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sixtieth Anniversary Host: Oh, you, guests – gentlemen, why did you come here? Ile lives bad at home – But dressed, just a miracle. And the answer is quite simple. Our Vladimir is young. In the circle of his friends. I decided to celebrate an anniversary.

Weekend getaway ideas near me

Moderator: Dear Vladimir Konstantinovich, allow me to congratulate you on behalf of all those present on your jubilee and your well-deserved rest.

We wish you your anniversary So you could sit for champagne, To dance, sing songs, To this glorious feast Bring health, happiness, peace. To be happy and healthy, Not to remember About the years, Let life sometimes be harsh, But do not dare to yield to it.

Wow, i’m looking. Are you stirring something? Wait, I will introduce you to the charter of our evening. Our charter says:

What a jubilee sits before us. Announced that in 20__, the anniversary of Vladimir Konstantinovich is not canceled. Remember: for starters, everyone did not stop drinking a glass. Announced that the laughter in this house is not canceled. Gifts brought to the hero of the day are accepted around the clock for another month, after this evening and are non-refundable. Host: I propose a word for congratulations to colleagues and friends.

Weekend getaway ideas near me

(The jubilee colleagues are speaking.)

We congratulate you on a considerable event, Today is your legal anniversary, we wish you much health, And a lot of sincere friends in life. The anniversary is a special date, Where you mentally summarize, What is the error that can be once That is expensive, surely saved. We congratulate you heartily and we want to wish you happiness. Let it never be bad weather in your home climate. We don’t give birth to any headsets or rings. For sure, we’ll welcome you. Warm greetings from friendly hearts.

Host: And now I want to tell a little about our hero of the day, but for this you need to help me. I need you to list 12 any adjectives.

(These adjectives are recorded by the presenter and inserted into the missing places in the text).

Vladimir Konstantinovich was born in. 19 .. He grew very. a child. For many. the years he has not changed at all, which speaks of his constancy. character AT . 1950 was admitted to the ranks. pioneer organization them.

Narrator: We wish the hero of the day We wish you health and happiness, What more could you wish, If we drink today, our health will not weaken, Tomorrow we can continue again. And now, on behalf of the Department of Education of Russia, I have been entrusted to hand over a diploma to Vladimir Konstantinovich that he is really a pensioner.

This diploma was issued to Vladimir Konstantinovich in the fact that in his 60 years of life he completed a course on the topic "Know and be able to" and discovered the following knowledge:

Literature (Talking with his wife in anger.) – 4 Mathematics (Recalculation of his wife’s salary.) – 4 Geography (Where it doesn’t bring, and everything will come home.) – 5 Music (Playing on nerves.) – 3 Chemistry (Distillation .) – 4 Draft (On the right side.) – 5 Chasing (On the left side.) – 4

Based on the above, recognize Comrade. suitable for the passage of further life path.

Course work on the topic "Do you want to live, learn how to spin" – protected on 5.

By the decision of the state qualification commission from. 2000 assign comrade. . rank "Free young pensioner".

Host: But do not get too upset. Birthday party greet his friends.

Greetings from friends

They say that at sixty every birthday man is happy to exchange his years for twenty, twenty-five. No friends, not at all, who thinks so eccentric. In twenty years, there are holes everywhere, There is no wife and no apartment, At sixty you have a garden And, of course, three guys. At twenty-five only in purity. I have been drinking vodka. At sixty you all in the smoke You can drink vodka. At twenty-five, there is an empty beanbag, At twenty-five, a total hell, at sixty — a savings account in rubles, At sixty — everywhere is a cronyism. At twenty at work you plow Like a horse or an ox, At sixty colleagues you say, You work hard, I went. No, friends, he is very happy, I am exactly sixty! Every year he gets wiser, Years fly by birds, He will not regret a hundred, That he is now sixty!

Host: I would like to give advice to a newly retired person.

Keep your family as strict as possible, Come, go and get out, One of your eyes, one word, And for them the law is already. And in the holidays of the country. In the morning – the moral, you read to them. For dinner, read the severity, And in the evening, sit down for tea.

So raise our charms, Each, taking his wine, We drink for the hero of the day And for his friendly family. Let the joys of life be rich. And happiness will not leave your doorstep. As little as possible, we wish you anxiety, But they still can not be avoided, So the way will be the strength to win.

