What I fly over the application

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  • payment of collection online or in cash through the bank;
  • filling out the DS-160 application form and visa photo;
  • appointment of an interview date at the US Embassy;
  • individual list of required documents;
  • examples and assistance in the design of all references and papers;
  • translation of all documents from Russian to English;
  • preparing for a personal interview.

Features of obtaining a visa in the United States abroad in 2019

In connection with the current situation with the registration of a US visa in Russia, more and more applicants are thinking about applying for a visa to the United States in other countries. Tourists are considering a variety of areas: Ukraine, Georgia, the Baltic countries, the UK. But even before the changes in the application rules, many were faced with the need to apply for a visa in the United States in another country. After all, a large number of Russians live, study or work abroad, and it is inconvenient for them to come home just to apply for a visa to America. In this article we will look at the specifics of obtaining a visa in the United States abroad in 2019.

Statistics of refusals to issue visas to citizens of the Russian Federation abroad

Risks associated with applying for a visa to the United States abroad

In accordance with the current rules of the US Department of State, anyone who is in the country in legal immigration status can apply for a US visa at a convenient US Embassy or Consulate. This applies both to citizens of other countries who are in Russia and to Russians who permanently or temporarily reside in the territory of other states. Officially, no US diplomatic mission can refuse to accept documents to a Russian citizen applying for a US visa abroad. A visa application is required to accept and review in standard mode, along with other applicants.

However, the practice differs significantly from the theory, and there are certain difficulties associated with applying for a visa abroad. First of all , Despite the fact that the process of applying for a US visa in 2019 is maximally standardized, many US diplomatic missions in other countries have their own unique rules and procedures for applying for a US visa. Therefore, it is extremely important to get acquainted in detail with the conditions for obtaining a non-immigrant visa on the official website of the Embassy in the country of circulation. Failure to comply with established procedures can greatly affect the timing of a visa in the United States and even lead to a refusal to accept a visa application.

Secondly , It is important to bear in mind that the waiting time for an interview in another state can be long. Information regarding the nearest dates of entry on the official website of the US Department of State applies only to residents of the selected country. For non-residents, each Embassy has a separate queue. Often it is necessary to wait for a record for several months, and sometimes it also happens that it is completely absent, and you need to “catch windows” just as in Russia. However, this can only be known after paying the consular fee and registering a personal account. Especially often such “surprises” occur in Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Finland.

Thirdly , There are always certain unspoken rules, the knowledge of which is the path to successfully interviewing a visa officer. As a company that has been issuing visas to the United States in Russia since 2010, we can safely say that we know all the formal and informal requirements for applicants to the United States Embassy in Moscow and to the United States consulates in the regions. This helps us to guarantee our customers the highest possible chances of a positive decision on a visa. If you do not have such information, then the probability of obtaining a visa is significantly reduced, and the risks of encountering difficulties in the process of registration significantly increase.

Fourth , It is important to consider that the chances of obtaining a visa in the United States abroad are always much lower than in their home country. This is mostly true for applicants who are abroad temporarily on short-term tourist or student visas. This feature directly follows from the recommendation of the US Department of State to apply for a visa in the country of residence. If a person applies for a visa abroad, it is extremely difficult for the local representation to assess the applicant’s attachment to his country. Therefore, very often people are refused a visa and a recommendation to submit documents again in their homeland.

Fifth , when applying for a visa to the United States abroad should take into account the language barrier. When applying for a non-immigrant visa in Russia, interviews are almost always conducted in Russian. Only in exceptional cases is communication in English. However, if the application is submitted in another country, then there may simply not be Russian-speaking visa officers at the local US Embassy. In this case, the interview will be conducted in English. And this is a significant problem for most applicants. The presence of Russian-speaking employees and their work schedule should be clarified directly at the Embassy in the selected country.

At sixth , There is one very important thing that many tourists forget when applying for a US visa abroad. Often, the applicant is assigned an additional administrative check, which can last indefinitely (up to 60 calendar days). The need for verification is reported directly on the day of the interview, and it is not always possible to predict such a development in advance. In this case, a passport can remain in the US Embassy. Taking it back can be a daunting task. In this situation, there is a serious risk of being stuck in a foreign country for an indefinite period of time without a passport.

