US baggage allowance

Every passenger who intends to make a trip in an airplane should keep an eye on the weight of his suitcase. And it does not matter whether he is going on a trip in one direction, or will return.

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Before each flight, baggage check of all passengers takes place.

If there is an overload, the passenger will have to pay an impressive amount, or take the ticket and refuse to fly, if it is possible.

Prior knowledge of baggage reload rates will be helpful to every traveler.

What are the allowance for air travel

Freight may be allowed living creatures – for example, pets, plants. But most often it is personal or official things.

All fares are based on the standards set by the airline, on competitiveness, and also on the limited space in the baggage compartment.

This suggests that attention is drawn not only to weight, but also to the dimensions of the property being carried. All such details are taken into account both when carrying passengers around the country and on international flights.

Often, people are interested in the question of how much luggage weights on an Aeroflot plane cost. After all, the company is popular, it exists on the market for a very long time, because from it the price movement is sometimes expected to decrease (decrease).

At present, the weight limit of baggage is allowed no more than 23 kg. If you get an increase of up to 32 kg, then you have to pay extra 50 Euro, more than 32 kg – 100 Euro. There is a separate surcharge for occupied additional places – each of them is paid in the amount of 50 Euro.

Now let’s look at the dimensions:

As you can see, from this example, the price is set for this company not for 1 kg, but for a certain number of kilos exceeded.

Many other carriers are guided by Aeroflot when determining their requirements for the size and weight of baggage. The limits of the dimensions of the baggage are the same for everyone, but there is a difference with the weight.

Consider the baggage allowance for air travel in different companies registered in the Russian Federation:

And now, to compare, let’s look at the norms of airlines in foreign countries:

It should also be noted that there is a norm for non-standard cargo. For example, you can’t carry large musical instruments as hand luggage. For them, you need to redeem located near the seats.

US baggage allowance

Requirements for non-standard baggage by weight – not more than 75 kg, in size – not more than 203 cm. Also, special cargo, such as, say, a sports equipment considered heavy, cannot be carried in an airplane if it exceeds 50 kg and has dimensions over 203 cm.

What does overweight mean

If there was a preponderance of baggage, and almost every passenger, this could lead to emergency situations on board.

All the employees of Aeroflot are aware of this, so the management of the airlines strictly follows the overweight of the load on equipment. What do you have to pay for when you carry a heavy bag or suitcase with you?

Payment is made not for the whole mass of the cargo, but only for its part. In order to understand what overloading is, it is necessary to understand what the weight norm is.

US baggage allowance

Baggage allowance for all air transport enterprises are divided into two areas:

  1. By weight criterion.
  2. According to the system of seats.

In the first case, the weight standards of the suitcases are first established. For example, if one person is only allowed to take 20 kg per flight, then you can take with you only 2 suitcases, each of which is 10 kg each.

Anything more than 20 kg in this case will be considered an overweight. It is for the difference between the norm and the final figure of weight – for extra kilograms and grams, you will need to pay extra. All bags, suitcases, boxes, cases, etc. – all this is calculated in the amount.

In the second case, the standard is determined with reference to 1 seat and a specific mass limit for bags for one passenger.

Usually this method of rationing is used when there are a limited number of passenger and luggage spaces. Then all those who buy tickets are warned in advance about how many bags and what weight category they can take with them.

If it is allowed to exceed the standard, the passenger will have to pay extra for the excess.

Weight is always calculated in the amount of all bags and suitcases at the same time. For example, if a passenger has 2 suitcases, one of which satisfies the demands of the company, weighs 23 kg, and the second weighs 21 kg, then the surcharge is made for 21 kg.

If in the amount of luggage would be the norm – 23 kg, then the transportation would be considered free. That is why, before the flight, it is best to independently weigh the suitcases and add them together in order to compare them with the numerical values ​​of the company’s requirements.

How to avoid the penalty for overloading, read here.

What is the allowable weight of manual load

On the basis of the Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation No. 409

Overall size remains the same. Until November 5, 2019 baggage in the form of hand luggage in the passenger class cabin is allowed, but then the luggage should not exceed the following generally accepted standards:

From November 5, 2019, the allowable weight of hand baggage on Russian airlines is allowed for free transportation in the amount of not more than 5 kg. At the same time, the weight of the baggage is not more than 30 kg for double seats (earlier – 32 kg).

