Valentine’s Day on the run 2019

Chairman: Today we are here to hold a court hearing on the criminal behavior of these persons. Men are called to the dock:

Secretary: listening to case number 1

Chairman: A word to the prosecutor.

Prosecutor: Citizen

Secretary: Listening to case number 2.

Prosecutor: Citizens … …, as well as a citizen …. are accused of having love affairs with the Criminal Code, the Civil Code, the Labor Code and the Constitution of Russia. Were repeatedly seen in espionage activities to download secret legislation from the sites of the State Duma.

Secretary: Listening to case number 3.

Prosecutor: Citizens …….. – organized group. In the dossier on these persons there is secret information: “they know too much”. When interrogating their charges, the following instruments of torture are used: KKR, KKZ, TSO, as well as a test lie detector.

Secretary: Listening to case number 4.

Prosecutor: Citizen …….. to this day is not seen in the use of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, and this fact is alarming. He has never been prosecuted before the court, but he is constantly on the run in shops and markets.

Secretary: Listening to case number 5.

Prosecutor: Citizen …. is accused of illegal storage of drag. metals in the form of golden hands, which were made cab. No. 6, 13 and 33.

Chairman: Vitaly Stepanovich, show jury hands!

Prosecutor: The act of the work performed is attached to the physical evidence.

Secretary: Listening to case number 6.

Prosecutor: Dear judges, pay special attention to the citizen … …

A foreigner, a particularly dangerous and valuable spy. He is fluent in situations on world markets, understands prices, supply and demand. Special signs: growth Uncle Stepa, appearance – Santa Claus.

Secretary: case number 7 is being heard.

Prosecutor: Recently, we have joined our ranks … .. The very name itself is alarming, but is it not

Valentine's Day on the run 2019

Secretary: case number 8 is being heard.

Prosecutor: In our walls for a long time, under the leadership of a citizen

1. Georgy Borisovich – has access to especially valuable things. In the gang, it is referred to as the Bear Cub: it has master keys from each safe, where the only valuable things of teachers are kept. For their services requires a special fee in the form of a token with a number.

2. The next accused is

3. Citizen

A very valuable officer in capturing various kinds of dirt from various rooms.

4. This gang is working under cover of darkness. When the city is shrouded in mist, citizens are always standing on the shukher ……. they collect nightly secret information. Mr. will make without an identikit rubbing an uninvited guest, and

5. Grn

Chairman: Since our defendants are not able to hire a personal lawyer, they have been provided with one for all. A word to the protector.

Lawyer: Dear judge and jury! Of course, they are guilty of everything that they are accused of, and they do not even repent of it at all, but given the negligible number of males, namely 15, we are asking the whole female to mitigate their punishment and on occasion ask them to arrange a holiday .

There is no Day for men yet, Oh, these poor men! The male half is full, Lives without a holiday! The floor is bright, tender and beautiful, Hurry men congratulate not in vain, Smiles, happiness, joy of giving them, Though in the twenty-third of February! After all, the first lady was born, As we remember, from Adam’s rib, That is why the beautiful half, I want to shout: Long live men!

The President: After hearing all the arguments, the court is removed to the meeting.

1. February 23 is now and forever recognized as Men’s Day. 2. Citizens (list of men)

3. Label all defendants with a special stamp. Responsible for the stigma to begin execution. 4. Drink to the bottom of the cup of guilt. Bowl to make! 5. Begin to serve the sentence in cell number 23. Responsible for the behavior is assigned to gr. …. he’s the godfather. 6. To escort these persons to places of imprisonment to the colonel of the internal troops of the group …….

Secretary: The meeting is declared closed.

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