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The best browsers, which browsers are the most popular, and why it has become such.

Browser List

Today, many computer users cannot even imagine their lives without such a “good of civilization” as the Internet. Now you can find and download everything online – your favorite books, music, movies or pictures. And in order to maximally simplify the user access to Internet pages, special applications were developed – browsers.

Once they were very simple, but with the development and spread of the Internet they became more complex and took on more and more functions. Today, all over the world, PC owners use dozens of the best browsers that have the same goal, but differ in functions and interface.

Opera – fast and easy, like all brilliant.

The free Opera browser today occupies a leading position in the ratings of software for the Internet. It is characterized by high functionality, speed and intuitive interface. With the latest versions of Opera, users can:

  • receive and send emails.
  • get access to ftp-servers.
  • Download and save files and individual pages on your computer.

Opera’s very useful features, which are not without reason considered to be one of the most famous browsers, include the ability to filter the content of web pages. You can make a number of simple settings, and pop-ups and other ads will no longer bother you. Considering that the Internet is now dominated by advertising – ad blocking is a very valuable feature of browsers.

Opera proposes to use widgets for its fans – these are special plug-ins that maximize the functionality of the browser.

You can configure saving sessions, and after closing and then re-opening the program, all your active tabs will remain in place.

Many users in Opera like the presence of a sidebar with bookmarks, where you can save the most visited addresses of Internet sites. Do not forget about the high level of information protection – Opera supports 256-bit encryption, and all personal user data can be promptly deleted at any time.

Mozilla Firefox is the best of the best.

Many users of the World Wide Web the best browser is called Mozilla Firefox. He earned recognition and popularity due to speed and ease of management – an accessible interface can be mastered in just a few minutes. Many people point out the similarity of Mozilla Firefox with classic Internet Explorer, so those who have been using IE for a long time are recommended to expand their horizons with Firefox.

The main advantages of the program:

  • full compatibility with Flash-animation players (which allows you to view videos directly in the browser).
  • A large number of functional plugins.
  • regular program updates. After each new update, the browser starts faster than the previous version.

Like Opera, Firefox offers to use the bookmarks panel where the most visited resources will be stored. All browser updates are installed automatically and do not distract the owner of Firefox from Internet surfing.

Thanks to a large number of plug-ins written under Firefox, any user can turn it from a simple browser into a powerful tool for a comfortable journey across the World Wide Web.

Mozilla Firefix settings. According to the author of this article, one of the best browsers is Mozilla Firefox. I propose to view the video and get acquainted with the basic settings of this popular browser. Firefox has as many settings as you can easily customize it.

Google Chrome is a newcomer who breathes in the back of the leaders.

Internet browser Google Chrome appeared in the field of view of users recently, but has already managed to win the deserved recognition of millions. Google Chrome was developed by one of the most popular Google search engines, and in its work uses components of other open source software.

The best places to live

If the user does not have time to deal with different widgets and plugins, Google Chrome will become a lifesaver for him. This is the best browser for its functionality and ease of management, and as for launching speed, here Google Chrome really has no equal.

A distinctive feature of the browser is one line and to generate a search query, and to go to the entered address.

With Google Chrome, you can create shortcuts for network applications that will then be available without launching the browser itself. Many users are pleased with the high dynamism of the tabs – you can drag them out of the browser, create new windows and

If you think the best browser is the most simple browser, then for you, the best browser is Google Chrome.

The best places to live

Internet Explorer is classic, does not mean bad.

Internet Explorer is a standard browser embedded in all versions of the Windows operating system. Its great popularity is partly due to such a good “neighborhood”, however, Internet Explorer today can hardly be called the best browser.

Despite the fact that the application has a simple interface with a minimum of additional functions, many users have noted the poor quality of displaying web pages and the low level of security. However, the developers of the program periodically release new versions and promise to fix all inconsistencies in the latest release.

Safari – beautiful and high quality.

As for the Internet browser Safari, this free application was originally developed for the Mac operating system from Apple. The version compatible with Windows appeared only in 2007, however, in a very short period of time Safari managed to gain popularity and enter the list of the best browsers. Of the undeniable merits of Safari, many users have noted its excellent speed, which few programs for Internet surfing can compete with today. Among the useful features of the browser include:

  • block pop-ups.
  • ease of managing tabs.
  • built-in password manager.
  • special text smoothing system.

Using the resize text field option, users can comfortably enter larger text sizes. In addition, search for information on bookmarks and saved navigation history is available.

I do not want to rush loud phrases, but Yandex Browser is a breakthrough in the domestic IT industry. There are very few browsers in the world that can compete in popularity with Google Chrome. AND

Of course, our browser can run with chrome only on the Internet, but given the power of Google’s marketing channels, this is already a great achievement. Do not forget that chrome is preinstalled in all mobile devices (of which there are now a great many) running the Android operating system.

The best places to live

So, what is this browser and what it is remarkable.

In short, this is a fast minimalist browser. Since it is made on the chrome engine, it is very similar to Google Chrome, it is only even simpler and more convenient.


Clear visual bookmarks + good preset bookmarks.

And he is his own. It is not known where the other browsers merge statistics and user information. Given that the functionality

Although he is young, but thanks to the good performance is becoming increasingly popular.


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