However, with regard to the increase in the weight of hand luggage at no additional charge, FAP (Federal Aviation Regulations) No. 135 can be supplemented with luggage:

  • a handbag;
  • men’s briefcase;
  • a laptop;
  • a bunch of flowers;
  • baby food;
  • outerwear;
  • a suit packed in a special case (“portlet”);
  • backpack (at the rate of the carrier);
  • drugs (permitted by the carrier);
  • dietary products (only for the time of the flight);
  • products purchased in duty-free.

Various “trifles”, such as umbrellas, cameras, phones, books, umbrellas and other things similar in size, can be removed in a handbag. Therefore, such things are not recognized as luggage and must be folded in a bag.

When buying a “non-refundable” ticket, a passenger has the right to carry free of charge the baggage that will not exceed the weight and size requirements established by the airline company.

But there are always exceptions from every standard – some airline companies do not have such machines that could accommodate luggage, even satisfying all the requirements.

Therefore, they have to reduce the standard and limit the allowed mass and size of bags or other things that are allowed to carry for free.

We present the norms of hand luggage, fixed by the rules of passenger transportation by various Russian airlines (valid until November 5, 2019):

For comparison, we will also consider the requirements for baggage in foreign airlines:

If you want to take a suitcase with you, you can take it to the luggage compartment on board the aircraft. Usually for this a fee is not taken, if it does not exceed the established standards for placement in the luggage compartment.

But this is possible only for those cases when such a compartment is provided in airplanes – not all flying machines are equipped with luggage carriers.

How much is 1 kg of overload of baggage in Russia

The price for the excess weight of the baggage is set by each airline company.

If the passenger’s bag exceeds the accepted weight and quantity standards, then in one company the surcharge will be one, and in the other – completely different sizes.

Payment is made directly to the account of the airline providing air transport services. The entire cost of the dimensions of the luggage is always laid out and updated on the official website of the company-carrier.

For example, we will give several options of prices set for 1 extra kilogram of baggage by Russian companies engaged in air transportation. The numbers in the table are as of October 2019.

You should always pre-specify these details from the employees of the carrier:

Table continuation:

Most companies use non-logging billing of surcharges for exceeded cargo limits, and set prices for each additionally purchased baggage space.

If we focus on highly averaged rates of prices for baggage overload for different airlines, then in general, we can note the approximate price similarity. Pricing can be carried out by different methods.

Depending on which of them the airline has chosen, the methods of calculation are the following:

  1. The highest maximum of the economy class tariff serves as a base, taken as the basis for calculations.
  2. The cost set individually by the company serves as the basis on which basis the calculation is made in each individual case.

When taking into account the high threshold of tariffing in economy class, 1 kg of excess will be taken by 1.5% of the total tariff.

In the case of individual rates for exceeding 1 kg, companies take in European currency, using the following range – 5-15 Euros.

How and where to pay

Before taking care of the even distribution of all things in the container, suitcase, briefcase, you need to weigh everything. This is done simply if you have manual scales.

US baggage allowance

If there is no such device at hand, you can apply for preliminary weighing at the airport itself long before passing the terminal and boarding the plane.

In the event that surcharge for overload is required, the following will be done:

  1. Passengers will be informed about the cost for exaggerated weight or size of baggage.
  2. Employees of the company will explain where to go to make the payment, if the point of acceptance of penalty payments is located at the airport separately from the weighing counter.
  3. If a rack with scales of equipment with mobile equipment for making payments – for example, a mobile terminal for payment by non-cash means, then you can pay immediately after the overweight is detected. No need to go far.

Many modern airlines now provide the associated service installation of mobile applications in customers’ smartphones.

Thanks to these applications, a passenger can make a payment for reloading baggage through a personal account from his phone. Pay also through the official website of the carrier. Interactive payments must be made no later than 4 hours before boarding the aircraft.

The reason why all these procedures are done before boarding the aircraft is the need to turn off the phone and connect to the Internet if the flight attendant requires it according to the flight rules.

Making a conclusion, it can be noted that an overload of baggage costs a decent amount to the passenger of the aircraft. Airlines use different approaches to setting standards for the weight and size of baggage (or carry-on baggage).

But in general, the norms are not much different from each other. But here the prices of surcharges for the excess weight or the size of baggage – in each company there can be one.

Before you go on a trip, it is very important to measure and weigh your luggage so that the additional costs are not an unpleasant surprise on the way.

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Find out the penalty for overloading a passenger trailer from this information.

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