The cleanest beaches in the world

The beaches of Seychelles are elegant, they occupy the first position among the best beaches in the world. One problem – a very large number of beaches on the islands, which can lead to confusion of tourists. Clear azure sea, coral and granite islands form beaches with unusually clean, fluffy sand, coral origin in the form of small coves. So Seychelles is the perfect holiday destination, which has incredible landscapes of unspoiled nature. They say that such an underwater world and beaches like the Seychelles, there is nowhere in the world.

Beaches in the Maldives are recognized as the most beautiful in the world. Represent the coast of the islands with white coral sand, clear water, pretty bays. Wide clean beaches combined with shady forests and bright colors. These beaches are full of romance, tranquility and a sense of real paradise. The underwater world is rich and gorgeous. Various sea sports are available.

Bora Bora is an atoll surrounded by coral reefs and smaller islands. The beaches of the island form a mother-of-pearl lagoon, with unusually clear water. White sand, a large number of hotels on the water make an unforgettable impression at sunset and dawn. The whole island is one big beach and you can go into the water from almost any of its places.

The cleanest beaches in the world

The endless sandy beaches of the Hamptons are spread out along the Atlantic coast. They are deserted and crowded, with large waves and without them, but most importantly, without any signs of civilization. They rest here in the old-fashioned way: with colored umbrellas, chairs, a picnic and primitive views of both land and water sports. A place of rest for very rich people.

A magical place in Hawaii for those who want to combine a beach holiday and nightlife. It is an ideal place for scuba diving because of the purest water. Here you can even follow the movement of turtles. The beach is filled with pure white sand and luxurious coconut palms. It offers tourists a huge selection of water activities (surfing, windsurfing and kayaking). Ay, Hawaii.

The cleanest beaches in the world

An island located in the Atlantic Ocean. Despite its small size has a large number of beautiful beaches. Always warm water, small waves allow you to enjoy water treatments at any time of the year. Well-developed infrastructure allows tourists to engage in all kinds of water sports, especially scuba diving and shark feeding.

The entire east coast of this largest sandy island is covered with white sand beaches. Ocean waves are washed by huge dunes and sandy lakes that adorn the already gorgeous beaches. Constant wind and huge waves attract a large flow of tourists and windsurfing professionals. Places truly wild and untouched by civilization.

The entire coast of the island is a series of small bays, one better than the other. Coconut palms along the white sandy beaches, the ocean in all its magnificence: now stormy, now calm, beautiful underwater world with many corals and underwater inhabitants. Favorite views of all photographers around the world: crystal clear water and white sand.

The island is known for its beaches with fluffy white sand and clear azure water. Developed nightlife, a huge line of beaches attracts mostly active tourists. Lovers of seclusion will also find a cozy cove for a relaxing holiday. There are many beaches, the beauty is all at a high level. Everywhere perfectly developed service. The beaches offer fantastic views of smaller uninhabited islands.

Closes the list of the best beaches in the world of Kauai. The beaches are the main and only attraction of these places. Most people come here because of the purest sand and excellent service. The flora and fauna of the island is unique. Here you can easily meet the famous manta ray that attracts divers from around the world. Sunsets and sunrises are unforgettable against these places.

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