So today we are visiting these forces. Yes Yes. Do not be surprised, this is not a fairy tale. So, our guest is internal forces,

(Someone from invited clothes, police uniform. Road signs are made in advance.)

Policeman: I am on behalf of the traffic police and the Department of Internal Affairs

"Do not forget to turn off the TV"(The sign is attached to the TV screen)

"Caution Children may appear here."(The sign is attached to the sofa)

Be careful wipe your glasses"(The sign is attached to the bathroom)

"Don’t overdo it"(The sign is attached in the kitchen)

"Carefully sharp objects" (The sign can be hung in the kitchen and in the room where the needle and thread)

"Caution gas and electrical appliances"(The sign is attached above the gas and electrical appliances)

Policeman: Be careful in your movements and God forbid you to attach or confuse signs. All the best

Host: Let this day be solemn and holy Today is accomplished – you are sixty! But you do not be sad, do not consider that the limit, You still have a lot of work ahead of you. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you, So that everything that is planned is fulfilled in destiny. In life, go as before, bold, To meet more than one anniversary. We wish you in the future Never, never to pass, And health for many years, We want to wish from the heart. Host: We have handed you gifts, But it is not a secret to anyone, That there is no hearty gift There is no better song. (The lyrics are printed and reproduced in advance. Distribute to guests.)

Song melody "Pryasla"

So autumn flew Sobral Vova all guests. Let’s sit in a feast as if We will talk about the anniversary.

And that, truly, this is true, Jubilee is not easy here, Well, it is so necessary to measure, Shake your head.

And after all, your preserved, Surprise takes, That would be in love with God, It is a pity, Lyudmila, does not give.

Hero of the day is still necessary, And works like an ox, How to go dig potatoes, No one will steal.

Oh, really, this is true, Master, at least where, And besides, we need to say, What is crazy about grandchildren.

We will not praise the wife, the Lady is not great. Let’s look at the hero of the day. Without him, then where are you?

Yes, what is her concern, She lives on the ready-made one. In the morning he will rise, shake, Snack and leave.

Oh, girlfriend do not swear, Oh, girlfriend do not be sad, Though the women, it is women, Without men, no good

This is our share, you are angry with nothing, We wish the hero of the day to live in another hundred years in harmony.

Host: And now we offer you a lottery.

To cook borscht to fame you need cabbage for seasoning.

Acetylsalicylic acid will warm also without cognac.

Do not try to get angry at all and a nail in the farm is useful.

You thought that there was no happiness, Oh, what an eccentric you are, Here, buy yourself some candy, On the won penny

When you go for a walk, And so that your pants do not sleep, You should have a Steel Pin in front of you

After a glass to have a snack, the case is very important. Here you have instead of sleeves

Here is a flower for you. Please save, He will help you to entice the Lover (zu).

heating pipelines, heating cable, self-regulating cable, raychem To throw off ten years ago You don’t need to think long, Excellent will give advice This wonderful lipstick

We supplied you with hooks. Well, sew skirts yourself.

Fry, cook, cook, just do not salt a lot

To send friends hello and envelope

Pour 100, pour 200, one can not, let’s together

You are the best guest today. You will receive this nail as a gift.

Exclusive corporate identity. Do not be angry with us, my friend. Here are the matches for you.

If you don’t wash your heels, cover them with your heel.

You will save a thousand in timeIf there is a wallet

Here is the badge get Instead of brooches brooch

For a good friend, there is a head of garlic

here is budget planning here. If you tie a ribbon with a bow, You will immediately become the first dandy.

If you want to yelp, you need to rub your eyes with a bow

Host: I suggest all guests to take part in games and attractions.

"To the touch". 8-10 small items are made up of a dark bag of material: scissors, a bottle cap, a pen, a button, a spoon, threads, a thimble, a knife from a meat grinder and

"Couples vice versa". Two or three couples are tied back to back (free hands and legs). These couples should dance the waltz, tango, mistress and run 10 meters back and forth like Siamese twins.

"Whose ball is bigger". The contest is simple: the participants get a balloon and, on command, start to inflate. The one who has the ball burst is eliminated from the game.

The one who has the biggest ball in volume wins.

"Match spear". Draw a chalk line on the floor and, without stepping over it, throw an ordinary match at a distance like a spear. The winner can be determined by three rolls.