Last A significant feature of a visa to the United States abroad for Russian citizens is that if the US Embassy in another country issues a visa, after the expiration of its validity period, the applicant cannot apply for a new visa without an interview in his home country. The fact is that according to the rules of submission of documents under the simplified scheme in Russia without going through an interview, the previous visa should have been issued in Russia. If a person received his previous American visa in another country, then in order to issue a new visa, personal attendance at an interview in Russia would be required for re-fingerprinting.

The US Embassy in Kiev on obtaining a visa in another country

Consulate in St. Petersburg to apply in Finland

What you need to successfully get a visa in the United States abroad

Registration of a US visa abroad has its own characteristics. But sometimes circumstances are such that it is not possible to obtain a visa in your own country. And, despite all the difficulties, the documents must be submitted abroad. In such a situation, we recommend making sure that you have really compelling arguments for such treatment, and that you are in the country of application for at least a year at the time of the interview. The fact that you have a residence permit in this country will be a significant advantage. However, options for applying for a visa in the United States while abroad in student or work status are also possible.

To begin the process of obtaining a visa in the United States in another country should study the official website of the selected Embassy. Each US diplomatic mission has on its Internet resource a description of the algorithm for applying for a nonimmigrant visa. It is on him and should be based in the preparation of a visa application. Other sources, including the website of our company, may contain information that is irrelevant for the country you need. For example, the instructions for paying the consular fee on our website are applicable only for submitting an application in Russia. At the same time, the consular fee paid in the Russian Federation does not apply in other countries.

Regardless of the country of applying for a visa to America, you will need to fill out the online application form DS-160 on the website

After filling out the form you need to sign up for an interview. In most countries, an interview for the US Embassy is made online through a special website.

The result of applying for a US visa will be announced immediately after the interview. If the decision is positive, your valid passport will remain at the Embassy for several business days. Place of receipt of the passport depends on the country of application. In most cases, a passport with a visa is delivered by courier to the address you provided. But in some countries, a ready-made visa can be obtained directly at the Embassy in a special time. If the visa officer decides to deny you a US visa, you will receive a standard letter of refusal and a recommendation to apply for a visa in your home country.

Passing an interview for a visa in the United States in Kiev (2019)

Passing an interview for a visa in the US in Astana (2019)

Passing an Interview for a Visa in the United States in Dubai (2019)

Assistance with obtaining a US visa in another country

If you need to apply for a visa in the United States in another country, we can help with visa processing through the US Embassy in Kiev, Warsaw, Vienna, Tel Aviv, Baku. At the moment, these American representations are the most loyal to the citizens of Russia in terms of issuing visas. If you are applying for a visa in another country yourself, you have the opportunity to use our resource, which contains an impressive amount of useful information. In this case, do not forget that the information is relevant mainly for residents of Russia who apply for a visa in their home country. Therefore, check with the website of the US Embassy in the state you need.

If you encounter difficulties in applying for a US visa abroad, you can ask your questions about applying for a US visa through the feedback form at the bottom of this page. We specialize in submitting applications both in Russia and in many foreign countries, and our specialists will be happy to give you professional advice for free. We can also assist in the search for one or another official information on applying for a visa abroad. However, please note that such consultations are provided only online. By phone, such assistance is not available. Hope for your understanding!


Good afternoon, Ilya! Due to the long waiting time of an interview for a US visa in Russia, many applicants do not wait for the appearance of places for interviews and leave for registration abroad. You, among other things, have personal circumstances – you live in another country – so there are no difficulties in applying for permission to enter the United States through European states. On the website in the section “Visas to the USA in 2019” study the actual interview schedules.

However, keep in mind that the consular fee paid for a visa in Russia is valid only at the Embassy and Consulates located in the Russian Federation. To sign up for an interview in another country, you will need to transfer the money for the fee again. And note that in some US diplomatic missions there is another (than in Russia) website for recording an interview and paying a fee – check the information about the selected country on our website.

As for the fee you have already paid, the Immigration Service, unfortunately, does not return the money for it in any case. However, we help applicants to compensate for part of the transferred funds. Everything happens absolutely legally. How – read the article “Return of the fee for a visa to the United States” and write us by mail. But remember that this service is available to applicants who did not enter the receipt number in the personal account; otherwise, the money will not be returned.

The United States offices in not all countries expressed their willingness to receive Russian citizens on a common basis. The list of countries with the highest percentage of visa approval for category B1 / B2 for Russians can be found above in this section. We recommend filing only in these countries, as this maximizes the chances of issuing a visa.

