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Tours to Cuba – the opportunity to relax in the fiery Latin American rhythm! A lot of trips at a good price will be available for you at a major tour operator TEZ TOUR. Take advantage of our offer – make a reservation online or call 7 (495) 151-88-08.

Travel Company Havana

Do you want to learn how to dance salsa, bask in the sun, slowly sip cocktail “Cuba Libre”, see the home of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro? All you need is to buy a tour to Cuba! The island of freedom is ready to give you all your love – get ready for departure right now!

Cuba is a country that has something to offer the tourist. Many people choose to travel here to enjoy the indescribable flavor. A cabaret, a cigar factory, a magnificent orchid nursery, the Hemingway house-museum … the island is rich in sights, but those who crave a good beach holiday prefer to buy tours to Cuba from Moscow, and even a long flight does not become an obstacle.

Cuba: beach tours

Tourists visiting the island will not have any difficulty finding hotels and beaches. There are plenty of beach resorts for every taste:

  • Varadero. This is the longest Cuban beach. Hotels here, as a rule, work according to the all inclusive system, which is familiar to the Russian tourist;
  • Playa Pilar. The luxurious beach boasts dazzling white sand. At one time, Hemingway himself took a fancy to him – the famous writer often fished here;
  • Playa Santa Lucia. The place is ideal for family holidays. However, there are entertainment and lovers tickle your nerves – here you can swim with sharks;
  • Playa Ancon. The most romantic Cuban beach will appeal to lovers of secluded relaxation;
  • Cayo Largo del Sur. This place is chosen for themselves adherents of nudism. It is great for those who appreciate free morals.

Travel Company Havana

Cuba: active holidays

Liberty Island is a paradise for those who enjoy fishing, diving, and underwater photohunting. The following is noteworthy: in order to dive, it is not necessary to have an international certificate. So Cuba all year round attracts those who do not like long paperwork. Burn idea to see the fabulous underwater world? There are lots of suitable places, and here are just the most popular:

  • Maria la gorda The remote enclave is a biological reserve. The depth of immersion is about 15 meters. Here you can see barracudas, a marine lawyer, as well as luxurious black corals;
  • Jardines de la Reina. The southern provincial archipelago boasts a long coral reef. Here you can observe a unique spectacle – laying eggs of turtles;
  • Havana. It is not necessary for a diver to go far – there are 4 scuba diving centers in the Cuban capital. Favorite hobbies can be combined with the study of local attractions – the historic part of the city has cultural value and is protected by UNESCO.

Good news for those who chose Cuba for their travels: the prices of the tours are quite affordable, if you pick up tickets to TEZ TOUR. Forget everyday problems! Hot Island of Liberty is waiting for you!

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