomes native for tourists. Not for nothing at the airport, on the passport control, visitors give out a bottle of wine (remember, in what country did you get to be met like that?)

– It is a symbol of philosophy of cordiality, generosity and hospitality of Georgia in unlimited quantities.


Describe your perfect day in Tbilisi …

Morning in a hotel located in the center of the Old City: I open the rustling curtains, the sun shoots me with rays, I squint my eyes and smile. Opening my eyes – I see the stunning beauty of a hilly city with carved verandas of different colors. The soul is filled with warmth and a feeling of lightness. Slowly I have breakfast in the place of the kafushka and then move forward to Mtatsminda, from where I will start the cave walk around Tbilisi, a day long.


In which hotel / hostel / hotel would you recommend to stay with your friends from another city?

For our clients, for example, we carefully select hotels depending on the budget. In Tbilisi, and in Georgia as a whole, the concept of “star” is very vague. That is, a hotel with three stars at times, it may be better than with four. The same applies to the fives. It is important to know the Mets and choose them by location. From decent hotels with a good value for money I can highlight: Tiflis Palace, Mercure Tbilisi Old Town – located in the heart of the Old Town, Courtyard by Marriott Tbilisi. From a decent economy class I can distinguish the KMM hotel.


What is the best way to move around the city? Bike, bus, car, something else.

The city has a well-developed transport infrastructure, everything is very easy and accessible to any traveler. You can travel around Tbilisi in several ways: by bus, by subway, by private or route taxi, by rented car. I recommend cycling or walking on the Old Center. For the guests of the Georgian capital, a convenient site of the Tbilisi transport company was created –


What are your favorite restaurants / cafes?

Go in, have a glass of wine and watch the Georgian “creative class” – definitely the “Pur Pur” cafe is a French vintage with Georgian flavor!

For a delicious ice cream – in “Luca Polare” or take a look at Abo Tbilely street, 1. Have a snack at the restaurant “Machakhela” on the Maidan, where the best Ajarian khachapuri is cooked.

And what would you recommend to order?

The most delicious Georgian dishes at home! Order Mchadi, Suluguni, Satsivi, Khinkali, a jug of white homemade wine – and you will have gastronomic ecstasy!

Best place for a cup of coffee?

Coffee house opposite the bookstore Prospero`s Books on Rustaveli Avenue. Here they make excellent cappuccino and caramel latte.

For a late breakfast?

Definitely Strada and Safe Gabriadze.

Traditional Georgian dinner …

Restaurants: Puris Sahli, Bread House on Gorgasali, 7

Nightlife in Tbilisi is beautiful: boldly change bars and restaurants and remember: the good ones are those to which the queues are lined up. Here are some of them: “Bassoon”, “Marrakesh”, “La Express” and “Maspindzelo”.

Three things we need to know about Georgian food:

  1. Khinkali correctly eat only with their hands. “Ears” for which Khinkali are grabbed are not eaten.
  2. Khachapuri in translation means “bread and cheese”. There are many types: Adjara – “boats” with an egg in the middle, Imeritinsky – round cakes with cheese filling, Penovani – from puff pastry, Achma – local, national “Lasagna” also made from dough and cheese.
  3. Satsivi and Bazhe – different dishes with similar taste. The second is lighter and less caloric, because it is cooked on water, and not on chicken broth.


What should definitely visit in Tbilisi?

Sulfur baths. Absolutely magical place, which, I believe, every self-respecting traveler must visit. Their appearance has not changed since the time of Pushkin, and he was the most avid haunter of famous baths. Order a separate room with a pool and foam massage – you will feel how every cell of your body relaxes. And it is better to take a steam bath there on the second day, because after a powerful spa relaxation you will have no time for informative walks.

The most non-touristic place that you personally like?

Definitely – the deserter’s grocery market is the place where the incredible energy and the concentration of gastronomic smells are concentrated.

One of my favorite childhood places is Dry Bridge. This is such a flea market, a flea market, where for real pennies you can buy stunning paintings, souvenirs and handmade silverware, glass, etc.

The most tourist place is …, but you should definitely visit it, because …

In Tbilisi, there are no places that are not necessarily to visit. Each place is unique and imbued with the spirit of the richest Georgian culture.

