Traveling to Europe alone

People who were born under the sign of Aries are more suited to high-speed and sports-class cars such as Subaru Impreza WRX, Impreza Sport Wagon, Toyota Selica, Honda S2000, Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Fits Aries and car Ferrary. By the way, iron (“ferrum”) is the metal of this sign. Korean and Chinese cars should be avoided.

Aries’ stubbornness does not contribute to an accident-free ride: its childishness, which is expressed in the fact that “first I”, necessarily leads to trouble. The most vulnerable places in Aries cars are: headlights and bumper, hood and windshield. Also follow the battery, it can sit at the most inappropriate moment. Pay attention to the serviceability of the ignition system. Aries loves to jump into the car on the first impulse of the soul and enjoy high speed. Because parking should be close. Car interior always reflects the inner world of the owner. Aries wants his iron horse salon to bring romantic thoughts and memories to him. Car color: Men Aries well ride on cars in red and yellow. Women are suitable cars in metallic and blue.

All Taurus do not like noise, disputes, unnecessary fuss, do not like to rush, but they are able to work for a long time. On long journeys driving Taurus indispensable. They are able to maintain an even speed and will slowly roll until they arrive at the right place. The main thing is not to customize them. Taurus traditionally has golden hands, they can do everything themselves.

The problem of Taurus in their stubbornness and more than the other signs, the desire to slip into the red light. Apparently, the “bullish” essence.

Tauruses instinctively seek stability and security. Therefore, people who were born under the sign of Taurus are more comfortable with comfortable reliable cars of the Opel brands (the model Opel Insignia, Volvo, Toyota, Saab, Subaru (Forester), Mitsubishi (Lancer X) is more interesting for Taurus).

Taurus can be advised to be very attentive to his car, you should not trust only the service station, better understand what and how it works. Know everything about your car. In Taurus cars, wheels and brakes are most often affected. Taurus-drivers’ weak spot is a disease of the neck, ear, throat and nose, so don’t take a draft in the car. Car color: All bright spring colors are yellow, blue, orange, green, brown, beige. The red color of Taurus is annoying, because the symbol of this sign is a bull.

It is important that the car had a good audio system. Twins are usually good drivers and lucky taxi drivers. They have a very important character trait for a motorist – to keep his presence of mind in stressful situations and to make the right decisions. However, the driver of the Twin does not stand monotonous movement. It irritates him.

Mazda cars are suitable for Gemini cars (these machines have an athletic design that creates a sense of movement and a great drag coefficient that Gemini is very attractive for), Audi (however, these cars, like the Gemini themselves, are extremely capricious and changeable, they can hardly be called reliable, besides, they are quite expensive to maintain), Ford, Kia Cerato 1, VW Polo. The twins, who can afford a luxury car, fit Lexus, Bentley, Rolls Royce.

The twins love the wind to rustle in their ears, and because they are suitable convertible cars. Twins would be nice to have two cars. And even better to have a motorcycle for them, because their mood changes quickly. The Twins have one not very good habit of talking on a cell phone while driving, so they can get into an emergency. In Gemini cars, windshields and turn signals are most often affected. Also the steering column. Gemini needs a map of the roads in the car, they like to go different routes and experiment. Car color: Orange, yellow, blue-gray, purple, metallic.

Cancers often treat a car as their child, they care for and cherish it. The car is their second home. In the glove compartment is always everything you need. For Rakov it is important that the car has a roomy trunk.

For Rakov suitable cars brand: Nissan, Chrysler, BMW. Also Cancers are very fond of family models. The main thing here is that the Cancer has a soul to the car. With Ford cars, Rakovs often have problems. Suitable for cancer and domestic models – Niva and Oise. Cancers should pay attention to the braking system and seat belts. A good car for Rakov is Opel. Crayfish are not indifferent to minibuses. And even better to own a small truck.

In Cancer cars, the most vulnerable places are the trunk, taillights and bumper, rear window, underbody and springs. The garage is an important place for a cancer motorist, Cancer cares about the safety of his car. And often worried about how his car is there. Therefore, Cancers tend to change parking lots and garages, it is difficult to please them. Crayfish are good drivers, although sometimes overly cautious. Their motto is slower and you will continue. They do not like busy roads, and more likely they will travel along an inconvenient detour route than will be pushed in traffic jams. Car color: Green, ultramarine, celadon, wet asphalt, yellow and all shades of blue. Do not buy a car red or orange, it will be uncomfortable for Cancers.

Best for Leo English cars. In the car should be power and speed. Of the expensive cars, Lev fits: Jaguar (great engine, unsurpassed cabin comfort), Cadillac BLS, Nissan, Bentley, Rolls Royce, LandRover Freelander (the best-selling SUV in Europe). From economy class cars: Chevrolet, Hyundai, Ford Fiesta, Skoda Octavia.