Filed for a US visa to the UAE, not knowing that there is very bad issue. I myself am a citizen of Russia, and I have already been to the United States twice. After the greeting, I almost immediately refused. The conversation was:

– If you are from Russia, why are you moving here? – Because there is no record in Russia. – From Moscow? No, from the Urals. – Do you work? – Yes (and the questionnaire indicated that no, but I panicked and meant that informally, because I really work informally) .- Have you been to the USA? – Yes, 2 times. – Today it is a refusal. Good luck.

Before that, I had already received a visa outside Russia and did not see anything strange in this, because in Russia there is no record. Received her first visa in Russia, the second in Poland. But all my friends are leaving for New Year in New York, I even copied the documents to prove that this is indeed the case and we just want to celebrate the holidays there.

A very interesting tip about getting a US visa through the US Embassy in Kiev. Reading it, you begin to worry about the outcome of the event. The applicant definitely needs to write scripts for action films. :-) Thank the customer for the detailed story!

Good morning, Thomas! You have a perfectly customized advertising, informative site. You are great! I have never regretted my choice! And now about the trip and getting – flew forward through Minsk. Night flight. The planes are old, but in principle, if you fall asleep right away, it will not be scary. The border guard wanted to catch me with the question “when was the last time I was in Crimea” – he was not lucky. I have never been there. More discomfort was not. At the airport, called Yandex taxi. Local taxi at the airport is 6 times more expensive! It is best to have cash with you, there are no ATMs in the same subway, cards are not accepted at the checkout, contactless payment is not everywhere.

What I fly over the application

The recording was at 8 am. I arrived at about

They let 5-6 people through (in order not to crowd around the search box). The queue is moving pretty fast. At the entrance check on the list of enrolled. The embassy was tasked with optimizing the entire visa process. The embassy coped 100%. No queues. All issues are resolved promptly. Only I was assigned a queue number, as they were waiting for me to pass biometrics. The entire staff is very polite, jokes, the atmosphere is more relaxing than in the Moscow embassy. The interview was also very easy.

The inspector asked why he went into his business (a company built on the principles of remote work – but I didn’t focus on this, said that regular meetings with clients still need to be in touch from morning till night, very responsible work – he I liked it) that I am going to do as much as a whole month in America – I wrote to him. I asked about the office, with whom I will go. After that said my visa is approved.

I was in seventh heaven for joy. When I left the embassy, ​​it turned out that the whole procedure took no more than 30 minutes! In Moscow in 2016, it took us at least two hours. I call everyone, telling how cool everything is. I call a taxi, I get into the car. And then the bell rings, the number is Ukrainian. “Natalia, this is the embassy, ​​you have not left yet? the inspector asks you to come back. ” Heart in the heels, I call Yuri (a company representative in Ukraine) and ask what to do. Go or say you already left? I have the first American visa for 1 year. On the Internet, they write that after this they do not give a visa for 3 years. And then the inspector approved for 3 years! I began to think that now I would apologize and say that I was joking that I would not give a visa. Yuri said go.

I went up to the embassy, ​​and they were waiting for me at the guard, at the control points I would just say the name, they immediately say where to go. So I have not been worried since, probably, the defense of the diploma. I went to the inspector, who interviewed me. They ask me to wait, since he conducted the interview. Became an unwitting witness to this interview. The woman has her own remote (she made too serious an emphasis (now everyone works, this is the future) an artificial intelligence company. She also works for a company run by an American. It is she who pays for a tourist trip for her entire family , and they will live like him. The inspector for a long time tried to figure out which company belongs to whom (maybe, just tried to open the water and waited for the woman to get confused). The woman tried to show everything in the documents. But in the end he refused. At the same time he told her He explained his decision – “I have reason to believe that you are going to work there. You do not have close ties with the motherland.”

After such a decision, I became even worse. I went to the inspector, he apologized for the anxiety, like he understood my excitement, but he just forgot to re-take the fingerprints. CHARLES. Just prints. I was just jumping from happiness. I was given a visa and for 3 years. The passport was ready the next day.

What I fly over the application

I went back by train. Border passed at night. Just checked the passports, really didn’t ask anything, the dog sniffed everything. And go home. Please note that items left in Ukrainian trains do not surrender to the lost and found office of Kievsky Station. If you remember them too late, most likely they will leave back to Ukraine and will be there at the station!

