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Going on a trip with the whole family, to avoid a conflict of interest is very difficult. As a rule, in such a situation, either parents have to go on about children’s interests, or vice versa.

It’s nothing you can do. Children are genuinely uninterested in museums, exhibitions and restaurants, while adults cannot sit on the playground for infinite time and go shopping for toys.

Finding a compromise seems to be very difficult. But perhaps it is the amusement parks, especially those where the scale of what is happening ceases to seem childish – this is the only compromise. Forbes offers several such parks.

Europa-Park (Rust, Germany)

The largest amusement park in Europe is also the best amusement park in the world. The park consists of 11 parts of different themes, corresponding to the present and fictional countries. These are Great Britain, Germany, France, Austria, Russia, Holland, Switzerland, the Scandinavian states, as well as the Country of the Vikings, Chocolate Land and Palace Park.

Each country, of course, demonstrates its unique attractions: from the Italian baroque palaces to the knightly tournaments to the enchanting flamenco music in Spain. By the way, in addition to attractions, visitors are entertained by artists invited to work at Europa-Park from various countries.

Where: Rust town (Black Forest, Germany)

Cost (adult / child): € 35 / € 31

Working hours: with

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Disneyland (Tokyo, Japan)

Despite the fact that the first Disneyland was opened in the American town of Anaheim (California), the most popular of the world Disneylands was destined to become not to him, but to Paris, which is considered the most visited. But Tokyo Disneyland is not far behind. This is a greatly enlarged copy of the American park with exactly the same thematic zones on which 47 attractions are located.

In 2001, another park was added to Tokyo Disneyland – DisneySea, in which visitors can enjoy water activities: scuba diving, Venetian gondolas, mermaids, the exploits of Sinbad the Sailor, as well as Captain Nemo and the overland Indiana Jones. The only minus of all Disneyland in the world is the presence of queues, even on weekdays. And Tokyo is no exception.

Where: Tokyo, Japan, 1-1 Maihama, Urayasu-shi; the nearest metro station is Urayasu

Cost (adult, from 18 years old / adolescent 12-17 years old / child, 4-11 years old): ¥ 5,800 / ¥ 5,000 / ¥ 3,900

Working hours: with

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Port Aventura (Salou, Spain)

Port Aventura is considered to be one of the most diverse parks in Europe. In one day, you can visit five completely different continents: in the Mediterranean, in Polynesia, in China, in Mexico and in the Wild West. Each place is recreated with paranoid accuracy – right down to the clothes of the employees and the original national menu in cafes and restaurants. You can move from one territory to another on foot, by train or even by boat.

At the same time, in all territories various attractions are available in abundance for both children and adults: a roller coaster, a boat ride through a mountain canyon, a gondola ride on a 3-hectare lake, a trip riding a fiery dragon and a descent to silver mines. In addition, new shows are organized here every day.

Where: Spain, Gold Coast, city of Salou

Cost: € 44 for adults, € 35 for children from 5 to 12 years (July and August); all other months: € 37 for adults, € 29 for children from 5 to 12; children under 4 years old – free

Theme Park Ohio

Working hours: with

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Theme Park Ohio

Cedar Point (Sandusky, United States)

“Cedar Point Amusement” is famous primarily for the fact that it is here that the largest number of rides for skiing is located – 68. Among them there are 14 roller coasters, one of which – “Millennium Force” – exceeds the Statue of Liberty in height. By the way, the park has been operating since 1870, however, the first attractions appeared here only in 1892, together with the invention of the “Roller Coaster”.

Today it is a great place for a family holiday: a park, a cinema, hotels and cafes, parking and – most importantly – a huge number of attractions. Both historical and modern.

Where: Sandusky, Ohio, USA

Cost of (for the whole day): $ 45.99 for adults, $ 19.99 for teenagers, children under 2 years old – free

Working hours: with

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Legoland (Günzburg, Germany)

It seems that this park is best suited for the development of figurative thinking: together with children, you can bring all your ideas to life – to build cities and countries, to create unknown animals and unseen beings, and also to design and program your own robot. And all this (as the name implies) comes from the Lego designer. In total, the park has more than 40 attractions: a city, a factory with multiple design studios, Legoland Express, a country of adventures with an expedition to the jungle, a country of knights with tournaments, dragon hunting, interactive games, shows and performances. In addition, you can see reduced in Legoland. copies of old cities (scale 1:20) – Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Venice.