"Dancers". Hold a dance contest with melody items "Little apple", "Kazachok", "Kalinka" t, • l others. Let the participants dance:

a) with an apple (ball, ball); b) with chairs and stools; c) with a glass of wine and others. Moderator: And now I invite you to compete with intellectuals. Solve anagrams and logarithms.

Artificial spruce. Breathing easily in my shadow. You often praise me in summer, But move my letters And you will dump the whole forest with me.

I lie on the ground nailed to the gland, But put the letters in the pan, I will climb.

Online shop of luxury jewelry Along the wire, I rush the nights and the days. And from the end I will read, I will be related to the tiger

Geography with me Children are studying in school, Let the order of letters be different And you will find me in the buffet

I know the dish when you put "m", Fly, buzz I’ll be boring everyone

Host: Dear guests! We had a lot of fun. Our evening is coming to an end. I propose to sing a song for the hero of the day.

(The evening ends with songs, dances.)

Posters for hall decoration

"Bureau of extradition of young pensioners" work with

With young pensioners and paradise in a hut. Pension is a dove of peace. Don’t make smart faces, retire too. Husband is husband, but without pension is not needed

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Arriving guests are greeted by a holiday manager. At this time, the musical screen saver sounds, after it the announcement. Voice in the recording: Dear passengers! Anniversary Express number 2008 is sent to the destination. We ask passengers to take seats in the cars according to the purchased tickets. Five minutes are left before the train departs. After a few seconds, the ad text is repeated. Then the song “Before the departure of the train 5 minutes left.” At this time, the guests occupy seats according to the invitation cards, in which the table number is indicated. Moderator: Good afternoon, dear passengers! We are glad to see you in our anniversary express. Please again present your tickets. (Guests pick up their invitation cards, which are of different colors.) Moderator: Who is left without a ticket –Get quickly, we invite everyoneAll friends and acquaintances to the train. (Late or forgotten tickets at home receive them and take their places at a free table.) Moderator: I see that now there is no cause for concern, and we can soon set off. Please keep your tickets all the way,

Chorus: Excite guests, Guests are worried, When are the gifts to hand? Why, friends, you all frown, We can start now.