Traveling to Europe alone

The most vulnerable places in the car Leo: gas tank, gearbox, engine. Use only high quality engine oil and the best fuel. Leo loves to drive a car just like that without any purpose. It is a great pleasure for Leo to leisurely take a ride through the evening city, admire the night lights from his own beautiful car. Lions car owners are distinguished by a low level of danger to other road users in comparison with other signs of the zodiac. What is interesting – there is a certain relationship between the brands of cars and the number of accidents occurring with them. On cars of Japanese and Korean production, Lions get into accidents about four times more often than on European and American models. Behind the wheel of a Peugeot, such drivers demonstrate a catastrophically high accident rate.

Inside the car, Leo must smell good. Leo loves beauty and representativeness in everything. Just a car for Leo is a place for romantic dates. Romantic and loving lions can be advised to buy cars of Italian brands such as Alfa Romeo and Fiat. An important detail of the car Leo is the steering wheel. Lions often decorate the steering wheel, they can even inlay it with precious stones if they have enough money for it. Leo’s car must reflect the character of the owner and something must be different from all other cars. For Leo, it is important to feel that his car is one of a kind. Car color: Better light shades or bright, but not black. Lev, in principle, does not like the black color – although it is “dear”, it is gloomy. He chooses dark blue, burgundy, brown. Women of the Lioness, of course, prefer something very bright – red, golden, orange color of the car.

Virgin buy only high-quality products, can not stand the careless work. But since they are stingy, they are more likely to purchase an economy class car that is practical and inexpensive. Although the choice and ask the price will be expensive for cars. Virgo can recommend cars: Hyundai Accent, Daewoo, Chevrolet, Kia Rio, Suzuki SX4. All Virgos are clean, sometimes reaching pedantry. Therefore, their cars usually sparkle.

Virgos are less inclined to create emergency situations, as their vigilance increases several times behind the wheel. They thoroughly know all the rules of the road, do not know how to do several things at the same time, therefore behind the wheel they do not allow themselves to be distracted. Representatives of this sign make sure that their car lasts as long as possible.

Traveling to Europe alone

In Virgos cars most often break door locks, alarm system. Doorknobs suffer. Windshield wipers and window raisers are also a weak point. Car color: White, blue, green, purple, brown.

Scales appreciate the car for its aesthetic appearance and spaciousness. They dream of luxury cars, but not everyone can afford it. From expensive cars, we can recommend Honda Legend (superbly equipped and technically perfect), Mitsubishi Lancer (comfortable, pleasant design), stylish and roomy Nissan Qashqai. They will also suit cars of the following brands: Mercedes, BMW, Alfa Romeo (excellent design, good performance, sporty image). Motorists who were born under the sign of Libra, it is often difficult to choose a car. They hesitate for a long time, weigh everything and think it over. They pay great attention to the comfort of their car.

Balanced by nature Scales in an emergency, as statistics show, are not able to quickly make a decision. They spend precious seconds on weighing all the pros and cons, as a result of which, in most cases, there is no time left to prevent accidents.

In Libra cars, springs, muffler and exhaust pipe often break. Car color: Scales will be comfortable in cars of all shades of blue, green and white.

The most aggressive sign of the zodiac is Scorpio and on the road shows its natural nature. According to the study, the majority of street racing horoscope Scorpions. In terms of the number of emergency cases, they stand in the last place of honor, compensating for this with the “quality” of the crashes created. They are prone to risk. Having bought a car, Scorpio will certainly want to check what speed he is capable of, how reliable he is, what will happen if you brake sharply or go on an extremely difficult track. Scorpio should feel that his car will withstand anything.

The element of Scorpio is a long wide avenue, where his instinct allows the driver to feel confident. But this is up to the moment, until someone overtakes him. Such scorpion drivers do not forgive – and the race begins. Scorpio should not ride a motorcycle. If you decide to do this, be sure to wear a helmet. Scorpio fit cars of brands: BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac BLS, Honda Legend, Honda Jazz, Lexus, Opel. A better Hammer. Scorpions often buy Ford cars. But their hand is too heavy. And often a week later, the long-suffering Ford goes to repair.

It is difficult to name a part in a Scorpio car that would be safe. But the steering column suffers the most. Scorpios hate to turn gently. They twist the steering wheel and often at first sharply in one direction, and then even sharper in the other. The horn at the Scorpion car, as a rule, does not stand up first. Scorpio loves soft seat covers, but often the interior of the car in which he drives is reminiscent of a battlefield. Scorpios feel free to express their emotions. Especially when they are traveling alone at high speed along a deserted highway. Scorpions are proud of their car and brag about driving virtuosity, and then they brag about the next car. They are born in a shirt, and often come out without scratching the most difficult accidents. Fate likes to poke fun at Scorpios, and therefore they often end up in traffic jams, and have to wait a long time, but Scorpions cannot stand it. In protest, Scorpio can start riding a bike and shook a lot of nerves to other drivers. Car color: Blood red, scarlet, burgundy, crimson, purple, yellow and all bright fiery colors.

