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Traveling independently in Thailand, I would like to try many Thai dishes and choose for themselves the most suitable and tasty. There is usually no problem with food in Thailand – it is everywhere. And everywhere, in cafes or at macabinas, the food is quite tasty. No holiday in Thailand is complete without a huge amount of varied food. Let’s see what kind of food in Thailand is the most popular and worth trying.

The classic Thai food is very spicy. However, in the tourist places Thais cook moderately spicy food. Tourists either adapt to this, or recall the magic phrase “know spicy” before placing an order.

1. Gai Pad Met Mamuang – Thai chicken

Fried chicken with crispy cashew nuts and peppers. It has a sweet-salty taste. Usually this dish is not very peppered.

2. Spring Roll

Of course, Thai cuisine is unthinkable without spring rolls. And in the menu it will be written, most likely, not “rolls”, namely “roll” – Thais ignore the endings. Spring Rolls are fried crispy spring rolls – a pleasant snack. Often spring rolls are vegetarian food, the most popular option among tourists is with shrimps.

Panaeng is made from chicken, pork or beef in a red curry. To soften curry in Thailand like to add coconut milk to food. Served usually with boiled rice.

4. Som Tam – Thai Papaya Salad

Spicy papaya salad is prepared with the addition of beans, tomatoes, onions and some herbs. Very suitable as an addition to the grill and other meat food.

5. Moo Sa-Te – Kebabs

Spicy small pork skewers in Thailand can be found everywhere, they are served with yellow curry. Especially good as a beer snack.

6. Tom Yam Goong – the famous Thai Tom Yam soup with shrimps

The most advertised Russian tourists dish. For some reason, it is believed that real tourists in Thailand should immediately fall in love with Tom Yam and eat it every day. In fact, it is a very spicy, unforgettable and strange food. From the whole plate only shrimps are caught and the liquid is drained, everything else is not eaten. It can be so acute that it is impossible to breathe for a few seconds. Therefore, it is better to begin your acquaintance with Thai food not with Tom Yam, but with Thai Pad Thai noodles.

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7. Thai Noodle Pad Thai – simple and tasty food in Thailand

The most adequate food in Thailand. Beginners should start with fried noodles. Prepared from different varieties of noodles with the addition of chicken, pork, or seafood. Tofu, fried eggs, onion and chopped peanuts are also added to the dish. Learn “phad tai kai” and you will never go hungry in Thailand :)

8. Khaw Pad Fried Rice

Fried rice in Thailand is the most common food. It is cooked with chicken, pork, beef or seafood. Mandatory ingredients: fried eggs and vegetables. Depending on the rice variety, it can be of different colors – from white to brown.

9. Khao Soi Soup

Very popular in the north of Thailand dish – Khao Soi (Khao Soi). Two types of noodles (plain and crispy) with yellow curry and chicken or beef pieces. The cooking style depends heavily on the institution. Excellent goes for beer :)

In addition to Thai food in Thailand, you will find a huge amount of another – Korean, Mexican, Japanese cuisine, etc. A lot of institutions specialize in European or American cuisine that is familiar to tourists. However, such food is significantly more expensive, even if we are talking about the most simple hamburgers.

And what food would you add to this list?

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17 reviews on “Food in Thailand. Top 9 most popular dishes

Tom Ka. Like more than Tom Yam

Now there is a Thai food festival near the fish market.

I want to eat real Russian potatoes with sour cream, and not spicy and fried food. It is necessary for the gentlemen to monitor the health, to take care of the stomach and intestines and to monitor the figure, and then how to lose weight then?

From potatoes with sour cream you will spread even more))) How will you lose weight?

I first learned that the potato is Russian. always thought she was South American.

It is better to go to Thailand to eat potatoes, it is better to go then to Sochi or the Crimea, very patriotic.

I love Thai food! Delicious

I really like Thai cuisine, in general I liked the dishes in the north of Thailand – there they are a little different, you can feel the influence of Lao and Cambodian cuisine.

Yummy. We constantly order these to the office. When will you have such snacks?))

I love Thai food very much, but they would have been less sugar added to dishes. And salt – in the juice! Even when you ask for juice without salt and syrup, anyway, they will add a little bit – otherwise Thais believe that it is completely tasteless.

Hello! very useful site. Thanks you. Food through 3 on about. Phuket Tell me, please, put onions in all Thai dishes? And how to say in Thai “without bow, please”?

Good post, beautiful! And the dishes are great. But the food in Tae is so much that it is impossible to describe everything, although I, for example, tried to cover a part of what we tried for “Winter in Tae”:

And we ate tom yam every day, we only buy a glass of tea with this money. And in order to have more hearty and tasty food, we added a portion of rice there, well, we asked that without chili. Then the severity is just fine.

I don’t like that pits, I don’t understand how to eat this sour meat, there is no harmony of taste, all the vegetables are separate, broth is separate … From Thai food, I liked kaosoi soup more – everything combines and the taste is unusual, but harmonious!

Upon returning from Chiang Mai, I try to cook Kao Soi soup at home. This pitiful similarity is very pleasing to the eaters, I imagine how the original would please them: -0 I would definitely add Northern soup Kao Soi to the rating :)

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I would add them to the northern Thai Thai soup “K-So” :)

TOM-YAM (or YAN) Soup – With Lemon – Lime – THING !! It is impossible for ulcers and sober-minded people)))

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