Host: Dear passengers! It’s time to take advantage of your colorful tickets. They correspond to the light signals that are present on the railway. Now at the traffic lights caught fire. Colour. I ask guests to raise tickets of the same color and be the first to begin their congratulations. (According to the color of the tickets, all the guests were previously divided into certain groups: colleagues, relatives, friends, good acquaintances. In accordance with this, the order of congratulations was established. Usually, the first are colleagues .) Host: Let’s raise a toast to the congratulations of colleagues, which was so bright and saturated as the red light. (Toast.) and our hero of the day is always lit up with a green light, and his family and close relatives will always be companions next to him! For this, I propose to fill the glasses! (Toast.) Host: An endless series of congratulations, I feel now threatens to just tear down everything in my path, and therefore I consider it necessary to make the following announcement at that moment. According to the audit commission among you, distinguished guests, there is a passenger, popularly known as “hare”. Its signs: the body is loose, soft, the ears are long, sharp, the eyes are oblique, the upper jaw is easily moved forward, the shoe size corresponds to the hind legs, the fur coat is buttoned onto the lock. Location: nooks of the car- a restaurant but. Those who find him guarantee a great reward. (The host demonstrates a bottle of liquor.) Time has gone! (Music sounds. Guests try to find a “hare” children’s fur backpack with a hare’s face hidden in one of the secluded corners of the hall. Everyone who found him is greeted with approving applause and shouts of “Hurray!” The presenter presents the promised gift.) The facilitator (holding the “hare” “Behind the ears): Dear passengers! In my opinion, this hare was here for a reason. Let’s see what’s inside of him. (The host opens the lock on his backpack and finds different types of tickets.) Host: Friends! Now I can happily refute the phrase that “the hare is a ticketless passenger,” because he has a lot of different tickets that we have to make out with you. By the way, besides them there is a small note. (The host unfolds and reads the note by ear.) Note: “Dear fellow travelers! The types of tickets you have guessed will delight the hero of the day and help his long-held dream come true. ”Moderator: Well, it’s a little! I get the first ticket. What is the name of the ticket announcing the upcoming event? (Invitation.) (The hero of the day is awarded an invitation card for any presentation that takes place at that time in the city.) 2. Name a ticket purchased by a passenger for public transport for a period of one month. (Passage.) (An anniversary ticket is awarded a travel ticket.) 3. What is the name of a ticket bought for a pop star performance? (Concert.) (The hero of the day receives a ticket to the concert of a favorite singer or singer.) 4. Give the name of this ticket. (The presenter pulls out a 500-ruble banknote from his backpack. Answer: Banking. A jubilee is given a banknote.) 5. Name the ticket that gives the right to participate in the prize draw. (Lottery.) Presenter (holding out a pack of lottery tickets to a hero of the day): I give you a pack of tickets, I hope you win a wheelbarrow! Presenter: Dear passengers! I think you will agree with me that it is a pleasure to deal with such hares. That such hares have always met, we will drink this now, gentlemen! (Toast.) (Recorded phonogram sounds through the radio center.) Announcement: Dear passengers! In connection with the repair of the railway track, we must make an emergency stop. Leader: What should you do while the train is stationary? You can breathe fresh air, smoke, and you can have fun by doing a few exercises with music. We invite you to dance. (Dance block.) Moderator: Dear passengers! At the traffic lights green light. Our train continues to move. (Guests take seats at the table.) Host: The locomotive is flying fast through the arrow! He has a clear path everywhere now! He is a greeting from us,. (name), you are lucky, In honor of the holiday he gives a horn. (Phonogram “Horn”.) Moderator: Dear hero of the day! You wish that during the holiday day you should rest from all worries and anxieties! Let the semaphore always give the green light –And be healthy and happy for many years! I propose to raise glasses for it! (Toast.) (Musical pause – 1 song.) Moderator: Feast in the car is a good thing, You can drink champagne. Our train is coming, everyone has eaten tight And pulls to talk. And the topic of conversation is for us will be prompted by a song popular in the 70s. Lead (sings): Horizons are running away on a long journey, And a flashlight and hiding in smoke. Did you ever stand on the platform, empty, alone? The smoke had already melted without a trace. Trains! (The presenter interrupts the song and addresses the guests with the question: “What words does the couplet of the song end in?” Answer: “. Postal, and fast, passenger trains.”) Moderator: Without giving it importance, you called me several types of trains. Let’s continue our enumeration. (Answer options: freight, lettered. Not related to a railway train, but having a similar name: wedding, sleigh. A guest who gave the correct answer to the last one gets a prize.) Moderator: Dear guests! I’m ready to play postal trains you? (Answers of the guests.) Host: After reviewing the mail bag, I came across a pack of letters, among which I found a letter – a notification addressed to our hero of the day. The Leader (holding out the envelope to the hero of the day): I ask you to open the envelope and read it content. (Hero of the day opens the envelope.) Host: I ask the guests to pay attention to how the hero of the day opened the envelope. This method of opening the envelope can tell a lot.

Opening methods: 1. Opening the envelope with a knife indicates that you, both in the profession and in your personal life, are distinguished by thoroughness and the ability to bring what has been started to the end. Opening the envelope with scissors says that you are reasonable, know how to appreciate the people who surround you, and, most importantly, love yourself. Opening the envelope with your hands indicates that you are full of optimism and have a tendency to be enthusiastic in all matters.