Detailed review on obtaining a visa in the US category B1 / B2 through the US Embassy in Kiev. The trip was planned for business purposes, and the applicant was fluent in English, so the interview was in English. Standard interview with a visa officer takes place in Russian – knowledge of English is not required for obtaining a visa. Frequently asked questions from the US Embassy can be found here.

Thank you for help in obtaining a visa. I was given a visa for 3 years! I am very pleased! In Ukraine, I was already many times, and only 1 time at the border asked if I was in the Crimea. There was no such question on the last visit. They asked about the purpose of the trip. When I said that I had come for a visa to the United States, they did not ask for anything else, they simply took my fingerprints.

I came to the embassy on the advice of a girl who gave me an apartment, without keys, without a bag, phone or jewelry. But for those who still come with a bag, on the street is a private gazelle, they take things for storage for a fee. Nowhere to leave things.

In the queue at the entrance is allowed only at the designated time. There is no point in coming early. All people standing in line were in ordinary, not office clothes – jeans, sweater, jacket. Wearing a formal suit or dress is not necessary, this is unnecessary.

Inside the embassy, ​​they assign a number, and by this number you go through all the stages (verification of documents, prints, interview). The whole process takes about 1 hour. I recommend to take cash hryvnyas with you so that you can buy water, coffee or something to eat in the machine.

The purpose of my trip to the United States was a business trip. Therefore, the visa officer immediately switched to English. She asked several questions, said she would give a visa and issued a paper confirming the collection of a passport. The passport was taken away on Tuesday, received it on Friday in the office of the Delivery Service. Although I could get it on Thursday! We had to call and check, as I was told.

Immediately after the call to the Delivery and Confirmation Service, that they had a passport, she ordered a plane ticket. But it turned out the flight through Boryspil airport. And on Friday evening it was horror – everyone left the city, terrible traffic jams, barely had time to get on the plane. So try at the end of the week to book a plane ticket through Zhulyany. Or go to the airport much in advance.

By the way, to order a taxi instead of Uber, I recommend using Bias – this application can be downloaded to your phone from the Internet. A taxi ride costs 2 times less. But keep in mind that a taxi can arrive not immediately, but in 10-20 minutes.

In Ukraine, the attitude towards the Russians is normal. Both taxi drivers, security guards, and salesmen, when they learned that I was from Moscow, told me that they have relatives there or there in Russia. It is a friendly attitude. In fact, I did not notice any ill will for my 4 visits to Ukraine and a total of 2.5 months of living there.

Just do not talk about politics and not behave aggressively or frightened. In addition, outwardly, we do not differ at all from the Ukrainians. On the street you can not tell Russians from the local population. In conversation – everyone speaks Russian. Even among themselves. There are, of course, people who communicate only in Ukrainian. But when you say that you do not understand, as a rule, they switch to Russian. So there is no problem with understanding. In general, my trip went very well. What and all I wish!

A useful review from a client of our organization about an interview at the US Embassy in Kiev. The interview was held in English because of the position of the applicant. Standardly, communication with the visa officer takes place in Russian – knowledge of English is not required to obtain a visa in Kiev. Interviews in Russian are also conducted in Latvia, Israel, and Poland.

I contacted Go for travel, as they had the most informative site with a huge amount of useful information. For the first time applied for a US visa.

I wanted to have an interview as early as possible in order to have time to visit the USA in the summer, so everything was done through the embassy in Kiev. Naturally, I was worried because I was traveling alone. But everything went very well. An employee of the company, Julia, filled out a questionnaire, recorded an interview, compiled a list of documents that needed to be taken with you, clearly and competently answered all my questions.

Airplane Petersburg – Minsk – Kiev (Zhuliany) on Sunday. I saw many of the aircraft later in the embassy. You can take the shortest transfer, as the airport in Minsk is small, and there is nothing to do there. On the border of Ukraine, they asked why I was going, where I would live, whether I was in the Crimea, asked to show return tickets and housing reservation, then fingerprinted.

I rented an apartment near the embassy, ​​from the airport 20 minutes on Uber (less than 100 hryvnia, all my Russian cards worked). At the embassy (Monday 10:00), all benevolent. Do not carry large bags, telephones and car keys. Small bags, keys to the house can be. All the formalities took me an hour and a half. The visa officer spoke English to me (because of my profession) and joked a lot, did not ask for any documents to show. Naturally, my visa was approved.

