Travel to Hong Kong

A trip to the “pearl of the world economy” – Hong Kong, is mandatory if you want to see Asia in all its glory.

We live in Shanghai, so we will tell you in detail about the best route to Hong Kong through China.

There are 2 optimal ways for real travelers:

1. Direct flight from any major city in the world, or China, to Hong Kong.

2. Flight from any major city of China to Shenzhen, and then on foot crossing the border.

Consider the first option.

It is suitable for those who:

1. Is outside of China, and who does not have a Chinese visa

2. Limited time

3. There is no desire, or opportunity, to load your trip with additional events.

4. Better overpay for comfort than for adventures.

5. Does not want to “fight the Chinese system” without knowing the Chinese language

A direct flight to Hong Kong naturally costs more. The difference in the price of a ticket, on average, can be from 50 to 150 $.

This option is the easiest, does not require any effort, only money, as they say.

We also have a lot of free time, the desire to see China far and wide, the desire to save money and a lot of living energy, so we chose the second option, which is full of adventure and new discoveries.

How to plan a trip through Shenzhen?

Travel to Hong Kong

2. Prepare a list of top places that you definitely want to visit in Shenzhen on the day of arrival.

3. Plan your visit to Hong Kong in time and order of sightseeing (

After landing at Shenzhen Airport, on Friday at 11:00, we immediately went to the hotel, pre-booked through

To get from the airport to the hotel (located near the border point with Hong Kong), it took us about

Travel to Hong Kong

The cheapest option how to get from shenzhen to hong kong – Metro.

Travel to Hong Kong

The most optimal border crossing point, in terms of workload, is Luo Hu (on Chinese. 罗湖). Point Luo Hu is one of the stations of the Shenzhen Metro, so get to it is not difficult. The border crossing is open from 06:40 to 24:00.

More information about the main border points of China can be found. here.

At the exit of the subway there are dozens of currency exchange points that will help you exchange the Chinese yuan for the Hong Kong dollar. At the very first exchange point, which has the largest queue of Chinese people, I do not advise you to change money – it is worth going further and exchanging money without a queue and at a more favorable rate.

Always move in the direction of the signs, located literally at every step. The next point of your transition is a huge queue of Chinese – checking documents before leaving the territory of China. Here I want to say a special thank you to the Chinese government, to the left of the Chinese line there is a special line for foreigners, which is several times smaller than the Chinese. So, having passed this point, you need to pass the second passport control, in order to get to the territory of Hong Kong.

Having passed both passport control points, you need to go through the corridor with a view of the water moat and a huge fence with barbed wire that separates China from Hong Kong. I want to note that, having seen this picture, you immediately understand all the friendliness and warmth of relations between these two regions. When I tried to take a picture of what a border checkpoint looked like, observant Hong Kong border guards came up and demanded that all photos be removed.

The transfer, passport control and currency exchange took us about 1 hour.

Having passed the border corridor, you find yourself already in the subway of Hong Kong!

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