Presenter (for the hero of the day): Dear. I think all the guests were interested in this message. If possible, announce it. (The hero of the day reads the letter: “We ask you to receive a parcel with apricots, received in your name.”) Moderator: Here it is. In order not to disturb you on such a solemn day, the parcel was handed to me in advance, you just have to put a signature here. (The hero of the day signs and, together with the moderator, opens the package.) Moderator: Yes. It can be seen that the postal-baggage train was not fast, and apricots turned into dried apricots. Well, I think that guests will not refuse from this treat. (The hero of the day treats the guests.) Host: This dried apricots, as expected, are seedless. But there are exceptions. The one who gets this fruit with a stone, will become the owner of a memorable prize. (“Lucky” award this apricot.) Host: The next kind of train, as we have already identified, is passenger. He is very much like a man. The fact that a person has a head is a diesel locomotive. The fact that a person has a stomach, then the train has a dining car. Meeting with other people, the person stops. So the train meets its passengers. We celebrate the holiday in the passenger train, we meet fellow travelers at the station with smiles. Announcement through the “radio center”: “The station Prostokvashino.” The stop time is 15 minutes. ”(The wagon-restaurant includes guests disguised as heroes of the m / f“ Troy i Prostokvashino ”- Dog Sharik and Kot Matroskin.) Ball: Is the birthday boy going here? On the day of his birth, we are from Prostokvashino —Service congratulations. (They approach the birthday boy, get acquainted with him.) Matroskin: You recognized me, of course, Who am I? Verno.Kot Matroskin. Compared to you, I, of course, not striking. Ball: And I – Ball. I confess that I sin with openness. (I deliberately sniff the birthday boy.) I feel: you grow up in the service — you will be a celebrity! Matroskin: Allow your autograph! It was more fun, In Prostokvashino we will arrange the museum autographs. (Takes autograph from the birthday boy) Sharik: You have a holiday today,. jubilee.Primi gift – congratulationsFrom the Prostokvashinsky guests. (name), Waiting for good luck! Matroskin: It’s time for Sharik and me, We’re walking in a compartment. For your health We drink sea of ​​yogurt. (Matroskin and Sharik are leaving.) Moderator: Look, a freight train has arrived at the station. (Music. The waiters of the dining car take the beer on a special trolley and place it on the tables.) Facilitator: Take a look at the beer, But don’t open it yet, And help me loudly and loudly. Instantly your mane will curl if you drink a mug. (Beer) Sparkling and playful mood after. (beer) We will be friends, live beautifully, have a drink for the mood. (beer) Presenter (to the hero of the day): This gift is a real miracle. Take a mug from us, a full beer. (An inflatable mug of beer is handed to the hero of the day.) Presenter (to guests): Do you know what people drink beer with? Ukrainians – with ” lard, with sour cream. Belorusy – with potato chips. Czechs and Slovaks – with radish. Mexicans are with green lemon. And our Russians … (Guest answers.) Presenter: I think no one will refuse fish on this festive day. (The waiters take out spacing and offering guests plates on which: crucian carp, roach, herring, ide, balyk. A card is attached to each “dish” with the wishes of the hero of the day, which the guests, at the request of the leader, read out in turn.) Moderator: Now that the beer and everything you need are on the table, you can open the bottles and, filling your glasses with beer, declare the wishes of our hero of the day. Wishes: 1. Snacking beer with this crucian, I wish you to be always happy in everything.2. To vobla beer – fish, that is necessary, we wish to increase your salary.3. Salted herring is just a delight, We wish the country house to buy for everyone surprisingly.4. Smoked balyk is a royal dish, We wish that in life there was no bad thing. At the ide of this excellent taste, our wishes are wound on a mustache! Presenter (hero of the day): … (name)! Do not look at us, you are crooked! Here’s a snack for you, a beer. (The hero of the day is given a favorite kind of beer and a favorite snack.) Presenter: Leaving station “Prostokvashino”, our train is gaining momentum. Flashing stations and stations, sweep past the train window. Here the literary composition passes, There are no stops on the way. I ask you, men, To approach me amicably. Your task: to build a special train, clasping these cars. Who is faster? (For the competition, large colored boxes with cut-out windows are used. They are wagons. They have two holes in the front and back, through which the ropes are looped in the form of a loop. At a signal from the moderator, the participants, putting on the boxes, tie the loops, thereby linking the cars.) Moderator: The first literary composition, now called dance, was prepared for departure by the team. The second is the team .. No wonder, dear participants, your line-ups are called today “dance”. You only need to kick the following dances. Who will make it more graceful and more original? (The melodies sound. The teams compete by performing the ballet Swan Lake, the Mistress and the Lezginka. The winning team is revealed. Awarding. The dance unit is for guests.) Presenter: Good mood increases with speed of our train. I ask the guests to raise their glasses so that all the hardships of the hero of the day would rush away at the speed of the lettered staff, and his future would be filled with the light of joyful happiness. (Toast.) Moderator: It seems to me that after this toast you had a second wind, and you You can play some of your favorite songs. (Collective performance of songs.) Host: An evening that gave us. (name of the hero of the day) comes to an end. And the train of his life flies on. How many more stations are ahead, unless you list them all! With him, his family, friends, colleagues, ready to share the joy of new discoveries. (

Invitation card Dear friend! The anniversary hero invites you and his wife to an exciting trip in the anniversary express train. Fun and fun guaranteed. Your table in the car-restaurant №. Your luggage is a good mood, do not forget it at home. The train leaves at. hours (date) .Happy way!

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