On Wednesday after 15:00 I took my passport at the Go for travel representative office in Kiev, which is 5-7 minutes walk from the embassy. Kiev itself is a beautiful city. There is a lot to see, where to go for a walk, what to try. People are very friendly and friendly.

Detailed review with lots of useful information about obtaining a visa to the United States through the Embassy in Kiev. Many thanks to our client for such a detailed description of the interview procedure at the Embassy. We are always very happy when our clients return from Kiev with three-year American visas and positive impressions from Kiev and Ukraine.

Many thanks to Gofortravel and Thomas in organizing and obtaining a visa to the USA. All design in Russia was very fast, prompt, all questions immediately received answers. In connection with several business trips, the appointment for an interview at the US Embassy in Kiev had to be postponed 2 times, but all the transfers did not affect anything. Flew to Kiev on Monday, day flight, the airline Belavia through Minsk. The flight to St. Petersburg was delayed by 45 minutes, as a result, there was almost no time for the flight Minsk-Kiev, but I was not alone from St. Petersburg (about 8 people also flew to Kiev for a visa), and the flight Minsk-Kiev was delayed for our sake a little. At the passport control at the airport Zhulyany in Kiev, the border guard asked for the purpose of arriving in Kiev, showed him confirmation of entry to the embassy. Also, the border guard asked about recent visits to the Crimea, to which I replied that I was there 20-25 years ago, in childhood. At this question ended.

From the airport, using the Uber application, I drove to the hotel Ukraine I had booked in advance. Along the way, the taxi driver, very friendly, almost gave me a short tour of Kiev, talking about sights and interesting events. The hotel room Ukraine was quite good, with a balcony and a magnificent view of the Maidan and Khreshchatyk. The next morning, Tuesday, also using the Uber taxi, I went to the embassy. Having read about the fact that bags, phones can not be taken to the embassy itself (you need to leave in the van in front of the embassy for storage for the hryvnia), I took the folder with documents, the hryvnia (to pay a taxi to the hotel), and the phone is simple (to I had the opportunity to call Uber and pay for an attached card, and also in case the phone disappears from the van, so it would not be a pity, since the second good phone was waiting for me safely in the safe in the hotel room). Directly opposite the entrance to the embassy, ​​across the road, there were 2 vans taking bags for storage, as well as performing copying documents and photographing.

I went to the entrance of the embassy, ​​they asked me about the time of my interview, I went ahead, and after 10 minutes I was at the embassy itself. Received the number of electronic queue, and, guided by the electronic scoreboard, before the interview with the officer, came up to different windows, including, and for fingerprinting. While she was waiting for the interview with the officer (the interview passes through the window, through the glass, in the same window as before, fingerprints were taken), she saw how several people were refused. I was uneasy, especially I was afraid, after reading reviews on various websites, that the officer would speak Ukrainian and not very clearly. The officer, with whom I had interviews, was polite, spoke Russian very well, but very quietly. I even had to ask him once. Upon learning that I was going to the USA on a business trip, I switched to English, and we talked for a few minutes about the purpose of the trip, my work, my education in English only. In general, we can say that almost all the interview took place in English, which could not fail to please me, so I speak English fluently and I was more afraid of an interview in Ukrainian. After asking a few questions about my work, the officer gave me a piece of paper that the visa was approved, with instructions on how to track passport readiness. In total, I spent exactly 25 minutes in the embassy itself.

The next day, on Wednesday, sitting in the cafe in the evening, I saw on the website of the American embassy that the readiness status of my visa changed, my passport was delivered to the courier service. I wrote to VibER to a representative of Gofortravel in Kiev, and warned that if I had time, I would pick up my passport today (that is, on Wednesday evening) or the next day myself, and asked them not to take my passport. All Gofortravel services were already paid in advance, so I did not need to go to the Gofortravel office. On Wednesday evening, I didn’t pick up my passport, since Yandex Maps showed me that due to traffic jams, I would be at least 45-50 minutes from the courier service, and I did not have time to finish the courier service office. On Thursday, I went to pick up my passport. And what was my surprise when the courier service told me that my passport had already been taken away. I was shocked. But this misunderstanding cleared up, it turned out that the second representative of Gofortravel in Kiev (not the one with whom I communicated through VibER) took my passport by mistake. Fortunately, he quickly brought me a passport. I flew home only on Friday (I did not buy the return ticket in advance, because I did not know the exact date of departure, and there were no tickets available on Thursday).

