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The astrologer and psychologist Sergey Lang has been working with family problems for many years and noticed one pattern that each problem attracts certain zodiac signs.

Of course, you need to understand that all people are different and regardless of the sign of the zodiac, we can get into absolutely any problem, but nevertheless there are statistics that clearly show a specific problem for a particular sign of the zodiac. This time, I present to you the top 5 signs of the zodiac that are not lucky in love.

5th place – Libra

Libra really wants to have a family and be loved, but, unfortunately, they do not always manage to achieve the desired happiness. Very often, Libra falls in love with a person who does not reciprocate, and they wait and hope. So Libra can wait for years and miss their best years.

Virgin America News

Andrey Danilko was very focused on the career of a singer and the development of the image of Verka with erduchki. However, now the artist regrets a little that he did not start a family. Sometimes he feels lonely.

4th place – Twins

The twins are afraid to make a choice and therefore they are pulling time, this is a mistake for them. They themselves miss their happiness and luck. There are always a lot of people around them, it remains to choose a loved one and become happy. But the Twins are losing this opportunity. Representatives of this sign very often created a family at a mature age.

Dana Borisova, who was born on June 13, has not yet found support in the face of a man. All her relationships ended in a bad way. However, the TV star hopes to meet a faithful and loving man. Now, after she got rid of the addiction, it will be easy for her.

3rd place – Cancer

Cancer is chasing financial prosperity and love for nothing to create a family. Crayfish are so passionate about their careers that they simply slaughter their privacy. And then time is lost, and they have to be content with what they have.

Natalya Rudova is a real hunter for tough suitors. The actress loves to travel and dress well, so she is looking for a decent man with good financial capabilities.

2 place – Lev

Virgin America News

Lions are very strong personalities and they are too self-confident. Lions often fall in love and they are waiting for turbulent romance, but unfortunately the passion quickly ends and their relationship breaks down. Lions are trying to build relationships, but they just come across the wrong people.

Perhaps that is why Victoria Lopyreva is not in a hurry to part with the status of free ladies. But the novels of the model with famous men are vigorously discussed in the press. So far, she has not decided that she is waiting for them with Nikolai Baskov in the future, and therefore she did not go down the aisle with him.

1st place – Virgo

Virgin is very vindictive and prone to depression. If they betray them, they will remember it for life and will not even try to find a loved one. In addition, with their difficult temper, it’s difficult in principle to fall in love.

Virgin America News

One of the brightest representatives of this zodiac sign Ilya Glinnikov. The actor was not lucky in relations with girls and even the project “Bachelor” did not help him to find love. Katya Nikulina, with whom he began dating after the show, soon announced their break. The women also noted the stormy temper of the star “Interns”, which harmed the relationship in the couple.

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