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The Caribbean attracts tourists from all over the world with its hot climate and exotic landscapes. One of the most visited places on the sea is the Dominican Resorts.

Dominican Republic in the Caribbean – location and description

The Dominican Republic is located in the east of the island of Haiti and belongs to the mainland of North America.

Top Caribbean Hotels

In addition to the main island to the Dominican Republic are the next islands in the Caribbean:

The republic is washed not only by sea, but also by the Atlantic Ocean from the north. Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, is of special value for tourists with numerous historical monuments that have come down to today from the time of the Spanish colonies of the 15th century.

Top Caribbean Hotels

In order for the trip to pass without incident, the tourist needs to learn in advance certain features of the country:

  • the flight time from Russia to the Dominican Republic takes from 12 to 28 hours depending on the chosen airline and the place of transfer;
  • Dominicans in the summer time behind Moscow hours by 8 hours, in the winter by 7;
  • communicate with locals and staff in English or Spanish;
  • it is possible to pay with both the national currency – the Dominican peso, and the American dollar;
  • Russians do not need a visa to enter the republic for recreation;
  • in order not to make problems at the border, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the list of permitted imported and exported items (no importation or exportation of weapons, drugs, crops, pornography is allowed; export of souvenirs is limited to $ 100).

Best time to stay in Dominicana

Dominican resorts in the Caribbean attract tourists with a hot tropical climate that reigns here all year round. Despite the high temperature on the island, the rainy season is still present, which lasts more than six months.

Rainy days begin in May, but are comfortably carried due to a light breeze from the sea. By the first month of summer precipitation falls more and more, and the wind becomes stronger. Ideal time for fans of surfing. July and August open up the storm season on the island, sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the sea becomes problematic, but still real.

Sometimes the rains are replaced by clear and dry days and provide an opportunity for travelers to walk on the coast. In September-November, the air temperature in the northern part of the island drops slightly, and in the southern part it also adheres to 30-32 ° C. Hurricanes and rains continue to storm the island. By the end of the rainy Dominican season, the wind calms down, rains are becoming less and less.

The rainy season of May-November is replaced by the dry season of December-April. On the island begin clear and hot days. In December and January, the weather is happy with the absence of winds and very few rainy days. At this time, many tourists fly to the island, wanting to bask in the sun after a cold home climate.

In February and March it gets a little cooler, however the conditions remain favorable for swimming. In April, the rest is a little less, because rainy time is approaching and there is a chance of falling under the rain. In the north of the island, the humidity increases significantly, it becomes hard to breathe.

During the rainy season, prices for tours to the Dominican Republic are significantly lower than they attract tourists who want to save money.

If you want to enjoy a full-fledged beach holiday on the island, it is better to fly to the republic in winter or in early spring.

Top Caribbean Hotels

The best resorts of Dominican Republic: description, prices of tours, hotels

Dominican resorts in the Caribbean are widely known among outdoor enthusiasts and fans of noisy pastime at night. Punta Cana, Cap Cana, Bavaro or Uvero Alto – the minimum list of the best resorts of the Dominican Republic from the Atlantic Ocean. At any of them, a tourist can pre-book a tour, which includes flights and hotel accommodation.

Comparative table of tours to the resorts of the Dominican Republic for the price:

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