Uber discount code

With the help of which you will receive a discount on the first trip in a taxi Uber in the amount of 70 UAH. Uber taxi at your service in Kiev, the Dnieper, Odessa, Kharkov, Lviv and other cities of Ukraine

Copy the Uber promotional code below, then go to the store and download the application for your smartphone, when installed, you can activate the promotional code

For your convenience, you can pre-register on the Uber taxi website, in this case, the promotional code will automatically be added to the special field during registration and to the downloaded application.

Go to the store that supports your mobile OS and download the Uber application

After that, paste the previously copied promo code in a special field during the installation, or in the menu item "Promotional codes" applications

And enjoy the absolutely free ride in the taxi of the future – Uber!

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More recently, the Uber taxi, a feature of which it operates exclusively through a mobile application, has become an alternative to the usual individual transport service for people. The company is known in many countries of the world, where it gained trust and popularity. But we probably don’t know what Uber is?

Taxi Uber: a new step to a comfortable future

In the near 2009, two Americans, tired of waiting for an ordinary taxi, created a mobile application, thanks to which the payment and call for a car became comfortable and fast. Having provided the client with a virtually free trip, Uber gained momentum step by step and in two years entered the international market of services.

Today, Uber is the number one taxi service. There are similar companies in Ukraine, but Uber ousted them from the market in just one month. The popularity is evidenced by positive feedback from people who have already taken advantage of and appreciate the new taxi service. Prices, convenience, as well as the Uber promo code for a free trip attract more and more customers to this service.

How does the Uber

The service is quite simple and convenient. You should download and install the Uber application on your smartphone. It is necessary to register, specify the bank card number to pay for services. Just want to note that to pay for the trip in cash is absolutely impossible.

Ordering a taxi does not need to specify your location. The application, thanks to GPS, will do it for you and will offer a list of drivers who are nearby. The installed application tracks the route from the landing to the final stop and deducts money from the passenger’s account. Part of the money is transferred to the company’s account, the rest to the driver. Just like that – just a few “tapov” in the app and the Uber trip began!

Taxi drivers are ordinary people who want to make some money on the way to work. Uber is:

  • Profitable price;
  • Courteous attitude;
  • Excellent and modern service;
  • Call a taxi at any time and place.

Why uber

The advantages and advantages of Uber can be enumerated indefinitely, however, several of the most important ones should be highlighted:

  • The cost of the route is lower in comparison with the usual city taxi fares. This is due to the fact that when ordering a Uber taxi you do not make calls to the dispatcher, to whom the salary is calculated from each taxi ordered by the call.
  • Security is probably one of the main advantages of Uber. The passenger who called the taxi knows who drives to him and what the Uber machine is. You can also safely share this information with your relatives or friends, and they will know where and with whom you are.
  • Taxi arrival time does not exceed 5 minutes. Such a quick arrival is due to the modern order distribution system.
  • Rating taxi driver, through which you can determine the level of skill of the driver and his attitude towards passengers. The Uber application fixes everything clearly, and if the rating falls to the minimum set by the company, then it is automatically, without any explanation, excluded from the Uber system.
  • Separate cost of travel is possible if the passenger travels with a company that is also registered in Uber.

You can register in the Uber system via a computer or laptop, but it can only be used on a mobile phone.

Go! Uber promotional codes will make the trip as cheap as possible.

Ready to experience the service of Europe? Then let’s go! Already many people from different countries have tried and appreciated the completely new Uber passenger service. This is the same taxi, only fares are much cheaper.

A unique development is that when ordering a car, you can see a photo of the driver and his rating. After the trip, you must evaluate the taxi caused by putting a score. If you do not do this, then you will not be able to use the services of a taxi and call the car next time. Each driver after a trip receives a well-deserved assessment and from this is formed his rating. The higher the rating, the better the driver!

But not only the passenger appreciates the trip. The driver, in turn, also assesses the passenger. If the passenger’s rating is low, then his account is automatically blocked by the Uber application.

Uber promo codes – unique discounts that will allow you to save. This is a set of letters or numbers, which, when activated, gives a certain benefit and a cash bonus. You can activate it through your personal account in the mobile application.

How to use promo codes

Activate the Uber promotional code is easy.

  • The first thing to do is to download the Uber application, which is represented in all modern mobile operating systems. This can be done through the app store or by reference.
  • The second step is to launch and register. In your account you will find the item “Promotional codes” and you need to open it. After a second, a special window will open, in which you need to enter a set of numbers (promotional code) and click “apply”.

Check whether the code has worked or not, you can go to the menu and open the “payment” item. If everything is done correctly, then the “1 free trip” item will appear in the menu.

Where to find Uber promotional codes

Valid Uber promotional codes can be found on our website. The advantages of our page include:

  • Convenient and simple menu;
  • The service works at a high level;
  • Always only the latest news and offers;
  • Working with many popular online stores, which allows you to find discounts on goods from different companies on one site;
  • Professional approach of the young team to update the site;
  • Just a courteous attitude to every visitor;
  • Help managers and consultants who can ask any question and get an answer in just a minute.

Today everyone wants to save, however, not everyone can take advantage of this opportunity. If you have a modern phone model, then everything is in your hands.

Our website on the Internet is open to all who wish to benefit and save. To do this, just visit her and choose for yourself your discount. In addition, by subscribing to notifications, you will receive the best deals, latest news and exclusive promotions in your mail. Do not miss the chance to leave in the family budget money that you can spend on another purchase or service.

With Uber promo codes you will not be late and really save money

Today it is also cheaper to drive, how to get any item at a discount. With promotional codes from the online taxi service trip will be pleasant and convenient.

Uber coupons are a unique combination of numbers that entitles you to receive a discount on a trip in cash or on the first free one.

  • Free trip Uber – the company gives one free trip to any place in Ukraine absolutely free. After the introduction of the promotional code, funds for the selected route are credited to your account, and then the driver and the company are charged to the bank card.
  • Money as a gift – when choosing this coupon, the client receives a certain amount of money as a gift for a trip across the country. This is a good and profitable offer that only Uber can boast.
  • As well as other surprises, usually appearing in the days of special events in the life of the service.

Uber 2016 promotional codes are solid surprises and surprises. The company continues to amaze and delight its loyal customers. Unexpected gifts, cash surprises, lucrative offers of travel savings in percentage terms, with no tip to the driver.

Terms and Conditions

When choosing a Uber promo code, you should pay attention to its validity period and the conditions for granting the bonus by the company. It is different for everyone and often changes. However, the validity period (3 months after account activation) for the first free trip or gift in cash equivalent always remains working regardless of the country or city.

Uber discount code

With Uber you will feel the speed of modernity!

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Uber discount code

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Uber discount code

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