Where: Gunzburg (70 km from Munich), Germany

Cost of (full day): € 24 for adults, € 19 for children

Working hours: with

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Gardaland (Lake Garda, Italy)

It’s very simple: Gardaland is the largest entertainment park in Italy. The organizers of this park thought of all age categories, and for everyone who enters this world, there is entertainment to their liking: for the youngest, this is a colorful world where various funny animals froze in funny poses: pigs, geese and cows. Pavilions “Peter Pan” and, of course, the Games Area – a space with games for every taste and temperament are open for teenagers.

Adults who want to rest easy are also not forgotten: you can swim in a canoe on the lake. And for that part of adults who are not yet ready for pre-retirement pastime, there are a lot of rides here – usually with great speeds and all kinds of frills.

Where: Lake Garda, Veneto region, Italy

Cost of (for the whole day): adult – € 35, children (above 1 m and up to 10 years) – € 29, family ticket (for 2 adults and 1 child up to 10 years) – € 85 euros; children up to 1 meter free

Working hours: with

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Asterix (Paris, France)

Asterix Amusement Park is in direct competition to Disneyland, and the French themselves cannot decide which of these two entertainments is better: cute Disneyland or hooligan Asterix. Populated by the heroes of the beloved French comic, the park consists of five parts: the village of ancient Gaul, ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Paris of the Middle Ages, and the village of the Vikings.

Moving from attraction to attraction, visitors travel through Gallic history: passing around the carousel of Caesar and the lightning bolts of Zeus, floating in Greek boats along the Alice River. On the way, Hydra, the Poseidon Dolphinarium, musketeer fights and much more await them. By the way, most of the rides at Asterix are water. It so happened.

Where: 30 km from Paris, France

Cost of (for the whole day): adult – € 39, children (up to 12 years) – € 29

Working hours: with

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Theme Park Ohio

Movie Park (Cologne, Germany)

Movie Park is one of the most interesting parks in the world: at the same time it is an amusement park and an operating film studio. Park, the full name of which sounded earlier as Warner Bros. Movie World, in 2004, was renamed Movie Park Germany. Naturally, all the entertainment in this park is associated with movie characters. The park is divided into several thematic parts: the streets of Hollywood, the streets of New York, the Wild West, and everywhere visitors are expected to meet with film and cartoon characters. The park also has a museum of Hollywood films and shows based on all your favorite pictures.

Where: neighborhood of Cologne, Germany

Cost of (for the whole day): adult – € 32, children (from 4 to 11 years) – € 27; children under 4 years old – free

Working hours: with

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Linnanmäki (Helsinki, Finland)

The amusement park Linnanmäki is a city where, in addition to attractions, there are cafes, restaurants, shops, a 3D cinema, gambling halls and lotteries. It even has rides that are allowed in with babies: this is an air railway that runs along the entire territory of the park above the heads of the guests. Vuoristorata is the most popular attraction in Linnanmäki – it’s a roller-coaster of almost a kilometer in length and 24 meters in height. There is an exhibition all year round in the two-story aquarium house: you can see the life of tropical fish and the North Sea and Baltic Sea and acquaint children with a hundred good marine animals collected from around the world.

Where: Helsinki, Finland

Cost of (for the whole day): adult – € 35, children (below 120 cm) – € 23

Working hours: with

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Spree Park (Berlin, Germany) – the park is closed

The most incredible and bizarre amusement park of all that exists is, without a doubt, an abandoned Spree Park in Berlin. Today it is the only amusement park, eventually officially renamed surrealism park. There is still a lot left of the old amusement park: abandoned roller coaster, a ferris wheel, almost sunk in greenery, huge dinosaurs and mammoths standing and lying in completely unexpected places, ridiculous, shabby figures left over from the rides, it is not clear where the leading tunnels are. In addition to the incredible internal content, reminiscent of the scenery for the post-apocalyptic film, the park has a no less interesting story: it closed after its owner Norbert Witt went bankrupt and was forced to leave with his whole family in Peru, where he opened a small and quiet amusement park. But two years later, Mr. Witt returned to Berlin with a new attraction – he brought a flying carpet from Peru, which he was going to install in his fleet and resume business. The only thing that prevented him from carrying out the idea was that, while transporting the new attraction, the police found 180 kg of cocaine in it. After that, the hapless owner sat down for an attempt to import drugs. Released seven years later, Witt is still determined to restore his park. In the meantime, it is open only on Sundays: for little money (there is always an opportunity to come to an agreement) there are guided tours and even rolls on the only attraction that remains in working condition – a small train that runs along rusty rails through abandoned meadows and woods. The rest of the time it is also possible to get into the park, but judging by the feedback from tourists from different countries, this can be dangerous: the entire territory of the park (and it is private property) is patrolled by guards. By the way, not so long ago a full-length documentary film was shown in Germany, telling all the details of this story.

Where: Berlin, Germany; near Treptow Park

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