What is your favorite museum / gallery in Tbilisi?

The Tbilisi Ethnographic Museum is located right under the open sky on the slope of Turtle Lake. Practically the whole country is reproduced on a small plot of land in miniature: here are presented traditional houses and outbuildings, interior items and tools collected from all regions of Georgia.

Which city cathedral is worth a visit?


Best place for a romantic evening?

Restaurant Kopala – a stunning view of Old Tbilisi from the open terrace of the restaurant. Fabulous panorama with a glass of Saperavi wine – what could be more romantic?

The most atmospheric place in the city …

If you want to reveal the soul of Tbilisi, go for a walk through the Old Town. Stroll through the Narikala Fortress. Any street here is an ancient temple, a mosque or a synagogue. Take a stroll along Leselidze Street (this is Tbilisi’s Arbat, my grandmother lived, by the way), and you will see all the flavor in the style of Ioseliani’s pictures: old houses and lovely, oblong balconies, linen that dries on balustrades, respectable grandmothers old-timers looking at passersby from the windows, antique galleries of Caucasian carpets.


Tell us about your favorite stores … Where do you prefer to shop?

I like the clothes of Georgian designers, for example, Atelier 10A shop. There is something to buy: soft fabrics, slender silhouettes, an eye on the tradition of the national costume, and all this is terribly flattering the figure.

There are very interesting shops and a hotel where they sew clothes to order, for example, Samoseli Pirveli. Basically, Georgian national costumes are altered here. All this looks really fascinating. They say that Sharon Stone after a visit to Georgia took away a whole heap from here.

What is your favorite shop?

Wine collection on Leselidze, 33

Where can I buy antiques / vintage?

On the “Dry Bridge”, Rustaveli Avenue and st. Chardin.

What kind of souvenir would you certainly bring from Tbilisi / Georgia?

Wine, cheese, churchkhela, pottery, paintings, jewelery and artworks, dagger handmade. By the way, a pretty good souvenir shop is located in the underpass near the Opera and Ballet Theater. Here prices and quality are higher than in the markets, but there is a large selection of very original souvenirs, silver jewelery and cloisonne enamel.


The best park in which to spend the evening?

Amusement park on Mtatsminda.

Where can I see the city in the most beautiful light?

I definitely recommend one of the best panoramic places – Mtatsminda, where you can climb the funicular. There is a 210-meter TV tower, and around – a fantastic amusement park. Nothing is more emotional than the views of the night city from the peak of the hill. You will be amazed by the beauty of the rocky peaks above the River Kura, which divides the Old Town in two. There is also a second place from which you can observe simply surreal views of Tbilisi – this is the hill of Saint Ilya, where the main cathedral of the Georgian church Tsmind Sameb was built, it seems to float in the clouds.


What is your favorite district in the city and why?

Streets Sololaki and Leselidze. All the best childhood memories are associated with these curves, narrow streets and ancient courtyards.

The most inspiring place in Tbilisi?

At the top of Sololaki hill there is the largest monument to Queen Tamara – Kartlis grandfather (mother of Kartli). The statue is visible from almost any corner of the city. I often remember how my friends and I went there climbing bicycles. And now there you can climb the cable car and climb the walls of the Narikala fortress in one. It is definitely worth it.


Where can you go from Tbilisi to finally feel the spirit of Georgia?

In Mtskheta (only 40 min. Drive), where the Provolavia of Georgia originated and Signaky (1 h 30 min) is the heart of winemaking. These cities are located near Tbilisi and perfectly reveal the spirit and culture of the country.

Symbol Georgia?

Many, to single out one thing is extremely difficult.

You have not been to Tbilisi / Georgia if you didn’t / didn’t try it ………. ?

  1. If not climbed on the cable car to Mtatsminda.
  2. If he didn’t climb the gateways of the Old City Center, he didn’t see traditional houses and lovely, oblong balconies, linen that dries on the balustrades, respectable grandmothers old-timers, looking at passersby from the windows.
  3. If not dined from the terrace of the restaurant overlooking the city over a glass of red wine.
  4. If you did not start dancing after the Khinkali eaten together with the locals in some national restaurant.
  5. If you have not visited markets, wine shops, antique and vintage shops, galleries of Caucasian carpets.
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