Under the sign of Sagittarius are born real truck drivers. There is no greater pleasure for Sagittarius, than to teach another to drive a car. Sagittarius will know everything about his car and more. He constantly thinks and thinks out how to improve his car. From Sagittarius get great auto mechanics and designers of cars.

Traveling to Europe alone

Sagittarius driver is always up to date on all innovations. The newest fuel, all technical innovations seeks to use the Sagittarius aspiring to the future. They love the car to be more powerful. Best minivan, trailer, and even better with a trailer. Sagittarius fit: Renault Megane Wagon 1, BMW, Ford Focus wagon 1, Fiat Doblo or Fiat Fiorino, Volvo 850

In Sagittarius cars, the battery and the ignition system often suffer. Air conditioner or stove may break. Archers often carry a laptop with them in the car, and if there is a possibility, then a TV. Sagittarius likes convertible cars, they love to ride them on summer starry nights. They like the aerodynamic shape of the car and the cars resembling their streamlined flying saucers. Car color: Navy blue, green, silver, purple and burgundy.

Capricorn fit: all domestic brands of cars – VAZ, UAZ, GAZ, foreign cars such as: Mitsubishi and Toyota Land Cruiser. Capricorns prefer “SUVs” more because they love roads with obstacles and often such that the car is far from being used by all foreign manufacturers.

Capricorns more often than other signs of the zodiac break their cars. Capricorn as if is set to check your car for reliability. The Capricorn driver will proudly tell his friends what a difficult route he was able to drive in his car. Representatives of this sign are rationalists. In the cabin of his car should not be anything extra. But often Capricorns are sentimental, they carry with them pictures of their family and things that remind them of their loved ones.

I can not say that Capricorns love mad speed. For Capricorn, the goal is more important than the path; it strives to reach it as quickly as possible, but if necessary, it can crawl like a turtle. His motto: “The main thing is to move forward.” Traffic jams infuriate Capricorns. In general, Capricorns do not care to look attractive, so in the car they are primarily interested in practicality. Simplicity, moderation, poise, modesty – their credo. They do not like to cause interest. Car color: Black, dark brown, ash gray, blue and pale yellow, all dark tones.

Aquarius is interested in various technological innovations, including in the automotive industry. Aquarius may know a lot about cars, but almost nothing about your car.

Aquarius almost never will repair the car alone. He will call all motorist friends and arrange a consultation from car repairs. While the mechanic repairs his car, Aquarius likes to give a lot of “smart”, in his opinion, and “useful advice”. Aquarius dream of solar-powered cars. He will be happy to ride on any alternative fuel. Aquarius often forget to fill your car. They are happy to buy a new car even if they do not really need it.

Aquarius suitable cars of the following brands: Sedan, Saab, Volvo, Skoda and all its series, BMW, Honda. Aquarius likes a convertible, he is attracted to any car with a folding

For Aquarius the question is not important: “Where to go?”, He is attracted by the very possibility of movement. Aquarius is happy to go on a world tour by car with friends. But this does not mean that he is afraid of loneliness. Aquarius is quite capable of making a rally alone across Europe. Car color: Gray, purple, blue-green, ultramarine, purple.

Fish usually understand each and every one except themselves. Pisces live intuitively, so Pisces is unpredictable on the road. Often, because of them, other signs of the zodiac have an accident. At the same time Pisces themselves, no matter how. Pisces are very emotional they should not get behind the wheel, if they are nervous or something very upset. Representatives of this sign love to get behind the wheel drunk. Often Fishes go out of town, turn on the music in the cabin at full volume, and rush along the freeway at high speed. This kind of spending time often helps them relieve stress.

The following car brands are suitable for fish: Opel, Fiat, ALFA-Romeo, Volkswagen, Toyota. The most vulnerable places in the Pisces car are the wheels. Often it falls off all at once. Fish do not tolerate when their car is dirty. Because often call in to the car wash several times a day. Fish like to eat without leaving the car.

To get lost even in a familiar place and go around the house three times, without having found it, is common for Pisces. Fish love when in the cabin of their car there are many bright and shiny decorations. Pisces car may refuse to start up for unexplained reasons. Then it will start in the same mysterious way, as if nothing had happened. Car color: Purple, purple, marine green, blue, purple, marine.

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