In general, I advise you to sign up for an interview on Monday or Tuesday, arrive on the eve of the interview and book the hotel for at least 2 days, warning you that you can stay for another 1-2 days. The stay in Kiev was very comfortable, I did not notice any unfriendly attitude towards the Russians by the local population. Prices in a cafe compared to Peter are low, you can quietly dine and dine in cafes and restaurants.

The recall of a man of military age on a trip to the US Embassy in Kiev in order to obtain a visa. Difficulties or problems do not arise in women or men. The only thing is that one cannot say that the applicant was in the Crimea after 2014,

In late May, I began to prepare for an interview for the B1 / B2 visa in Kiev. I contacted Gofortravel to help me with the organization of the interview. The company quickly paid the consular fee and a couple of days after contacting them, I was recorded for an interview. Everything was very quick and easy.

Before the trip, Gofortravel sent a lot of supporting information on the interview and on how to enter Kiev and how to get to the embassy. If you study everything, then you will be 100% ready for anything. I flew to Kiev via Minsk, at passport control they asked why I was going to Kiev, was I ever in Donetsk or the Crimea sometime. The border guard was not particularly friendly with me, but the main thing that I missed without any problems.

At the airport, I changed money, so that was enough for transport to the hotel and payment for the hotel (it is better to change money, of course, already in the city). I was recorded at 8 am for an interview, left the phone in a gazelka for 50 hryvnia. Unlike the Moscow Embassy, ​​in Kiev, the phone can not be carried inside and left in the cell. Quickly I went inside, got a number plate (I was number 17), went to the first window, where they just looked at my passport, after 10 minutes I was fingerprinted, and 10 minutes later I was called to the interview window.

I got a young man with glasses, the interview was all in Russian, the questions were all standard, nothing unusual. It lasted about 5 minutes, after which I was approved by a visa. I had an interview on Monday, and on Wednesday afternoon I already took my passport from the company office. In Kiev itself was the first time, no hostility to the fact that I did not meet from Russia.

Pleasant family review on a trip to Ukraine with a view to obtaining a visa at the US Mission in Kiev. No one is surprised at how easily our compatriots pass on the border, and how simply and without question give them visas. Note that visas open for 3 years (as before at the US Embassy in Moscow). The US Embassy in Kiev is still one of the most popular places for interviewing an American visa.

We want from our whole family to express my deep gratitude to your company and in particular to Thomas for their help in obtaining and receiving visas. We filed documents together: I am a husband and a son, 18 years old. When they decided to submit documents, honestly, they worried a little, because they thought it was unsafe. But now we are home with visas and we understand how wrong we were.

We traveled to Kiev by train. Travel across the border with us got a day. The border guards asked for passports and did not even ask why we were going to Ukraine, although we were ready for questioning and interrogation. We arrived at Kiev at half past twelve, the metro was no longer working, we took a taxi from the station, and after 10 minutes we were at the hotel. Hotel Alexandria was booked, we advise everyone, it is very well located relative to the US Embassy and the subway, everything is close by. The hotel staff is very friendly girls, as a gift from the hotel gave us coupons for free breakfast. The hotel itself is new, clean with good rooms.

In the morning an interview was scheduled. There was a queue at the US embassy, ​​but we got inside very quickly, the staff all speak Russian and explain where to go and what to do. All very friendly and positive. When we approached the window for an interview, the officer asked each of us in turn, where we work, what we do at work, asked our son about his studies. And his last question was, how often do we travel with the whole family, to which we answered, yes, since it is so. Then he looked at our passports with marks of entries and exits and told us very pleasant words “VISA TO YOU ARE OK.” We were very happy.

The whole process from the entrance to the embassy, ​​until the exit from it took a maximum of 20 minutes. Everything is very well organized and thought out, pleasant and friendly people work there. We were served on Monday, and on Wednesday by 17 o’clock our passports were ready, as your company’s representative in Kiev informed us, we promptly paid for your services and by 19 o’clock we had our passports in our hands. Everything is very clear and competent.

During those two days of waiting for passports with visas, we were able to visit many beautiful places in Kiev. And of course, Kiev has left very good memories with us, I really liked its sights, beautiful views and absolutely friendly Russian Ukrainians. We saw kind and helpful people in the hotel and on the streets. We also went back by train, and this time everything went without questions and answers. They took the passport, put a mark and that’s it. Thank you for your work and for giving the opportunity to change the prejudiced attitude to this beautiful country.

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